Easy Ways to Make Money Online Without Having a Job

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Don’t want to apply for a job online? Want money, but also want flexibility? Check out these 27 ways to earn money online without applying for a job.Sure, there are plenty of online, work from home jobs available.

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But, sometimes they don’t offer the flexibility that some prefer.

That’s where other online companies come in.

The internet is becoming one of the fastest and easiest ways to earn money in your spare time.

And, there are literally hundreds of ways you can earn money online, without ever committing to a job title.

The great thing about using the internet to earn money is you can make it as flexible as you need to.

Sign up for a handful of opportunities, or sign up for several to earn more money.

Complete tasks when you have extra time.

Soon, you can even be making a full-time income from side jobs online, without ever having an official “job”.

Looking for Ways to Earn Extra Money Online? How to Earn Money with No Job

Earning money online with no job is an absolutely attainable dream.

You just have to be strategic about it! Sign up with companies that have work you know you can do and won’t have to spend hours doing.

It’s all about time management. Take a look at the following types of online money earning tasks.

Figure out what looks interesting to you and what you think you have the skills for. Sign up for companies within those categories and utilize them as much as possible.

You’ll be making extra cash in no time, without ever applying for a job.

Just remember, you will be responsible for taxes on your earnings, depending on the laws for your area.

Check with your local laws to better understand self-employment taxes and how you can report your earnings.

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Paid Tasks

There are numerous websites that will pay you to complete certain tasks.

Most involve paid surveys, web searches, games, referrals, commissions on purchases, and more.

What’s great about these websites is you can join as many as you want.

Most of them will send you e-mail reminders for tasks you can complete, and some will even pay you to read their e-mails!

The amount of money you can make with these sites depends on how consistent you are with doing them and how much time you devote to them each day.

With several paid task sites, you can complete numerous paid tasks each day, so your earnings can add up quickly.


Take Surveys

Taking surveys is one of the ways to make money online that’s been around for several years.

It’s probably the most well-known, yet several people sign up for them only to quit using them after a short time.

The key to being successful taking surveys and making money is to respond to new survey offers quickly.

Once a survey has reached its maximum number of respondents, the survey will close and you’ll miss out.

So, sign up for a few of the most appealing survey sites.

Then, check your e-mails daily and respond to surveys.

If you’re diligent about setting aside a few hours per week for them, your earnings could stack up quickly.


Test Websites or Software

If you like providing your feedback on things to help them improve, why not test websites or software and get paid for it?

These websites will provide testing tasks, usually taking between 10 to 20 minutes of your time.

You don’t need any experience besides understanding how to use the computer and internet.

And, you’ll get paid an average of about $10$15 per testing task.

Most testing tasks will require you to speak clearly as you’re testing.

You’ll need a computer with internet and, often, a microphone to speak into.

You may also be required to download a screen recording software so your tasks can get recorded.


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Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that you can earn money for referring people to purchase products or services?

It’s known as affiliate marketing, and it’s one of the biggest ways people are earning money online.

If you blog or use social media, sign yourself up for an affiliate marketing website or two.

You’ll earn a commission or a flat fee, specified by each company you sign up with, for products or services people purchase using your links. Some will even pay you per link click.

Amazon Associates, for example, will give you money from purchases on Amazon using your affiliate links.

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And, you’ll even earn some money for other products purchased, besides the one(s) you mentioned!


Class Action Lawsuits

One way to earn money online that people don’t usually think about is from class action lawsuits.

These are lawsuits brought up against companies for faulty products.

The company will attempt to reach a settlement in court.

YOU can earn money from that settlement if you purchased any of the products or services that fell within the timeframe of the lawsuit.

Even if you don’t have a proof of purchase, you still can qualify for settlement funds. So, it’s best to check out the settlements even if you don’t think you’ll qualify.

The following websites list open settlements for you to browse and ensure you haven’t missed out on any unclaimed funds.


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Design and Sell Shirts

Shirt-designing platforms are becoming one of the most unique ways to earn money online.

Basically, you design a shirt. Display your unique artwork, add your best quotes, or create hilarious slogans. Add the shirt to the website, and it’ll be up for sale for others to purchase.

