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Pink Zebra

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Getting started as a Direct Sales Agent can be a big step for anyone wanting their own business. Partnering with another company can cost money and building your business can take a lot of time. Which is why, it is obviously very important to choose a company you truly love. In order to be successful as a direct consultant- you want to feel confident standing behind the product you are selling. You also, however, want to be sure the company you partner with has a stable and strong business plan that can support you and provide you with the necessary tools to succeed. Pink Zebra is one company many start up business owners are considering.

A reader of WAHAdventures, Amy Mayberry, told me about her experience becoming a Pink Zebra Consultant. Like most direct sales companies, Amy earns not just from the sales she makes but also by building a team of other sales reps. When she helps others become Pink Zebra Consultants- she earns from their sales as well.

Who is Pink Zebra?

Pink Zebra was created by a young couple who happened to meet while at work– which also happened to be for a candle manufacturer. Both of them having experience in the candle industry- they decided to start up their own candle company. In a short amount of time they swiftly became a top recognized candle producing company in the United States.

Pink Zebra uses the marketing method of having sales agents all over the US who can work for themselves, on their own schedule, selling Pink Zebra products.

What Does Pink Zebra Sell?

Pink Zebra specializes in soy wax “Sprinkles”, reed diffusers, hand soap/lotion. These things called “Sprinkles” are little soy wax pellets that you put into your warmers, or make your own candles with by using one of our glimmer candle kits.

How did you get started with Pink Zebra?

I currently run a in home childcare, and have been looking for a different opportunity that would still allow me to be at home with my two daughters. I saw an opportunity with Pink Zebra that I couldn’t give up. A ground floor company, consumable products, no saturation! With the products being so unique and practically sell themselves I knew I was getting into something that was going to grow in no time. I joined Pink Zebra in February of this year and in that short time I have grown a team of 10.

Have you ever worked in Direct Sales before?

I have never worked in direct sales before.

How Much Is The Start  Up Costs?

There are two kits: the basic kit is $99 and deluxe kit is $199 website is free for first 30 days and then $9.95 each month thereafter.

Editor:: (However I have noticed there are often deals going on to get the starter kits for a lower price)

The Pink Zebra Basic Kit Includes :

The basic kit gives you what you need to get started. It includes 48 fragrance samplers, Re-sealable Reed Diffuser, Simmering Lights Base & Frosted Liner, Paisley Design Metal Shade, 11.5 oz. Square Flare Candle, 2 assorted jars of our exclusive Sprinkles, Glimmer Candle Kit, 4 assorted tester lotions, order forms, catalogs, Quick Start Brochure, Opportunity Brochurer, Party Invitations, New Consultant Guide, and PZ Sample Business Card Order Form.

The Pink Zebra Delux Kit Includes:

The deluxe kits gives you 48 fragrance samplers, Re-sealable Reed Diffuser with Bling, Simmering Lights Simmer Base & Frosted Liner, Crackle Clear Glass Shade, 11.5 oz. Square Flare Candle, 2 assorted jars of our exclusive Sprinkles, 16oz Carton of Bulk Sprinkles, 6pk Diva Petite Glimmer Candle Kit, 4 assorted tester lotions, Pink Zebra Ball Cap, Pink Zebra Handbag, Pink Zebra Rolling Suitcase, order forms, catalogs, Quick Start Brochure, Opportunity Brochure, Party Invitations, New Consultant Guide, and PZ Sample Business Card Order Form.

Is there a Minimum Sales Requirement?

If you decide to build a team- you must have $400 in monthly sales to be able to earn commissions from your down line.
But just to be an active consultant you must have $150 worth of sales in six months.

6 Reasons Why Should I Become a Pink Zebra Rep?

Becoming a Pink Zebra representative offers several potential benefits and opportunities. Here are a few reasons why you might consider joining Pink Zebra:

  1. Ground Floor Opportunity: Pink Zebra is described as a ground floor company, which means it is relatively new and still in the early stages of growth. Joining a company at this stage can provide you with the advantage of being one of the first representatives in your area, giving you the opportunity to establish a customer base and build a team of consultants.
  2. Rapid Growth Potential: As Pink Zebra is growing rapidly, there is significant potential for expansion and increased sales. The demand for home fragrance products remains steady, and Pink Zebra’s unique approach to fragrance blending with their wax sprinkles sets them apart from other competitors in the market.
  3. Consumable Products: Pink Zebra offers consumable products, which means customers are likely to repurchase them regularly. Home fragrance products such as candles, wax melts, and reed diffusers are items that people often use and replace frequently, creating a recurring revenue stream for consultants.
  4. Unique Product Line: Pink Zebra’s product line is distinctive due to its customizable fragrance blending concept. The wax sprinkles allow customers to create personalized scents by mixing different combinations of fragrances. This unique selling proposition can attract customers who enjoy the creativity and customization options Pink Zebra provides.
  5. Flexibility and Work-Life Balance: As a Pink Zebra representative, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule and work at your own pace. This can be particularly appealing for individuals who value work-life balance and want to have control over their time.
  6. Support and Training: Pink Zebra offers training and support to its representatives. They provide resources, tools, and guidance to help you succeed in your business. Additionally, you can connect with a network of fellow consultants for advice and collaboration.

How Can We Contact You for More Information about Being a Pink Zebra Consultant?

amy  mayberryThere are a few ways you can contact Amy to find out more about becoming a Pink Zebra consultant or to even try out the waxes:

My website

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My email is [email protected].

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I want to thank Amy for taking the time to answer my questions about being a Pink Zebra Consultant. If you have been considering Direct Sales as a way to work out of your home and on  your own schedule then Pink Zebra may be something you should consider. Be sure to get in touch with Amy [[email protected]]!

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