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By Regular Contributor: Deborah Knight

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Knight Family
Deborah Knight and Family

Most of us began earning an allowance as a small child, then we moved into the working world where we began to make real money. Some of us had paper routes, some mowed grass and maintained the elderly neighbors yards. Others still baby-sat the neighbors children. From a very young age we all learned that money is important and it’s how we manage to get all those things we desire in life. As we grow up, our needs and wants become more expensive and it becomes increasingly more difficult to balance our friends and family with our drive to earn money. Enter here, the work at home mentality.

I became a work from home mom simply because I was placed on bed-rest by my doctor when I was 20 weeks pregnant. I had no choice in the matter, the life of my unborn child was more important than the size of my bank account. At first I was just like anyone else, envelope stuffing scams were the most readily available and there was always someone somewhere willing to take your money with a promise that it was going to earn you more. Thus I learned the number one rule of working from home:


You should never have to pay money to make money, plain and simple!
It saddens me that there are so many scammers in this world who do nothing but spend their time preying upon people like myself who are looking to make an honest living from home. We are not people who are looking for the easy way out, we are people looking to work hard to make a living without neglecting our family and friends. Me personally, I want to be able to raise my son and not pay someone else to do that. I want to be the one teaching my child values and answering his questions. I want to be the one who makes his hurts go away and brings smiles to his face. I want to be the one who teaches him those things in life that make us who we truly are, and I want to do it while making a living. It took me many years to find websites that are made to help people find the real jobs and avoid the scams. Even now I spend a little time every single day looking over places like and this blog to see if there is anything new that might be better than what I currently do. I am certain that one day I will have that perfect job that makes me enough money I can feel comfortable working from home. I will continue to search every single day because the one day I do not search is the one day I will miss out on the job of a lifetime.

Deborah Knight is a newly regular contributor to Work at Home Adventures. She is the proud mother of her son and has a fun-loving family. You can learn more about Deb and her family by following her blog: Orion’s Mama

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June 3, 2011 at 2:36 am

I learned the hard way with an appealing company..trying to sell thing. Blah!


June 3, 2011 at 4:08 am

I agree with you post for the most part but your statement “you should not have to pay money to make money” is not fully accurate. Please explain that for some legitimate companies where you are an independent contractor, you may be required to pay for your own background checks, drug tests, and sometimes even training material(or you just wont be paid for training) This does not mean they are scams at all. Its due to Federal Tax Regulations regarding your status as an independent contractor/corporation contracted to these companies. So yes I agree you should never have to pay a company directly in order to work for them, but sometimes it is necessary to pay some money in order to make some money.

Deb Knight

June 3, 2011 at 1:44 pm

Yes, you are correct in the fact that sometimes, as an independent contractor, you will be asked to pay for a background check or a drug test. However, in my experience anyway, I find that those companies will tell you exactly what those fees are for, they will tell you in the information on their website that if you qualify to work with them they will need you to pay that fee, and they do not ask you to pay for those services until it is clear that you are qualified to work with them as an independent contractor. The websites I’m trying to help people avoid are those scams that say you can make $300 a day and then you put in your name and e-mail address to see if they are looking in your area and then they want you to pay them money immediately. There are too many of those out there just preying on people looking to make ends meet from home.

James Hamilton

June 26, 2011 at 9:38 pm

I found this post while Googling… First off, very well written – I appreciate your effort. I’ve linked you to a relevant publication, which you may find interesting.