These websites work a bit differently from each other, although they all have the same basic idea. Some will only pay you once you hit your selling goals, and others pay you per shirt you sell. You’ll receive part of the profit, and the website will receive another part.

Either way, you’re making money off inventory you never have to store. Simply design it, sell it, and reap the profits.


Do Small Tasks

Microtask websites, also known as micro freelancing, will pay you to complete small tasks.

You may be completing data entry, finding addresses of companies on websites, pulling lists of names and phone numbers from the internet, etc.

Basically, you earn a small amount – usually a few cents to a dollar – for completing each small task.

But, if you’re strategic in choosing the tasks you can do very quickly, your earnings can rack up fast.

It may take a little time to understand how to make the most money from these types of websites, but don’t give up too fast.

Try out different tasks to see which ones are the most efficient for you.


Give Advice or Answer Questions

You can earn money online just by sharing your knowledge. You don’t even have to be considered an expert.

Help people answer questions, perform research, fix things around the house, and more. You can earn money each time you thoroughly answer someone’s most pressing issue, no college degrees or experience required.

On average, you can potentially make about $10 to $20 per question answered. And, the higher your performance, the more you can earn.

Although most websites don’t require any college degree or experience, it’s best to add any you do have to your application. It will help prove that you have experience with the topics you’ll be working with.


Make Videos

If you have a knack for creating and editing videos, the following websites can earn you some money.

YouTube stars pop up all the time. A video goes viral, and suddenly the people in the video are internet superstars. But, how do they make money?

YouTube has an advertising platform that can help you monetize your channel. Plus, expert YouTubers can make money from sales, endorsements, and more. It may take some time to see big earnings, but it can be worth it if you want to invest the time and work.

You can also make money by posting videos of your gaming experiences, product reviews, and more. Be creative with it. The more unique your videos are, the better your chances of standing out in the crowd.



Do you hang around forums or social media channels a lot? If so, why not get paid for your time?

Some websites will pay you to post on forums or social media channels to keep them active, engaged, and free from spam or malicious comments.

Although several moderating websites hire for part-time or full-time employment only, the following websites will pay you for moderating in your spare time. You can also check the career pages of your favorite forums or websites to see if they need any help in the moderation department.


Open a Virtual Store

There are several places where you can own a virtual store to sell merchandise for a profit.

Amazon, Etsy, and eBay are among the most popular. On these websites, you can sell virtually anything. It’s best to hone your virtual store to products from a main category, although some big sellers profit from selling all kinds of products.

Some people are making big bucks selling through Amazon by finding highly-desired items at low prices through sales, flea markets, or yard sales. Then, the mark up the price for what it can sell for on Amazon, and watch the profits roll in.


Participate in Mock Trials

If you like the idea of lending your opinions to lawyers to help them win court cases, you can earn money by participating in mock trials.

Lawyers will enlist an online jury to pitch their cases to.

The information the jury provides will help them tweak their cases for the actual trial.

So, you are providing some essential information that can help them either win or lose their cases.


Play Games & Sell Content

Gamers, you can make money from being really good at the games you play! If you like to level up characters, for example, you can sell high-level game accounts for big bucks to other players who don’t want to go through the leveling process.

You can also sell virtual property on certain games, like Second Life. This game lets you sell virtual houses and land to other players. Some players have even become millionaires by doing just that.

It’s important to note that this way of making money definitely takes serious skill. Players need to know what makes good sales in the games they play, and may need several months or years to create a money-making system.

But, if you know the ins and outs of your game, you definitely have a shot at earning money from playing your game and selling its virtual properties.


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Publish an e-Book

e-Books are becoming the new way to publish knowledge. Not only can they take a lot less time than a printed book to write, they take less time to publish, essentially getting you your earnings faster.

Think of an e-Book as a knowledgeable piece of information, longer than a detailed blog post, but shorter than a full-length book. Experienced bloggers create them to teach others their tricks about blogging to success. Photographers write them to publish their most coveted photography tricks that people want to pay for.

You can sell your e-Book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more, and start seeing your residual profits roll in.


Review Things

Yes, there are websites that will pay you to review products, phone calls, websites, software, music, and more!

Each one of the following websites offers a different type of paid review. With Humanatic, for example, you’ll review professional phone calls and provide feedback on what you think was great, could have been better, etc.

