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What is My365Assistant? is a NYC based outsourcing company. However, when you think of outsourcing you often think of overseas workers lowering competitive wages to a few bucks an hour. Thankfully My365Assistant outsources here in the United States and Canada ONLY.  Businesses use their services, like a hiring agency, to create their staff virtually. Visiting’s website will show you the variety of work they offer their clients. From Virtual Assistants to Sales and Order Management My365Assistant covers a wide variety of work.

My365Assistant is a new company that appears to have began around November of 2011.


What Type of Job are they hiring for?

I have been seeing lots and lots of talk about the Staffing Consultant Position. The job description says their Staffing Consultants are paid to market and promote their company virtually. From my online research this entails a lot of emailing to generate potential leads. From what I can tell, you are not alone in this process. After the orientation process you will have access to communicate with others who can help you settle into the job. My365Assistant is hiring for the staffing consultant positions based on location so you would be promoting and driving business within your own area, all online from home.


How Flexible is the Staffing Consultant Job?

This is a highly flexible job. You work when you want to work. I believe you have a minimum amount of work to complete but from my understanding it does not take much to meet the minimum. The more you work, the more earning potential. This is a non-phone job so you can work wherever and whenever you have time.


How much do My365Assistant agents make?

This is a question that will be difficult for you to find the answer for. This job is 100% commission based. Therefore, everyone’s earnings could be completely different. Depending on your area, your drive and the hours you put in, the pay will vary. Because their is a Non Disclosure Agreement, My365Assistant Agents cannot reveal their earnings. If you are like me, as soon you read 100% commission based, you turn away. I would not like the idea of possibly working for nothing. But many people find these types of jobs, with the right company, could earn you a substantial income. This is like owning your own business, the more work you put in, the more you get back. But that often means you risk stability because you may simply have a bad week or leads dry up.


What do others say about working for my365assistant?

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There is such a span of responses to the My365Assistant company and jobs. There are many singing it’s praises and letting us know it is a great money earning potential. Others are showing their concerns- and rightfully so. Like any smart home based worker, people are researching the company and getting feedback from agents. I believe there was a miscommunication about when agents are paid. There seems to be a bit of disorganization with the company and many are saying it is because they are so new. It appears the company began last November and is still, like any starter company, getting their act together and finding what works.

I know from my experience, that working with any start up company is going to involve risks.


To see what others are saying, I suggest you read through the many posts at


Is it Worth My Time Even Applying For My365Assistant?

This will depend on you and the types of risks you are willing to make. If it were me and I could not afford to work for free if leads didn’t pan out or the company went south then I would suggest sitting back and waiting it out. Let the bugs get worked out and let people begin talking (not gossiping). The companies true colors will be revealed with time.

But if you are willing to take the risk and possibly earn good money with a new company and you understand and accept the confusion and problems that naturally come with a start-up company then it could very well be worth giving a try.


How do I apply to work for My365Assistant?

To apply for the Staffing Position at simply email [email protected] to learn more.

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May 3, 2012 at 4:34 pm

Great post as usual Miranda! I decided to give this one a go when I found it on Anna’s page. I have experience with sales, leads, and commission jobs. I’m also experienced in management so I was able to to get in on the team as the Michigan District Manager.

Just a few things to note. Regarding pay – you won’t find much about it except that it is commission because of the NDA we all have to sign. After a given amount of time you are allowed to go salary. You also have a quote that must be met every month and that various between Staffing Consultants, Territory Managers, and District Managers.

As for the mess on WPLH, a few bad apples ruined it for a lot of people. They were given the wrong information, and then a giant game of telephone began. I suggest readers read with wide open eyes and try not to pass too much judgement because the bottom line is the players behind My365 are not new, but this particular business venture is. Even though they have been working on it for a while, it just went USA wide this past month.

What people need to understand is whether or not commission jobs are a good fit for them. If you work hard you can easily meet your monthly quota. The work is not hard, but sometimes the motivation can be when you are dealing with commission and a numbers game. I feel for some its a great opportunity. For someone like me who has a savings account, a husband who also works, and my own freelance business on the side, I am able to take the risk of making something good here. 100% Commission based jobs are exactly like starting your own business. You have to advertise, find clients, and seal the deal. We are doing the same thing. We advertise, we find the leads, and then we pass them on to the sales team.

It’s also a bit like Direct Sales jobs where your income is reflected on the customers you find and the sales you make.

Commission is NOT for everyone. It is hard work. But you are not alone. There are many of us who chat in Skype and it’s just like “office-mates” which I love. Without them I would not be anywhere near as successful or motivated.

Since I have first hand experience with the company, I just wanted to chime in!

Miranda Grimm

May 3, 2012 at 8:58 pm

Thank you so much for leaving your comment Chrystal! I hope more with true experience can share as well. I look forward to learning more and seeing how this one pans out for everyone.I have good feelings about it.


December 3, 2012 at 3:41 pm

My experience working for My365Assistant for a period of 6 months was that they wouldn’t pay me and other workers I know regularly. It was sporadic and usually less than what was owed to me based on the total hours worked. Customers also told me they felt ignored by their staff not responding to their emails after paying. Working for My365Assistant was a joke because it seems they can’t run their business right.

Angela Nicole Raymond

March 17, 2018 at 7:04 pm

Do you have the application link for My365assistant? I want to apply or sign up please!