How to Make Money Online Fast: 59+ Sites That Pay Instantly

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Want to make money with online jobs or tasks and get paid quickly? These jobs will get you your money in 72 hours or less, so you can earn it when you need it.Much like “offline” jobs, many online jobs take a week or more to pay you the money you make.

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  • SurveyJunkie: Make $5-$25 in your spare time from home to take online surveys, participating in a Focus Groups and trying new products. Join SurveyJunkie Now
  • Branded Surveys: Complete online surveys. Collect points. Redeem your points for cash & gift cards. No hidden fees and completely free! Has so far paid its members over $18 Million. Join Branded Surveys Now

Some only pay monthly!

That makes it hard for you to keep track of your finances and your budget.

If you’re looking for online jobs and tasks that can make you money in 3 days or less, these jobs are for you.

Not only will you see your earnings quickly through the website or app, but you’ll actually have your money in your PayPal account in 72 hours or less.

You can complete these jobs from your home or location of your choice.

And, you can make money any day you want when you have some free time.

How to Make Money in 24 Hours to 72 Hours Online

The following websites pay quickly – in 72 hours or less – after you cash out your earnings.

Most of these are not websites that you can make a ton of money from, but they’re perfect for some side cash to make during your free time.

Before you sign up for these websites, make sure you have a valid PayPal account.

Most of these jobs will require you to have PayPal to receive your money.

It’s free to sign up and there are no monthly charges, but PayPal does sometimes deduct some fees from money sent to your account.

Swagbucks (review)

Swagbucks pays you to watch videos, refer friends, take surveys, complete paid offers, and more.

You earn Swagbucks for each completed task, which you can turn into a PayPal gift card.

Your PayPal redemption will be transferred to your account instantly.

The more tasks you complete on Swagbucks, the more you can earn.

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So, if you’re a daily user, you’ll earn Swagbucks fast with daily tasks and bonuses for reaching Swagbucks milestones.

Must be at least 13 if living in the United States, and 16 if living in the United Kingdom to join.

Join Swagbucks now!


Do you have a Swagbucks account or are ready to join?

If so, you should also take advantage of Swag IQ, the site’s live trivia game that gives you yet another way to earn SBs for your account.

A new game happens every day and some bonus games are thrown in during the week.

Every game consists of ten questions for every player that joins. You’ll all answer the same questions.

If you get one wrong, you have one chance to rejoin the game by spending some SBs.

If you get another question wrong, you’re out of the game, but if you make it to the end by getting them all right, you’ll get a share of the jackpot.

The jackpot is a specific amount of SBs that anyone who makes it to the end shares. If few people are still left, you could wind up with a lot!

I’ve played a few games where winners walk away with $30 to $60 in SBs, which is more than enough to cash out for PayPal and other electronic gift cards, which are quick to arrive, on Swagbucks.

Pinecone Research (review)

Pinecone Research is one of the most popular survey-taking websites for quick earnings and fast payments.

Since the demand to sign up is so high, it only accepts new survey-takers on an as-needed basis, but you can bookmark the website to keep checking back.

People living in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany are eligible to sign up, and age requirements depend on the country’s laws.

Pinecone Research offers PayPal as a payment option, and you can request a transfer once you reach $1 in your account. Payments to PayPal are usually made within 24 hours.

Join Pinecone Research now!

Opinion Outpost (review)

You must live in the United States and be at least 13 years old to join Opinion Outpost.

This website pays you points to take surveys for research purposes for its clients.

You’ll be answering questions about electronics, advertisements, politics, and more.

10 points equals $1, and you’ll need 100 points, or $10, to cash out with PayPal.

You should see your money in your account within about 24 hours.

Join Opinion Outpost now!

Slice the Pie (review)

Do you like being the first one to hear new songs or keep up on the latest fashion trends?

You can get paid for your honest reviews of new music, fashion, and more with Slice the Pie.

If you provide high-quality, consistent reviews, you have the opportunity to earn even more money.

Slice the Pie lets you cash out with PayPal once you’ve earned $10.

It makes its payments every Tuesday and Friday. So, if you review a lot, you can potentially earn money twice a week with Slice the Pie!

Amazon Mturk (review)

Amazon Mturk is a micro-task website where you can complete small tasks, known as Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) and get paid on your own time.

You can pick what tasks you want to work on, like checking spelling errors, rating search results for keywords, and categorizing products.

