How To Make The Most of Work At Home Trade Shows: 4 Good Tips

Updated on: by Missy Diaz

work at home trade shows

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Are you in the process of attending a work at home trade show? If so, and if it’s your first, there are things you can do to make the event literally pay off. Trade shows are known for being great networking events along with excellent sources of products and services. But did you know they can do even more for you than that. Let’s take a quick look at ways to turn that upcoming work at home trade show into a one of a kind money making, friend creating, relationship building juggernaut.

1. Have a Goal –

One of the most important things you can do when attending a trade show or any similar business networking event is to have a goal in mind, before you ever step foot in the door. This can be to find a reputable new source for your product, it could be to land a major new client, or it could simply be to shake hands with as many attendees as possible. Whatever the goal, you won’t meet it – if you don’t create it in the first place. You can make it a grand goal or a series of smaller goals; again the goal itself doesn’t matter; what matters is that you have one before going in. This will give you something to work toward during the hours or days long event.

2. Mix and Mingle Throughout –

The second best tip we can provide as you attend your next work at home trade show is to mix and mingle with as many others as possible. From other booth holders to attendees and beyond. The more people you speak to and network with; the more exposure you get for your business and the higher your chances of reaching the goals you set above. Let’s face it; trade shows are not for the shy or introverted. You will yield better results if you make like a butterfly and flutter around all over speaking and engaging as many peeps as possible. Have plenty of business cards on hand and or your business card mobile apps ready.


3. Assess And Evaluate Midway Through Event –

A trade show is not exactly a low cost marketing effort; and some shows are downright expensive. Whether the one you’re planning on attending will set you back a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars; don’t leave the event without giving it your all and meeting your metrics. Best way to do this is to assess and evaluate what you have accomplished midway through the event, when you still have plenty of hours or days left to address any pitfalls. Take a deep breath and see what still needs to be done, such as; who needs to be spoken to, how many other vendors or reps you still need to meet with and anything else you set out to do while there. Then go get ‘em.

4. Achieve Your Goal –

Think positively throughout the event and visualize yourself completing any and all your tasks. If you do this, you’ll be that much closer to where you want to be at the end of the day. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you were able to get done; how many new clients signed up or inquired, how many new product sources you were able to gather and best of all; how many actual sales or leads the event produced. Score.


Enjoy your time at the trade show and do keep our tips above in mind to make the most of the event. Let us know how you plan to use the tips above and what trade show you’re planning on attending? Tell us below in the comment area.

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Leisa Good

October 18, 2013 at 7:53 pm

Missy, great article! I must confess that I did not know a thing about online trade shows! I thoroughly enjoyed your article.

Kevin Davis

November 12, 2014 at 12:04 pm

Great tips. It’s always good to set goals ahead of time to help measure the success of a show. I’d be careful though not to be too narrowly focused as you determine the success or failure of a show. Whether you get an immediate sale or not, a show could easily influence your business several months later.