My Favorite Work at Home Jobs!

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Work at Home Jobs
I have been reviewing work at home companies for over four years now. It is amazing to think of where I came to where I am. When I first began my search for something, anything, I could do to earn money while still being home with my brand new baby, I quickly reached a point where I almost believed there was no such thing as a legit way to make money online. Now, after much determination, I am aware of hundreds of ways to earn money online and I am even blogging about them! Over the years I have done a lot, read a lot and learned a lot. Many people seem curious to know where I choose to put my efforts. Today seems like as good as time as any to publicly share which companies have made it into my regular work at home schedule. The following three are the jobs I have chosen to do on a consistent basis.
1. I will begin with my favorite home based job- working in the Title Quality Assurance department at Demand Media Studios. Demand Media is a company that writes content for a variety of clients. My job there is to assure only quality titles are sent to writers to be turned into articles. Many of you following me and keeping tabs on the Facebook Fan Page knows all too well how much I love this job! Let me first tell you the main reasons why my job at Demand Media is my favorite:
  1. Pay is GREAT- I average $15-20/hour consistently
  2. Work has always been available so far and can work 24/7
  3. Paid TWICE a week!
  4. Work at my own pace, whenever I want
  5. Can do while my kids are playing
  6. Can do anywhere…(I even worked while on vacation)
Now for my list of negative things about Title Quality Assurance at Demand Media Studios:
  1. It can take a while to be offered a position once you have applied
  2. The work is monotonous
  3. The job expectations are hard to follow as they are not black and white
To learn more about my number 1 work at home job read through my review where you can also learn how to apply.
2. Following behind Demand Media is my job as a Guru at Mahalo! I recenly wrote a review of Mahalo and have not been doing the job for very long. However, so far I am blown away by how much I love this home based job! The basic explanation of my duties is to answer questions! I choose from hundreds of questions of which I want to answer and I am paid $1-$1.25 per answer (plus a bonus if I answer enough questions). As an example: I most recently answered “How to Add a Video to Facebook”. Now, for the reasons I love this job:
  1. The people at Mahalo are friendly, encouraging and easy to work with and always respond to my questions right away!
  2. The bonuses plus Mahalo money (kind of like points for giving the Best Answers that can be turned in for gift cards, iPads or you can even donate things like a goat to a family in an underdeveloped country!)
  3. The pay! I have worked for many companies answering questions. Normally I would only expect to be paid 10-25 cents per answer! The $1-1.25 PLUS bonuses cause for this job to be well worth my effort!
  4. It was quick and easy to be accepted and begin work at Mahalo
  5. The payout is twice a month but there is no waiting period…if payout is the 15th, whatever you have completed up to that day is paid out!
  6. Like Demand, this can be done completely at your own pace and from anywhere!
And now for the negative things about being a Guide at Mahalo:
  1. There is not an easy dashboard-like location where you can track your earnings or learn more about your Mahalo dollars and your badges. This causes a lot of confusion.
  2. There is a minimum requirement of 10 answers/week
  3. It can be time consuming to dig through all the questions in search of one that you know you can complete is a short amount of time.
I wrote my review of Mahalo just before being accepted as a Guru. However, you can learn more about this position and how to apply by reading the post.
3. Finally, I keep Textbroker active as another reliable source of income. While Demand takes most of my efforts (pay is the best) and Mahalo takes most of what is left as a way to break up the monotony at Demand, Textbroker is a great company to have as my back up or when I am in the mood to do something different. Textbroker is an Online Content Farm that hires writers with little-to-no experience as well as professionals to write articles for their clients. Here is why I prefer Textbroker:
  1. There is always a long list of article subjects to write.
  2. Pay is consistent as Textbroker always pays and always on time
  3. Textbroker editors provide some great and fair feedback to help improve writing skills
  4. They have recently added some new job types, besides writer
  5. They hire very fast and do not require any writing experience!
  6. A recurring theme: Textbroker is also a work at your own pace and can be done from anywhere!
Textbroker however, is a very balanced company. There are also reasons to not like Textbroker:
  1. The subject to choose from are often things I know nothing about, requiring me to do research
  2. The pay is low
  3. The style of writing required is boring and bland
  4. I get burned out easily after spending a day writing for Textbroker
My review of Textbroker can give you a bit more informati
on about this company and where to apply. Because Textbroker has no minimum work requirements it is something great to have on the back burner. It is always best to be prepared for the worst and I have personally chosen Textbroker to be on stand-by- just in case!

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Jennifer Tyree

February 20, 2011 at 11:29 pm

About Mahalo – Guru is seperate from the regular site. The earnings for Guru are not going to show on the Mahalo site – however on the Mahalo site you can see how much you have earned in tips, as well as your badges, etc. A lot of the people who ask Qs on mahalo, and even participate on the website do not know that we are even there! Much less that we are getting paid for it.

We do have the tracker now that tells you how many questions that you have answered.

Personally, I answer any question in Ask, beauty, health, add, adhd, adderoll, and any other category I am familiar with. Apple questions tend to be easy, as well as ipod. There are a TON of categories. They recently re-did the dashboard before you were hired on, it used to be a bit easier to look thru the categories, but you literally were looking at every available question. What is nice about Mahalo as well, is that if there is already an answer on the question you choose, you can still answer it and get paid for it – providing that your answer is researched and makes sense.

Usually if you do have to research an answer, it does not take a lot of time to do so.

Personally, i have nothing bad to say about mahalo. I can easily make $500 a month on there if I answer a set amount of questions per day. I just wish we could earn a referral bonus of sorts for sending people their way.

WAH Adventures!

February 21, 2011 at 6:05 pm

This is great insight to Mahalo Jennifer! THanks for commenting! I dont know why I took so long to check into Mahalo, but I am so glad I did! It is truly a great company.

Marie M.

February 24, 2011 at 3:32 pm

The Title QA Position at Demand Media sounds perfect! I browsed through their site and it says they will send the applicant a test to determine if he/she is fit for the position. Will it help to attach my resume to the email or is this something they ask for further in the recruitment process? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! =)

WAH Adventures!

February 24, 2011 at 3:47 pm

I did attach a copy of my resume to the email when I asked for the opportunity to test into TQA. However, it may not have been necessary as most people do not. If you do not, they never ask or request it. Simply, the test is the only determining factor as to whether you are offered a position.
One tip I would like to make is that TQA applicants are in line waiting for positions to open. You may be able to get your feet in the door faster by asking to be considered for ANY titling position available. I have heard of some people making it into Duplicate Check. Which is, from what I hear, the next best thing. Then, you can still request to be considered for TQA when a position opens up and you may be given priority. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any specific questions. Thanks for visiting Work-at-Home Adventures!


February 25, 2011 at 4:47 pm

Your description of Textbroker was perfect. It has been a nice egg to have, but it is not a job that inpires one with writing choices. However, it is nice to know it is there for income.


March 10, 2011 at 10:56 pm


Concerning Demand Studios what is "Duplicate Check"?

And concerning Mahalo, can this be a full-time egg if I am looking to make $1,000 a month?



WAH Adventures!

March 11, 2011 at 9:42 am

In regards to Mahalo, I need to edit this post and let everyone know that Mahalo has temporarily put on hold the Guru position. This is all due to a change in Google's algorithm. I am hoping they are just making a few adjustments and then will set things back on track.

Second, Duplicate Check is a great position at Demand Media! Here is a review by a friend of mine that does a great job explaining the position!

You can undoubtedly make $1000 per month at Demand Media!