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Once your HITs have been approved by the requester, your earnings show up immediately in your account, which you can request to move daily to your Amazon Payments account (this also happens immediately).

From there, you can choose to have your earnings transferred to your bank account within a couple of days, or you can get an Amazon gift card immediately.


BerryCart is a mobile app that lets you get paid to shop for groceries.

More specifically, health foods!

The app is all about rewarding you for healthy shopping by giving you rebates on organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and other healthy foods.

You just need to buy the items you want and you’ll get money back in your BerryCart account after taking a receipt of your shopping trip.

Most rebates go to your account within 24 hours and you can redeem your earnings through PayPal or a gift card of your choice.

Bingo! Zone

This gaming site comes from Gamesville, one of the most well-known online gaming spots.

You can make money playing all kinds of Bingo games here, all of which are free to play but hand out real prizes to winners.

You’ll get GVs for winning games, which are the Gamesville version of points that you can redeem for various prizes.

As soon as you win a game, you’ll see your GVs added to your account, but it might take time for your redeemed prizes to ship to you.

There are also some “cash” prizes in the form of gift cards that arrive within a few days.


This microtasking site is almost as popular as Amazon Mechanical Turk and offers many similar types of tasks.

Clickworker also has an app for iOS and Android mobile devices that let workers search jobs and check their account balances.

Some jobs can even be finished on the app.

There’s no need to complete invoicing because the site does it for you, and you can get paid quickly with PayPal for all completed work.

College Humor

College Humor is an online magazine that pays writers to craft funny articles that appeal to the younger college crowd.

For shorter pieces, you get $35. For longer pieces, you’ll get $50.

You can also submit photographs for use in gallery articles and earn between $25 and $35 for each photo.

The website doesn’t state how fast you’ll get paid for your work, but some writers who’ve worked with the site have said payment is usually quick.


People with good writing skills and an excellent sense of humor might love writing for Cracked, one of the most humorous and interesting publications in the business.

Cracked pays writers for articles and almost anyone can join the platform.


Easyshift is an app for Android and iOS that pays users to complete quick tasks, known as “shifts”, around their neighborhood, like check prices and promotions, take photos of specific places or products, or review experiences.

You earn points for the shifts you complete.

Better quality earns you more points and more points earns you more money.

You can also reserve more shifts at a time as you move up the ranks.

A person on the Easyshift team will approve your shifts.

Once approved, you will get your payments through PayPal within 48 hours.


This GPT site rewards members for various online tasks, like completing offers, taking surveys, or playing games.

You can choose to redeem your points for physical products, which can take up to 3 weeks to arrive, or elect to have them sent over as cash to your PayPal account, which shouldn’t take more than 72 hours to receive.


If you love shopping online, then Honey is an extension you shouldn’t go without.

Download the extension for your browser from the Honey website.

Any time you end up shopping at an online retailer that partners with Honey, the extension will automatically search its database for promo codes to save you money on your purchase.

Additionally, you’ll make money just for using Honey!

Even if the extension doesn’t find a deal for you, you can receive cash back in the form of HoneyGold, the Honey payment system.

When you have at least 1,000 HoneyGold, you can cash it in for a gift card to Walmart, Amazon, or more.

Honey also has some bonus deals, so be sure to check the website before you shop to see where you can earn the most HoneyGold for your purchases.

It usually takes a few days for HoneyGold to clear, but once you have enough, you can expect your electronic gift card to arrive within a day or two.

Ibotta (review)

The Ibotta app is a great way to earn cash back on your purchases.

Using your iOS or Android device, unlock Ibotta rebates before you go shopping.

Then, use the app to scan your receipts to verify your purchases.

Your Ibotta savings will show up in your account within 48 hours.

From there, you can cash out your earnings with PayPal for the quickest transfer, or by bank account or debit card.

You must have at least $20 in your account.

If you choose PayPal, you can see your earnings within 72 hours.


Listverse pays writers $100 for articles that fit a theme and have a listicle format.

Each article must be a list of at least 10 items on a topic you think will be interesting for Listverse readers (and, obviously, not already covered).

Send it in to the email address listed on the site and you’ll get $100 via PayPal if your work is accepted.

Listverse even gives approved authors a link to their website or a social media account at the bottom of their article as a thank you for their time, which is great if you want to build a portfolio.

