Your Guide to Making Money Referring People (65 Sites Ready to Pay!)

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Rewards sites and subscriptions are great, but they’re even better when you can refer your friends for extra cash. Check out these 65 sites that let you earn!

You don’t have to be an online influencer to get people to join websites you’re a part of and make some money.

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Anyone can do it – you just have to know some people who are willing to give the websites a try!

Enlist the help of friends, family members, co-workers, and even online acquaintances to help you make some cash from high paying referral programs.

I love that so many sites are offering these programs as a way for their members to make some extra cash.

Let’s face it – not every survey site works great for everyone.

Some people, depending on location and demographics, get more opportunities than others.

But, these programs don’t care where you live or what you do for a living.

They give every eligible member the same opportunity to earn some extra cash just for being a valued member.

If you’re looking for the best referral programs on the web, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Earn Cash from Referral Websites

Are you not 100% sure how all of this works?

Basically, this type of program pays you to invite more people to the site.

Brands and websites need a consistent flow of new members to keep growing, and some are willing to pay members to bring new members on board.

That’s where you come in.

When you join a referral program, you’ll receive a special link.

That link is yours to use to bring people to the site.

When someone signs up after clicking your special link, you’ll get rewarded with whatever that site offers.

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Sometimes, it’s a free month of service. Some programs give you discounts on your subscription.

Others pay you in straight cash for your referrals.

And, sometimes your referrals even get a special bonus when they join using your link, which can make it even easier to convince people to join!

Anyone can do this sort of thing.

There’s no need to have a huge social media following, although that, admittedly, can help.

As long as you have some friends or family who trust your judgment, you can probably earn some money through referral programs.

The ones I’m mentioning here are some of the best on the web!

I’ve organized all the programs into categories to make it easier to find ones that you might be interested in.

Affiliate Programs

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliates is one of my absolute favorite affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs are slightly different from referral programs, but they also offer ways to make money when others use your links, so I’m including some great ones here.

When you join Amazon Affiliates, you can essentially promote any product you love on Amazon to your friends, family, and followers.

When they click your link and make a purchase, you’ll get paid commission.

It’s so easy to use, and you can always find products you love!

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is a great program for book lovers.

Use your link to promote your favorite books.

This is especially helpful if you have a book review blog!

You’ll need to sign up for Commission Junction to participate, which is the affiliate network the bookstore uses.

eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network works similarly to Amazon Affiliates.

Browse listings, find products you love, and promote them online to people you know or your followers.

You’ll receive commissions for any products purchased using your links.


Have a FitBit?

Make some money off your love for your fitness tracker by joining the affiliate program.

You can earn 12% commission on any products people buy using links you place on your website or blog.

FitBit will even provide affiliates with helpful digital assets they can use to promote the products.


If you’re big into Apple products, apps, music, and more, you’ll love the iTunes affiliate program.

This program offers tons of helpful tools for you to create the perfect links to promote everything you love from iTunes and make some money. is a sub-site of Amazon with tons of awesome deals on all types of products.

You can join as an affiliate and earn commission on any product available on the site.

Plus, you’ll be one of the first to hear about special promotions to share with your audience!

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Shopify makes starting an e-commerce business super easy.

And, it also has one of the highest-paying affiliate programs.

You can earn up to $598 from referring a merchant under the standard plan.

If you refer someone under the Enterprise plan, you can make $2,000!


Target has one of the most popular affiliate programs around.

You can earn up to 8% commission on some of the most popular categories, and people who use your link will have a cookie placed for 7 days.

That means that, even if they don’t make a purchase that day, but do within 7 days of clicking your link, you’ll still get credited.


Walmart is one of the most popular physical and digital stores in the nation, so it’s no surprise that people who use its affiliate program do pretty well!

You can promote just about any product to others and receive commissions when people purchase it.

Digital Service Programs

Amazon Prime

Amazon Affiliates isn’t the only way you can make money with Amazon.

You can also refer people to Amazon Prime, Amazon’s service that gives customers free shipping, free movies and TV, and more.

You can earn up to $600 every year in Amazon Prime referral credits.


DreamHost is a web hosting company, and a very popular one at that.

When you refer people to the service, you can earn $120!