Slice the Pie is one of the most fun ways to pick up some extra cash online. You’ll review new music, giving detailed feedback on what you like and didn’t like. The more detailed and constructive your feedback, the more your potential earnings will be.


Search Engine/Social Media Evaluation

If you’re a daily search engine or social media user, you might as well get paid for doing what you do best!

The following companies will pay you to evaluate search engine or social media results to create better algorithms.

So, you’ll be helping to fine-tune the results you see when you look up something on Google or Facebook, for example.

Note that some of these companies require a certain number of hours from you each week.

However, you aren’t considered an employee and the tasks are fairly flexible.


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Search the Web

More ways to earn money as you use the web? Yes, these websites pay you for internet related tasks, like web searches, shopping, and more.

Sign up for as many as you want. Check out their requirements for making money, and start earning immediately.

Qmee, for example, is as easy as installing an add-on in your browser. As you search for products on the web, Qmee will make suggestions for you. Earn money for checking out its suggestions or making purchases.


Sell Books

If you have an extensive book selection and are ready to part with them, don’t just sell them at a yard sale. Books in good condition can earn you some money with book selling websites.

Textbooks, especially, can run you hundreds of dollars to purchase. Fortunately, you can make some of your money back by selling them online when you no longer need them. You can even turn them in on Amazon for gift cards with a super quick and easy process.


Sell Your Services

Do you have skills you don’t quite know what to do with or how to make money with them?

You might just not have found the following websites yet, which allow you to sell your services online.

Fiverr has quickly become one of the most popular websites to market your services. Create “Gigs” starting at $5.

You can create web graphics, write short articles, create slogans, and more. You can customize your gigs with add-ons for higher earnings.

Guru and Upwork are excellent places for freelancers to find people in need of their services. Transcriptionists, bloggers, editors, and programmers never seem to be lacking for work on these sites.

You can earn as much or as little as you want since you apply to postings.


Share Files

Getting paid to share your files is a little-known way to earn money online, but it’s completely plausible.

The websites work a little differently from each other, but the idea is similar. You upload files to the website, and people have to pay to gain access to your files.

Common types of files to upload are ones that can help people in some way, like e-Books, instructional videos, or software downloads. Make sure you’re uploading things people want or need to make your files the most appealing to pay for and download.


Start a Blog

You likely know someone who owns a blog. There are countless numbers of them popping up on the web daily, covering everything from business and technology to parenting and…blog-making.

You’ve also probably heard about people earning money from their blogs. But how is that possible? Don’t people just read them?

Well, yes and no. The best blogs definitely drive people to read them. But they’re also smart about incorporating advertising, paid courses, e-Books, affiliate marketing, and more to monetize their blogs.

So, it’s a smart move to start a blog if you have an area of expertise you think you can write about. Fortunately, there are tons of resources on the web for starting your own blog. Even if you have had no blogging experience, you can get a blog up and running within a day!


Surf the Web

You can get paid for evaluating search results and searching the web. And, you can even get paid for surfing the web!

The following websites pay you for your internet activities.

For example, Nielsen Digital Voice asks you to download its app, which will track what you do on the internet. It uses the results for internet-related research. And, you get paid while the app runs completely in the background.

Or, with PaymentSurf, get paid to visit sponsored websites. The company will also pay you for friends that you refer to the site.



Telecommuting sounds like a job, right?

Well, it can be. But it can also be as simple as doing things you would do at an office job from your home instead.

Telecommuting can encompass several tasks, from marketing, social media work, and advertising, to writing, graphic design, or editing.

Basically, you can work from the comfort of your own home doing tasks you’re good at, without relying on a typical job.

The following websites are good places to find telecommuting tasks.

Some even have a “Telecommute” filtering option to find only these types of tasks. Or, use the “Location” box to search for “Remote” or “Telecommuting” tasks.

Skip the Drive and VirtualVocations are websites dedicated to providing telecommuting listings only.



Transcription isn’t for everyone, and definitely requires some skill. But, if you’re not looking for an online job and, instead, a way to make money online, it could be worth a try.

You’ll be turning audio into typed words. It sounds easy, but it takes practice.

However, some people have the knack for it from the start. And, with transcription software and equipment, like foot pedals to control speed, the tasks can be a little easier.