Payment usually comes within a couple of days after your article gets accepted.


Microworkers is similar to Amazon Mturk.

It’s a marketplace for employers to seek workers for microjobs like research, data entry, product categorization, and more.

Employers will rate your tasks based on how well they believe you completed them according to instructions.

You can qualify for more microjobs and more earnings by becoming a highly-rated “Best Worker”.

Once you’ve reached at least $9 in your account, you can request a withdrawal via PayPal.

Microworkers pays these withdrawals every Sunday and Wednesday, so you can potentially have your money in your PayPal account in 72 hours at the most.


Do you love taking online surveys?

Mindswarms might be the place for you, especially because it offers a fun way to take surveys online instead of doing it the traditional way.

Through Mindswarms, you’ll take video surveys using your phone!

Each survey is short with only 7 questions, and pays $50.

Some surveys are shorter, but you’ll still get paid $10 for each question, usually up to 3 or 4.

The site pays with PayPal instantly once your video survey has been approved for quality and completion, so you can usually expect to get your money within 24 to 48 hours.


Similar to Ibotta, Mobisave gives you cash back for your grocery store purchases.

Mobisave provides a lot of flexibility, though, since you can shop at any grocery store that provides an itemized receipt.

Mobisave has no minimum cash out amounts, so anything you receive is eligible for withdrawal when you want it.

You can cash out your earnings with PayPal, and you’ll see your money in your account within 24 hours.

The Mobisave app is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Offer Nation

Although its name is Offer Nation, this GPT site doesn’t just have paid offers.

It also includes online surveys and other money-making tasks to boost your earnings, but offers could be the most profitable.

Offer Nation only requires that you have a minimum of $1 in your account to cash out, which is extremely easy to get.

Request your earnings through PayPal and you should receive your pay in no more than 24 hours.

Verified members are allowed to request a payment once each day up to $40!


Formerly known as Crowdspace, the OneSpace Workplace is a one-stop shop for freelancers to match with available jobs.

The Workplace offers a variety of tasks, like editing, writing, design, research, and more.

You pick what you want to do according to your skillset, and apply for open positions.

With OneSpace, you don’t even have to request your payment.

Once your work is approved, it is released to your PayPal account, and you should see it within 24 hours.

Paid Viewpoint (review)

Paid Viewpoint is a survey-taking website that pays you for your opinions.

To register, you must be at least 13 years old, and it accepts members from several countries.

As long as you take your time with surveys and answer them honestly, you’ll get a better TraitScore, which determines the number of surveys you’ll be able to qualify for.

Paid Viewpoint lets you cash out with PayPal once you reach a $15 minimum.

Payments will show in your account within 72 hours after cashing out.

Picky Domains (review)

Are you good at coming up with catchy phrases and slogans?

If so, you can get paid to provide catchy domain names to clients searching for the perfect domain names for their websites.

If a client picks your name, domain, or slogan, you receive 40-60% of the total sale, which average between $25 and $75.

You’ll also get paid a small commission for any suggestions, even if they weren’t picked.

Your earnings will be sent to your PayPal account automatically, and you should see your funds within 24 hours.


A GPT site with tons of ways to earn, QuickRewards is one of the most popular on the web.

It’s also one of the fastest paying sites after you make money through surveys, games, watching videos, completing offers, and more.

The site has over 50 redemption methods with its various gift cards, like Amazon and Walmart, but the quickest way to get paid is through PayPal.

The best part?

You only need $0.01 to cash out, so you probably can earn enough to cash out daily if you choose.

PayPal payments typically take up to 72 hours to receive, but may come sooner.


Quicktate is a transcription and translation service that pays you for working with quick audio clips, usually between two and three minutes long.

You’ll need to pay $20 for a background check to become a part of the team, but there are no other costs involved.

Be sure to have a PayPal account, as that’s how the company pays.

For general transcription, you can earn ¼ of a cent per word, while more technical transcription can make ½ cent per word.

It’s not the best pay, but it pays quickly.


Rev is one of the most popular transcription networks on the web offering reliable pay and good rates for experienced transcriptionists and captioners.

The pay is weekly, but if reliable, consistent payments are your main priority, then this could be the place for you.

If you stay active on the platform, you could wind up with consistent weekly checks so you won’t be left scrambling for cash at the last minute.

Short Task

Short Task is a job seeker and job solver matching website for microtasks.