The best part is that there are no caps on your earning potential, so keep referring away!


Dropbox is my absolute favorite cloud technology program.

I use it to backup all my important files and pictures.

And, I love that it gives me a way to earn some free storage just by referring others.

You can get up to 32 GB of free space, 1 GB per referral, and your friend will get 500 MB of bonus space.


Evernote is a digital organization software.

When you refer three people to it, you can get 10 points, which will give you three free months of service.

After that, you’ll get an additional five points for every friend you refer.


Fiverr is the perfect way for freelancers to make some money with side gigs.

You can even earn some extra cash when people you invite make their first purchase.

You’ll earn $5, and your friend can earn a free gig.

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HostGator is another popular web hosting service that has several pricing options for some of the most affordable plans.

You can earn up to $125 per referral here, depending on how many people you get signed up every month.

Even if you’re only able to get one person a month to sign up, you’ll still receive $50, which is an awesome deal.


LiveOps is a digital call center that provides work from home jobs and call center services to businesses and individuals.

When you share about the company with friends, you can become eligible for a $100 free payment!

Media Temple

Media Temple is a web hosting company that helps you earn credits toward free hosting.

When a referral signs up with your unique link and sticks around for at least 60 days, you’ll get credit for a free month of hosting.

Plus, your friend will get 20% off their plan!


TypeForm helps people create beautiful online forms.

Those with PRO memberships can start referring people to the platform.

You’ll get a unique coupon code to share that gives others 10% off their subscription.

Then, you’ll get 10% off your subscription for every friend you refer!


SugarSync is a cloud software that helps you sync your important files across all devices.

When you refer people to sign up for a new plan, you’ll receive 30% of the sale amount.

However, if you get someone to sign up for a business account, you can get $150!

Working Solutions

Working Solutions offers work from home jobs and business call center solutions.

When you become an agent, you’re eligible to receive a $100 bonus when people you invite to sign up get accepted to the program.

Financial Programs


Acorns is an auto-saving app that helps you turn spare change into an investment.

If you’re a member, you can get $5 for every person who signs up and has their account approved and verified.

Capital One 360

Capital One 360 has tons of financial products, from checking and savings accounts to 401(k) accounts.

And, it’s also known for having several rotating bonus programs all year.

But, one that sticks around is the $25 bonus you can give your friend who uses your link.

When they sign up for a checking or savings account, you’ll get $20, with a cap at $1,000.


When you share about Chase financial products, you could be eligible to make some extra money.

Chase does cap you at sending no more than 25 email invites to friends within 24 hours.

The amount you can earn depends on the product, and there are caps for each that will be stated when you get your unique link.

Citigold International

You can refer someone to a Citigold International account from CitiBank and score an iPhone 8 or $1,000 cash for your first referral!

The more people you refer, the more you can get, like $1,500 cash or a MacBook Air for 3 referrals.


If you have a Discover credit card, you can use your referral link to invite others to sign up and receive a $50 statement credit!

That can definitely help you pay off your balance faster.

PNC WorkPlace Banking

If you have some co-workers who you think might be interested in a PNC bank account, let them know using your unique link.

When they sign up, you earn $100!

You can earn up to 10 referrals per year, which will give you $1,000.

Smarty Pig

Smarty Pig gives people a way to save money online for whatever savings goals they might have, big or small.

You’ll get $10 for every friend you refer who signs up and deposits at least $25 in their account.

You can earn a maximum of $1,000 from 100 referrals.


Tangerine offers online banking accounts and products.

As a member, you’re eligible to refer others using your unique link.

When someone signs up and deposits at least $100, you’ll earn $50!


Wealthfront is an investment system that can help you reach your investing goals quicker.

You’ll receive an additional $5,000 cap on the amount you can have in your account for the lowest advisory fees when you refer a friend.

Your friend will get the same bonus!

Fitness/Gym Programs

24-Hour Fitness

If you’re a current member in good financial standing with 24-Hour Fitness, you can refer your friends to the gym too.

When you do, you can choose from a $20 MyStore coupon or a free 50-minute personal training session.


You’ll get an Equinox gift card whenever you refer a friend to an Equinox gym.