Most transcription work is very flexible, allowing you to complete tasks when you can.

It can be a good way to earn some side income in your spare time.


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Translate or Tutor

If you have teaching experience, you can get paid to tutor students online.

Some websites don’t even require teaching experience, but you’ll have to prove you have adequate knowledge in the subjects you want to tutor.

If you’re bilingual, you can also translate online for some extra cash.

One of the most popular ways for English language learners, for example, is by talking to a translator online, either through audio or video.

You can provide ELL support in your spare time, without committing to a job.


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Virtual Assisting

Virtual assisting is a good way for people to make money with a variety of tasks. If you like having different things to do each day, virtual assisting is definitely the perfect solution for you.

As a virtual assistant for one of these websites, you’ll be matched with projects for clients.

Depending on the client, you may be making phone calls to set appointments one day, working as a chat operator the next, and performing internet research for a client’s project the next.

These virtual assistant sites allow the flexibility of not having a job, while also giving you the ability to earn a full-time income if you choose.


Write or Edit

Those with an excellent command of their language can earn a steady income from writing or editing.

You can write or edit blogs, online articles, academic papers, and more, all from the convenience of your home.

There are several websites that will pay you to write for them. Some require some previous writing experience, but others you can begin to write for with no writing experience.

BlogMutt is a good place to start.

You’ll begin at level 1, and the more you write and get accepted, the faster you move up levels and earn more money.

Textbroker is another good place for beginning writers to start.

As you gain more experience and have some works published online, you can begin pitching articles to your favorite websites within your niche.

Find out if your favorites accept submissions by searching for a “Write for Us”-type page on the website.

Read the guidelines fully so you look professional when sending your pitch.

You can also stick with content mill sites until you feel comfortable pitching. ClearVoice lets you set your preferred rates and topics so you can avoid lowball offers and write articles within your niche.


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Conclusion: How to Make Money Without a Job Online

It’s obviously possible to make money online without a job!

All the places I listed are legitimate ways to earn money, without ever filling out a job application.

So, you can earn some extra money while working around your busy schedule.

Signing up for a few types of money-making tasks can also be a fun way to provide variety in your schedule every week!

A tip for earning some extra cash:

Always check a website for a referral program or affiliate program! Most of the time, these are located toward in the footer of a website, near the “About” section or contact information.

Referral and affiliate programs are how you can earn big bucks from several places.

With InboxDollars, for example, you can earn side money by completing the paid offers and daily tasks on the website.

But, you can earn some decent money by referring people to the site – 10% of your friend’s qualified earnings!

So, if he completes a $10 offer, you automatically receive $1 after the offer has been approved. If you have 10 friends who do the same thing, you have an easy $10.

This is also where a blog or your social media account come in handy! If you have good followings, your potential for income from referrals or affiliate programs is endless.

What to Avoid

While looking for easy ways to make money online without having a traditional job, it’s crucial to avoid certain pitfalls.

Firstly, be cautious of opportunities that require a high initial investment.

Any online work that demands a significant amount of money upfront is potentially fraudulent.

While some genuine programs might have start-up costs, if these costs seem excessively high and don’t align with the nature of the work, it’s best to avoid them.

Secondly, be skeptical of programs that promise unrealistically high returns in a short period.

Earning real and sustainable income online takes time, and any site that assures you of making thousands of dollars per day or becoming a millionaire within a month is likely misleading.

Next, ensure the opportunity provides clear information about how you will earn and receive your money, and what your responsibilities will be.

If the company or website is ambiguous about these critical details, it could be a sign of deceit.

Also, always review the payment methods a platform uses.

If the website employs obscure payment processors or requests direct bank transfers, proceed with caution.

Reputable platforms typically offer secure and well-known payment options like PayPal or direct bank transfers.

Lastly, be wary of platforms where your primary earnings come from recruiting others.

While some legitimate opportunities may offer referral programs, sites that rely mostly on recruitment could be pyramid schemes, which are illegal in many places.

Remember, making money online without a traditional job is not a quick process. Authentic opportunities often require effort, skill, and time.

Always conduct thorough research and trust your instincts when something feels off.

Be strategic in utilizing every avenue of online income you can, and you’ll soon be able to say that you earn a full-time income without even needing a job!

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