As a Solver, you can choose when you want to work and what tasks you want to complete from the open listings.

There is no limit to the number of tasks you can work on, but make sure you follow instructions so your work gets approved faster.

Solvers who do great work are eligible for bonuses from Seekers.

Once your tasks are approved by the Seeker, your earnings will show in your account.

When you’ve reached at least $10, you can cash out with PayPal and you’ll see your funds within 24 hours.

UPDATE 5/2023 – ShortTask no longer seems to be a working site.


If you have advanced knowledge in one or more subjects, you can become a tutor for Studypool, a marketplace that matches students with tutors.

Students ask a question about an assignment or a solution to a problem and tutors can bid on the question to be chosen as the accepted tutor.

Once a student chooses you, you’ll respond to the question by the deadline you set.

The student approves your answer and you can see your earnings immediately.

You then have the option to cash out with a check or a payment, both of which process within about 3 business days.

Survey Spot

Survey Spot is a long-running online survey site that has Amazon, iTunes, PayPal rewards and more, all of which get paid out quickly once you’re ready to redeem them.

Survey Spot pays in points, and each reward will require a specific number of points to redeem it, but some don’t need much.

Even if you don’t qualify for a survey, you’ll still earn an entry into the $10k quarterly sweepstakes.


Taskrabbit is a smartphone app that connects you with people near you who need help with something – moving, mowing their lawn, or even hanging pictures inside their home.

You set when you’re able to help out and people searching for help will find you through the app.

Once an appointment’s been set, you do the work and invoice the client.

He has 24 hours to approve your invoice, and your funds will be released immediately.

Note: You’ll have to wait for funds to clear through your bank, which usually takes 2-3 business days.

Team Red by Redbook

Influencers in fashion, beauty, food, crafts, and a few other lifestyle areas can join Team Red, an influencer network by Redbook.

Team Red gives influencers free products to share with followers and sometimes review.

Along with the free products is, sometimes, monetary compensation.

The website seems to be a little outdated with its application deadline because some members have joined more recently. You can always send an email to the address on the site to ask about it.

You’ll usually receive products for which you qualify within a few days and monetary compensation once your review/shares/obligation is complete.

TranscribeMe (review)

It’s rare to find a transcription company that pays as quickly as TranscribeMe, which allows transcriptionists to request their payments at any time via PayPal.

That’s probably one of the reasons it’s consistently rated as one of the top online transcription companies for freelancers and independent contractors.

Workers can earn up to $22 per audio hour here, while top earners make over $2,000 a month.

You can also choose between transcribing long or short audio clips, depending on how much time you have available.

The site has real-time tracking software that helps you keep track of everything you make so you’ll know exactly how much you’re getting paid.

Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper is a good place to earn money in your spare time.

You’ll earn cash from paid surveys, completing offers, referring friends, and more.

Offers seem to be the quickest way to earn money, but if you’re consistent in using the website, you can earn money rapidly from many of its paid tasks.

Treasure Trooper is open worldwide for ages 13 and older.

Once you reach a minimum of $20 in your account, you can cash out with PayPal and get your funds deposited immediately.


Members of Userfeel get to test websites and apps using a screen recording device and speaking their thoughts as they complete various tasks.

It all goes to help app and site developers learn about any issues or bugs you face when you use them.

You’ll receive an invite via email when a new test is ready for you and you’ll see your earnings in your account once it’s been approved.

The site pays via PayPal within a week, at the latest, after it’s been approved, but some testers see payments even quicker.


This is a great gig for people who love browsing the web to get paid for a few minutes of their time.

uTest is a site for freelancers to complete various tests on software, websites, apps, and other things developers need a second set of eyes for.

You can browse the open gigs and apply for those that interest you.

You can get paid via Payoneer or PayPal for all work you complete, but you must have your payment information included in your account before you begin work.

Your payment amount will depend on the project, but you’ll be able to see the offer before working.

Payments are sent out twice monthly, but if you get work submitted on time near the next pay day, you should have your money in your hands within a couple of days.


Verblio, formerly BlogMutt, is a content writing agency where writers can find writing work from Verblio clients.

This is much different than other content agencies and mills.

You’ll move up levels the more you write, which will give you access to higher payments and longer articles.

You can search through hundreds of clients to see what work need to be completed and choose what you want to write from the options.