And, it doesn’t even have to be the same location you attend to receive your gift!

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym offers Gold’s Gym Rewards to members who bring friends along to workout.

You’ll need to sign onto your web account to claim the reward you’d like.


If you have friends looking to join a gym, why not refer them for a 1-year membership to Healthworks?

When you do, you’ll get a $100 gift card.

Total Woman Gym & Spa

If you’re a member of Total Woman Gym & Spa and refer a friend to the gym, you’ll both get rewarded with a $50 credit to use on special services, like spa services and personal training.

Rewards Programs


InboxDollars instantly credits you with 10% of anything your referrals make on the rewards site.

The best part is that there’s no cap on the number of referrals or how much you can earn.

With so many ways to make money, this is one site that definitely gives you an excellent opportunity for some extra cash from referrals.

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Swagbucks is easily one of the best rewards sites on the web.

There’s so much to do to earn quick points here to turn into your favorite gift cards and prizes.

You can also earn 10% of your friends’ lifetime earnings.

Plus, Swagbucks frequently has rotating promotions that can help you earn even more.

Right now, for example, you can get an extra $3 for every friend you bring to the site!

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Cash Crate

Cash Crate is a Get Paid To (GPT) site that offers a ton of ways to get paid online.

You can take surveys, complete offers, shop online, and refer some friends.

You’ll even get $1 just for joining.

Every time you refer a friend who stays active on the site, you’ll earn a percentage of their earnings.

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When you refer your friends or family to EarningStation, another GPT site, you’ll earn 10% of everything they earn for as long as they stay active.

The site even makes it super easy to share your code via Twitter, Facebook, email, and Google+.

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Global Test Market

Get paid to take surveys at Global Test Market!

You can also make some extra money referring people you know.

You’ll need to sign up with Commission Junction to get your link for the affiliate program.

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Ipsos i-Say

Refer your friends to Ipsos i-Say, a fun survey site that’s been popular with online survey takers for years.

You’ll earn points for members you refer that you can use toward rewards.

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MyPoints pays you to take surveys, shop online, and more.

Through the referral program, you can earn bonus points from people who join the site using your link.

They just have to fill out their profile and make a shopping purchase of at least $25 within their first 30 days.

Then, you’ll get 750 points in your account, and your friend gets a bonus of 1,750 points.

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Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a popular survey site that pays you to take surveys and refer friends.

You’ll earn $1 every time a friend joins using your link and completes his or her first survey.

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Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is another survey site that pays you to bring more people on board.

Earn $2 for each person you refer. All they need to do is complete their first two surveys.

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SurveySavvy has one of the best referral programs of all survey and rewards sites.

Here, you can make money not just from your referrals, but also from their referrals, giving you much more earning potential.

And, you only need $1 in your account to be able to cash out here.


Points2Shop, a rewards site, gives you $1.50 per referral, plus another 15% of their lifetime earnings.

When you sign up for the site, you’ll even get 250 points for free.


MintVine is another online survey site that pays you to participate in market research.

You’ll earn 50 points when referrals complete their first survey, plus 15% of everything they continue to earn from surveys and offers.

Paid Viewpoint

You can work your way up to becoming a VIP member with Paid Viewpoint, an online survey site, by having over 100 active referrals.

When you do, you’ll get 20% of your referrals earnings immediately.

If you’re not a VIP, you can still collect earnings from your referrals, but you’ll have to wait to make your 20% until they actually cash out.

Shopping & Brands


Ebates is the place to go if you do a lot of online shopping.

You’ll receive cash back on your purchases from partnered retailers.

Plus, you can earn extra cash from referrals who sign up and make a qualifying purchase.

Promotions for referrals differ through the year, but you’ll often be eligible for a $25 bonus, and your friend can get $10!

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Erin Condren

Erin Condren is a designer of some of the most creative and helpful planners and other office supplies for budding entrepreneurs and bloggers.

When you invite a friend to sign up for the site, your friend gets a $10 coupon code, and you’ll receive one too!


Find tickets for just about any event on EventBrite.

But, you can also refer friends who purchase tickets and receive 20% of their purchases.


Groupon is a discount site that offers events and experiences for low prices.