Clients can also hire you directly for writing work if they like what you’ve done previously.

You can get paid weekly, which isn’t quite instantly, but the payments are very reliable, so I thought it was worth a mention.

Wag! Walking

Wag! is an app that connects dog owners with dog walkers.

You can apply as a dog walker to have your own profile featured on the Wag! website and app so dog owners can find you when they’re searching for a walker in your location.

Owners can rate you on how well you did with their pooch, which can help you get more customers in the future.

Walkers can earn up to $25 per hour, depending on their location mostly, and can get paid twice per week for all submitted work.


Zaarly is a marketplace for clients to find workers in their area to complete tasks like house cleaning, landscaping, plumbing, home repairs, and more.

You can become a Service Expert for Zaarly and get paid quickly for completing work for clients in your area.

Once you complete your job, you charge your client.

The funds will show up in your bank account within 1-3 business days. You can earn more on Zaarly and gain more exposure with a Storefront.

After you’ve proven yourself a trusted worker, you can apply for a Zaarly Storefront to bring more customers to you.

Make Money Instantly with These Task Websites

These places pay out instantly once you cash out your earnings for the easiest and quickest way to get your money when you need it!

Clearvoice (review)

Writers can earn some good – and fast! – money with ClearVoice, a marketplace for writers and clients to connect.

Writers can choose the types of assignments they want to complete and can be sent offers for only jobs that are within their pay range.

People looking for content will send out assignments to those who meet their criteria and choose the best candidate.

Or, they can choose you directly if they think you’re the perfect fit.

Once you complete a writing assignment and it’s been approved by the client, you’ll immediately get your funds through PayPal.

The more you write, the more clients will notice you and the more you can make.

Field Agent (review)

Field Agent is an app for iOS and Android users.

As a Field Agent, you’ll receive offers through the app to complete tasks in your current location.

Examples of Field Agent tasks include taking photos of stores or products, reviewing in-store displays, and more.

Once you complete your profile, you can search for tasks near you.

Make sure you’re close by, though, because you’ll only have 2 hours to complete the tasks you choose.

Each task, on average, pays between $3 and $12, and you get paid instantly with PayPal once you cash out.


1Q is a market research company that helps its clients get the answers it needs through quick surveys.

Instead of traditional surveys, though, 1Q has you answer quick texts on your mobile device.

Most of the time, they’re just a few questions long that you can answer in a few minutes.

As soon as you complete a question, you can receive money to your PayPal account instantly!

You’ll have the choice between a $0.25 survey and $0.50 survey, with the higher paying surveys taking longer to answer.

When you sign up, be sure to fill out your demographic information in your profile so that 1Q can match you with opportunities accurately.


This site lists paid surveys you can take for cash.

There are also hundreds of offers to take part in that can help boost your earnings.

Shop online and earn cash back for more cash and refer your friends to earn a percentage of everything they make.

BankRollBucks has a few different minimum amounts for cashouts depending on the reward you choose, but if you want to get paid the quickest, you should go for the PayPal cash.

You only need $1 to use PayPal and can typically receive your money in a few hours.


Gigwalk is a workforce management platform that matches companies with remote workers in specific locations they’re looking to target.

As a “Gigwalker”, you’ll choose the tasks you want to complete through the Gigwalk app, available for iOS and Android.

Once you register your account and link your PayPal account to the app, you are ready to search for open jobs.

You can complete things like providing answers to questions about a company’s store displays at a specific location or take photos of products.

Once your completed Gig is accepted by the client, you’ll get paid immediately with PayPal.


Guru is a freelancer platform that pays quickly compared to others that usually take about a week to get your money to you.

With Guru, clients can fund your jobs with SafePay, Guru’s escrow system that helps give freelancers peace of mind that they’ll get paid and clients peace of mind that work will get completed.

As soon as you submit a job, your client can verify that it’s done and release the SafePay funds to you.

From there, you can withdraw your earnings with PayPal. Guru sometimes pays within a couple of hours, but it could take a business day or two to arrive.


Qmee is a background application that runs in your computer’s browser.

As you shop online like you normally would, Qmee offers suggestions for products relevant to your search.

You’ll earn money from clicking through on the advertisements and making purchases. You can also earn cash from surveys and referring friends to Qmee.

There are several options for cashing out your earnings with Qmee, but PayPal offers instant cash payments.

You don’t need to earn any minimums first, so you can cash out any time you earn money from shopping with Qmee.

Scribie (review)

Scribie pays you to transcribe short audio files, 6 minutes long or less.

You can work as much or as little as you want, so it’s great for flexibility.

Scribie pays between $5 and $20 per audio hour, depending on the complexity of the audio file.

You can also earn a monthly bonus of $5 per 3 audio hours you transcribe.

Scribie pays with PayPal once per day. You don’t need any minimum in your account to cash out your earnings, and your funds should show up quickly in your PayPal account.

So, you can work AND earn every day with Scribie for a consistent cash flow!


Decluttr is a mobile app that helps people get rid of things they no longer need.

There are no auction fees, so you can keep more of the money you get from things you sell.

Decluttr accepts a variety of items to sell, like movies, books, and cell phones.

When you ship off your items, Decluttr will even pay for the shipping plus insurance to make sure they arrive safely to the buyer.

The best part is that you can get next-day payments after the purchase clears, so you won’t have to wait around for days to get paid for your stuff.


DollarClix not only has great ways for you to earn money online (mostly through surveys), but it also has an awesome referral program that gives you 20% of everything your referrals earn!

You can get paid via bitcoin, Amazon rewards, or PayPal.

PayPal is the method that will get you paid instantly, with most members claiming that they’ve gotten paid within an hour or so of cashing out.


Earnably is a site that rewards members mostly for completing paid offers through its offer wall, although there are some other tasks here too.

You can also make money from referrals by earning a percentage of everything they make.

The site offers several rewards in the form of gift cards, so the minimum balance needed to cash out will vary according to the prize.

However, you can get a $5 Amazon gift card with just 500 points and you’ll typically receive it within an hour to your email inbox.

Feature Points

Feature Points is an app for Apple and Android devices that lets you get paid to download and try other apps.

This is a fun way to discover new apps and games you may never have tried before, and you’ll even make some money from doing it.

You can either use your points in your app store to get paid apps for free, or you can redeem them for a variety of prizes, including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and PayPal cash.

PayPal cash comes instantly, but most prizes delivered electronically won’t take long to receive.


Not only does InstaGC deliver gift cards electronically and instantly, but it also has a virtually endless amount of them to choose from.

The rewards catalog is so massive that you’ll probably have a tough time narrowing down your choices!

Like most GPT sites, InstaGC helps you earn cash online by filling out surveys, watching advertisements, shopping online, and completing web searches,

You’ll also get 10 points free for referrals plus 10% of everything they earn besides bonus points.

Job Spotter

Job Spotter gives you a fast way to make some extra money in your spare time, just by doing what you’d normally do around your neighborhood.

Just download the app and snap photos of Help Wanted signs when you see them, along with a description of the place that’s hiring.

Job Spotter is an app from Indeed, one of the most popular job search sites.

Indeed uses your photos to learn where more jobs are and passes that information onto job seekers in your area and pays you for your time.

You can redeem what you earn at any time for an Amazon gift card.


Sell things locally with the help of LetGo, a mobile app that makes it easier than ever to get rid of stuff you don’t want or need without hosting a yard sale (does anyone really love doing those?).

Just snap some pictures of what you want to sell, add a description, and buyers can message you securely through the app to set up payment and a time and place to meet.

You’re in total control of how and when you get paid, so it’s best to make sure the buyer has money ready when you meet to sell your stuff to get paid that day.


As a Lyft driver, you won’t be working online, but you’ll use the internet to help you find riders who need your services.

Lyft is quickly becoming a very popular competitor of Uber, and one of the reasons is because of its quick payments.

New Lyft drivers need to make at least $50 before they can cash out instantly, but once you’ve hit that threshold, you can start requesting instant payments.

All you need to do is hook up your bank account to the app and pay a $0.50 fee for your instant payment.

Lyft also offers weekly bonuses for the best drivers who remain active with the platform, so it’s worth it to check in frequently and take care of your Lyft customers!


OfferUp is a mobile app for buying and selling locally.

You can choose to ship items or meet with buyers at a designated time and place to purchase what you’re selling.

If you choose to ship, you’ll be able to sell anywhere across the United States.

OfferUp ensures you get paid by processing the buyer’s payment as soon as it receives your shipping information from the post office.

You should see your earnings in your account once it’s been processed, which should take one to two business days.