You can earn some extra money when people sign up under your link.

You’ll get $10 whenever a new referral buys their first deal!


GrubHub lets you order online from your favorite restaurants and receive deliveries from drivers in your neighborhood.

You can give your friends and family a $7 coupon for their first GrubHub order and receive $7 for yourself when they sign up!


Honey is my absolute favorite discount shopping app.

This app is a browser extension that automatically gives you promotional codes for the shopping websites you visit.

Not only can you save money while you shop, but you can also earn money when you help others sign up.

Honey offers you $5 for everyone you invite!


Minted is an online store for personalized cards, stationery, and more.

You’ll get $25 credit when someone signs up with your link, and your friend will also get $25 off a $100 order!


Sell used clothing online at ThredUp.

And, you can even receive ThredUp store credits to purchase more clothing when you sign up your friends.

Your earnings are capped at $580 per year, but the amount will reset each calendar year.


You can get store credit for everyone you refer to Zulily, a site that helps you score huge discounts on everything from clothing to toys.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that sends you clothing and accessories tailored to your taste, size, and budget.

When you refer a friend who signs up and schedules their first shipment, you get a $25 credit.


Boxed is an online bulk-buying retailer where customers can purchase large quantities of consumer goods directly from their smartphone or computer.

When you refer a friend who makes a purchase, you both receive a $15 credit.


ModCloth is an online retailer known for its vintage-inspired women’s clothing.

Their referral program allows you to give friends 20% off their first order of $75 or more, and when they make a purchase, you receive the same deal.


Poshmark is a social commerce marketplace where people can buy and sell new or used clothing, shoes, and accessories.

When you invite friends to Poshmark, they receive $10 to spend on their first purchase. Once they make that purchase, you also get a $10 credit.

The RealReal

The RealReal is a luxury consignment store selling pre-owned designer fashion, jewelry, watches, and home decor.

Their referral program offers you a $25 site credit every time you refer a friend who makes their first purchase.

The friend also receives $25 off.

Technology Programs


AT&T has a program that rewards customers for promoting its products.

The amount you receive depends on what you promote and special bonus promotions at the time.

You can check your rewards in the AT&T Rewards Center.

Dish Network

Get $50 as a Dish Network member every time you bring someone new to the service.

You can also choose from an Amazon Echo Dot or 12 free Pay-Per-View movies.

Your friend will also receive the same gift!

Google Apps

When you recommend the suite of Google Apps to someone and they download and use them, you can earn an easy $7.50.

Google Apps includes helpful apps like Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Gmail.

You’ll get your money via direct deposit for the ultimate convenience in rewards.


As a Hulu subscriber, you can invite friends to sign up and earn a $10 gift card.

Your friend doesn’t even have to purchase anything.

All they have to do is sign up for the 30-day free trial for you to get your gift.

Sling TV

Sling TV is known as a pay-as-you-go TV service.

You pick the package you want so you only pay for channels you’ll actually watch.

As a customer, you can refer friends and family to receive a $5 credit for each person that signs up toward your next bill.

Your invited customers will get the same.


When you help someone make the switch to a Verizon service, you can get up to $200!

Your friend even received $50 for signing up.

Travel Programs


Airbnb makes it easy for you to find a place to rent when you travel anywhere around the world.

Make some extra money by inviting others to join the site.

You’ll get $20 for friends who travel using the site, or $75 for those who sign up to be a host.

And, your friends get $40 credit!


Lyft has quite a few ways to earn money by inviting others.

Refer both riders and drivers for different payment amounts.

Currently, the max you can make for bringing new riders on board is $2,000 per week.

The maximum driver referral reward is subject to change, though, so you’ll need to check your current program rules for updated information.


Bring new riders and drivers to Uber, one of the most popular ridesharing companies, to earn cash.

You can earn up to $400 just by bringing one new person on board!

Conclusion: How to Make Money Referring People to Websites

I truly hope you can find some awesome programs on this list that can help you earn a bit of extra cash from the people you know who are willing to help out!

The best part is that some of the programs even offer your friends and family extra bonuses, which can make it more enticing for them to join.

Please let us know about your favorite refer-a-friend programs on this list, or ones we’ve missed, in a comment below!

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