Another fun GPT site, this one gives you cash for completing offers and taking surveys.

There are also opportunities to win contests for prizes and cash, and you can always refer your friends to earn 10% of all their earnings.

You only need $1 in your account to get PayPal cash, which is the site’s quickest form of payment, but it also offers several gift cards, including Amazon, in its rewards catalog.


If you love to write blog posts, forum posts, and articles, then Postloop is for you.

This site connects writers with websites that need help with content.

Postloop used to be focused mostly on forum posting, but has since branched out to several forms of web content.

Website owners post their sites on Postloop and writers can browse the listings to find sites that they can help with.

After joining, writers need to create 10 quality posts on Postloop forum so that editors can judge your quality and assign you a rating.

You’ll then be able to choose what websites to work on.

You’ll earn money for each post or blog you create, which varies according to length, content, etc.

You need at least $5 worth of points to cash out and then you can get paid with PayPal, which should arrive instantly.


PrizeRebel is a GPT site with surveys, offers, and other tasks for making money.

There are hundreds of gift card rewards to choose from, including Amazon and Wal-Mart, all of which get delivered electronically and fast.

You can also opt for PayPal, which can get you paid the quickest.


SuperPay.Me is a GPT site with one of the most generous referral programs, offering 25% of what your referrals make for tasks!

The best thing about this site is you only need $1 to cash out, which you can earn fast from taking surveys, completing offers, and doing other tasks.

You get $0.20 free when you join and also have the opportunity to participate in cash contests as a member.

Rewards include an Amazon gift card, bitcoin, Skrill, and Payza, but PayPal is the only one that pays instantly.


Shutterstock is a leading global marketplace for buying and selling stock photography, illustrations, and videos. 

As a buyer, Shutterstock offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to explore millions of images, videos, and illustrations. 

You can easily search for specific content, apply filters, and find the perfect assets for your projects. 

From website design to marketing materials, presentations, and more, Shutterstock provides a diverse range of visuals to enhance your creative endeavors.

For contributors, Shutterstock provides a platform to showcase and monetize your creative work. 

By submitting your content to Shutterstock, you gain access to a global customer base and the potential to earn passive income.

As your portfolio grows, so does your earning potential. 


UserTesting is a leading user research platform that enables businesses to gather valuable insights about user experiences. 

It connects companies with real people who provide feedback on websites, apps, and prototypes, helping organizations improve their digital products and services.

Through UserTesting, businesses can set up targeted test scenarios and specify their desired user demographics. 

Test participants then perform assigned tasks and share their thoughts and opinions, providing detailed feedback in the form of audio, video, and written responses. 

This feedback helps companies understand how users interact with their products, identify pain points, and uncover opportunities for enhancement.


InboxDollars is a popular online rewards platform that offers various ways for users to earn money by participating in online activities. 

The platform provides a range of opportunities, including taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and reading promotional emails.

To get started with InboxDollars, users can create a free account and begin exploring the available earning options. 

Surveys allow you to share your opinions on various topics and earn cash rewards in return. 

Watching videos from different categories, such as news, entertainment, and lifestyle, allows you to earn additional rewards. 

InboxDollars also offers cashback opportunities for online shopping, where users can earn a percentage of their purchase amount back as a reward.

In addition, InboxDollars provides a referral program, enabling users to earn more by inviting friends and family to join the platform. 

You receive a referral bonus when your referrals sign up and start earning.


Teachable is a comprehensive online platform that empowers individuals to create, market, and sell their own online courses. 

With Teachable, you can design and customize your course website, upload course content, and create engaging multimedia lessons. 

The platform supports various content formats, including videos, documents, quizzes, and discussions. 

This allows you to deliver an interactive learning experience to your students.

Teachable also offers flexible pricing and payment options. 

These options allow you to set your course fees and choose between one-time payments, subscription-based models, or installment plans. 

The platform handles the transaction process securely and provides analytics to track your course revenue and student enrollment.

Are You Ready to Make Money Online Fast?

These websites won’t make you big bucks by themselves very fast, but you can optimize your earning potential by signing up for a few of the most appealing websites or apps.

If you’re consistent in completing paid offers or tasks for a small amount of time each day, you have the potential to earn money every day of the week with your PayPal account.

Good luck!

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July 31, 2017 at 11:25 pm

SwagBucks PayPal gift card redemption is definitely not instant. Their website says it can take up to 10 business days. I have cashed in several PayPal gift cards with them and it could take anywhere from 24 hours to the full 10 days to receive them. About 5 business days seems to be most common. Don’t get me wrong…I love earning with SwagBucks. But Paypal payment is definitely not instant.

Tom Zuzolo

August 24, 2017 at 1:26 am

you forgot about

Doesn't matter

November 25, 2017 at 1:45 am

There always has to be one jerkoff that needs to correct someone’s information. Do you feel better now that you have made sure your voice was heard. Ok, so it doesn’t pay instantly, perhaps the author’s does. I do Field Agent and have $182.00 this month. It does not payout instantly either, but I did not think to be rude and comment that this person is wrong. Instead, I would like to thank them for compiling such a helpful list and I will be trying a couple of the suggested sites right away. Thanks so much and to the person who must show that he knows something we don’t know……hush.

Doesn't matter

November 25, 2017 at 1:49 am

I suppose I should have said She instead of He, and I should not be surprised. Women are notorious for making sure someone is corrected. It is just so frustrating. This person wrote so much helpful information and after reading all that they had provided, this asshat thought to say…….Swagbucks isn’t instant? Really? Why even comment at all? You look so freaking inconsiderate. The age of entitlement……….ho hum. The planet is doomed.

Voice of Reason

December 3, 2017 at 8:53 am

Well….In this situation, this article is specifically geared towards people seeking instant payment. Therefore, if someone focuses intensely on Swagbucks thinking they’ll have the $ within 72 hours, they’d be disappointed. It’s not nitpicking or silly for that commenter to provide an accurate estimate of the time it takes for payout.

If you do Field Agent like I do, you know they don’t use PayPal anymore and it’s far from instant as well. If someone had rent or a car note or something and needed $ immediately, Field Agent is no longer an appropriate solution for them. That’s important for them to know.

Crystal Dillon

May 19, 2019 at 9:29 am

I agree if i click on an article that says get paid instantly i expect to learn of sites that pay instantly not days or weeks away.


July 6, 2019 at 3:10 pm

Sexist or just angry all the time? While she may not have been respectful in suggesting another site, you didnt help matters much. Shut up!!!! Who cares? Ignorant or just arrogant. Id take your keyboard away from you and send you to your room. Grow up! Dont bother replying because SIR I wont be ruining my day and wasting my time looking at the words you may type. Your name says it all, “Doesnt Matter.”


December 10, 2017 at 2:39 pm

Wow! So Jenn gave her personal experience and really didn’t seem rude about it at all. But by responding with name calling and a rather explosive and rude response, you, Doesn’t Matter, are the one that looks like a jerkoff. “You look so freaking inconsiderate. The age of entitlement……….ho hum.” Umm… might want to take a look in the mirror on that one.


July 6, 2019 at 3:13 pm

You got that right. I rarely reply to things like this but I read that and couldnt help but comment. What an arrogant, rude, sexist and far to opinionated person he is. “Doesnt Matter” says it all..


November 25, 2018 at 4:43 am

hi is this available in Cyprus?


January 27, 2018 at 1:34 pm

Qmee is the best I wish they update their surveys more and add unlimited offers and Mylot is great if you like to blog and be Social .. I also find Ibotta a treasure but it seems like you have to do more work without enough incentives but great Listings. Happy Shopping !

Sandy Bernhardt

October 21, 2018 at 1:02 am

Treasure trooper is my favorite! Tons of daily and weekly offer contests. Long term $100 contests and new offers all the time.


December 4, 2018 at 11:14 pm

Quick Rewards offers instant payment for some of their tasks and no specific amount required to cash out! Transfers directly to PayPal within 1 business day.


June 24, 2019 at 4:49 pm

If it is supposed to be instant, then the money should be available immediately for you to deposit into your PayPal or bank account. None of these are instant.

I’ve also seen a repeat of this article several times on this website. I find that rather questionable, to be honest. What I need is something to make a quick and *instant* 25-30 dollar, as in available *tonight*. Without putting any money down. Now, if you can point me to something that is 100% working in that manner, then that’s fine. Until then, you should rephrase your Google analytics so these articles stop appearing in searches for “immediate” and “instant” money. Thanks.


April 11, 2021 at 3:00 am

Why do you waste people’s time with these bogus so-called income opportunities? Fuck off.