185 Best Work at Home Jobs That Don’t Require You to Use the Phone

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If you have kids at home or don’t like using the phone, these 185 non-phone online jobs are perfect for you. Grab your computer and work on your own time!What’s better than finding an online job?

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Finding one that doesn’t require the use of the phone!

Well, at least that’s the way to go for people who don’t like talking on the phone or don’t have a noise-free environment that’s required for phone work.

Online non-phone jobs are perfect solutions to those who can’t or don’t want to, do work that involves the phone.

Maybe you have little kids around that could disrupt your calls.

These jobs are an excellent solution.

And, with so many to choose from with a variety of skills, you can surely find one that fits the bill!

Without further ado, here’s our huge list of work at home non-phone jobs.

Ultimate List of Non-Phone Jobs

Accounting and Bookkeeping

You usually need formal education for accounting and bookkeeping jobs, or at least, some professional experience.

But, if you have experience and/or certification, these work from home accounting and bookkeeping jobs are for you.

Not sure how to get started with an at-home accounting or bookkeeping job?

This article should help!

  • AccountingDepartment – Hires virtual bookkeepers across the United States. You’ll need at least 3 years of experience. Benefits include 401(k), paid holidays, and insurance plans.
  • BIDaWIZ – Those with a formal education at a U.S. college or university can apply here for remote accounting positions. You must also have a CPA or similar certification.
  • Bookminders – Offers incentive-based compensation for qualified accountants to fulfill the needs of its clients.
  • ClickAccounts Bookkeeping Services – ClickAccounts outsources its accounting and bookkeeping positions to remote workers. You can send your resume to the email address listed on the site.
  • FirstData – FirstData hires account executives to work from home. The positions require you to live within a certain geographical area, so be sure to apply to the one closest to you.
  • Intuit – Those with tax experience can apply for remote work at Intuit. You must be a practicing attorney or have a valid CPA or EA.
  • United Healthcare – Offers various accounting positions to remote workers with experience in the healthcare field.

Answer Questions

You can get paid to be an expert in your field by answering questions to others in need of your help.

Here are some of the best places to get paid to be an expert online:

  • Ask Wonder  (Review) – Here, you’ll complete research and fill out a strictly-formatted document based on what you found for Ask Wonder clients. The process is strict, so efficient research skills are a must.
  • Clarity  (Review) – Clients can find your Expert Profile on Clarity and schedule dates and times with you for your expertise. Some clients may be okay with a skype or email chat.
  • Directly  (Review) – Get paid with PayPal for being an expert in your chosen categories. You need $2 in your account to cash out.
  • FixYa – This site is good for repairmen and tech experts to answer questions. Most questions are about repairing electronics or things around the home.
  • Just Answer  (Review) – Choose from various categories that match your expertise. You can even get an estimate of how much you can make, depending on your category and how many hours you expect to work.
  • Maven  (Review) – Set your own rates as a Maven consultant, where you can answer questions via the website.
  • Weegy  (Review) – Weegy pays you to answer questions that haven’t yet been answered in its database.
  • Zintro  (Review) – Sign up as an expert for Zintro and set your own rates for clients.
  • Check out this article with 21 sites that pay you to answer questions!


Captioning work is similar to transcription.

But, some may require education and experience, like real-time captioning, which takes a special skill set to complete.

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You can learn more about the different types of captioning before you get started!

  • Aberdeen – Seeks real-time captioners, caption editors, and more workers for positions related to captioning. A knowledge of Bible stories and terminology is a must.
  • Caption Max – Become a Remote Realtime Captioner in an independent contractor position. Requires 1 to 2 years of experience.
  • Caption Media Group – Hires remote workers for various captioning work.
  • Rev  (Review) – Captioners can earn up to $0.75 per audio minute completing work for Rev. You get paid with PayPal every week.
  • Talking Type Captions – Offers closed captioning and live captioning services, which it outsources to remote workers.
  • Vitac  (Review) – Become a captioner with Vitac, and you can gain access to a comprehensive benefits package, including life insurance and paid time off.

Chat / Customer Service Jobs

If you don’t want phone work, but love providing customer service to others, then this is the category for you.

Live chat jobs are great solutions for people who want to perform customer service or tech support duties, without the phone.

  • Apple – Apple At-Home Advisor jobs are among the most coveted online positions, so this one will be competitive. But, if you join the team, you’ll be eligible for paid time off, Apple discounts, and more.
  • Arise – Arise connects clients with at-home support workers. Depending on the client, your work can be all email or chat-based.
  • Best Buy Geek Squad – Geek Squad offers customer service and tech support services to customers, no phone required.
  • Needle  (Review) – Help others find the products they’re looking for online with Needle. You get paid to help others shop!
  • Paperless Pipeline  (Review) – Provides customers service positions that rely on email and chat.
  • SiteStaff  (Review) – Occasionally has openings for chat hosts to provide live chat services for a variety of clients.
  • Recruiting.adp.com  (Review) – This company provides customer and technical support services to clients and has several open positions for you to work from home.
  • Take2Telecom  (Review) – Take2Telecom doesn’t have a physical website, but it does post chat support jobs on Indeed when it has a need for its clients.
  • TeleTech  (Review) – Customer Service Associates can work from home for TeleTech clients. Depending on the project, you could work only with live chat.
  • Televated  (Review) – Some Televated clients only seek live chat services, which you can provide from home.
  • The Chat Shop – You must type at least 80 WPM and can work a full-time schedule to become a Live Chat Agent with The Chat Shop.

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Data Entry

Data entry work is another popular choice for those who want to work from their home office.

Not all jobs will pay enough to qualify as full-time work, but if you sign up with a few, you may be able to fill in the gaps.

  • Amazon Mturk  (Review) – This is the ultimate site for data entry and quick tasks. You can work whenever you want and choose the tasks you want to complete.
  • Cass Information Systems – Seeks Data Entry Operators who are fast typists and have at least a high school diploma.
  • Clickworker  (Review) – Clickworker operates a lot like Amazon Mturk, but doesn’t usually have as large of a selection of work to choose from.
  • DionData  (Review) – Must type at least 60 WPM and have previous experience in data entry to qualify for a position.
  • Great American Opportunities – This fundraising company hires remote workers to input data from fundraising orders.
  • iBridge  (Review) – Provide data entry solutions to iBridge clients. The company has a low turnover rate, so job openings are few and far between.
  • Konsus – Occasionally has openings for data entry workers, which pay on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Red Vision – Has both full and part-time positions for data entry workers.
  • The Smart Crowd – This is Lionbridge’s version of Amazon Mturk, offering various data entry work and quick tasks.
  • Smart Apartment Data – Offers data entry jobs filling in apartment information into a database.
  • Xerox – Payment processing experience is ideal for this position, but not required. However, you must be available to work 5 weekdays every week.

Direct Sales

If you like the idea of selling things you love, then direct sales might be for you!

There are tons of direct sales companies that require $99 or less to start your own business.

Then, sell on your own time!

Many of the companies even let you sell online, so you don’t even have to leave your home.

Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a direct sales consultant.

And, if you’re looking for a couple of companies to start with, you can read our Pink Zebra guide and our article about becoming a Mary Kay consultant.


Got a thing for good grammar, punctuation, and spelling?

Do you know how to turn words into amazing content?

If so, editing sounds like the perfect job for you. The following companies hire work at home editors and proofreaders!

  • American Journal Experts – Hires independent contractors as editors for various academic subjects, like engineering and business. Most positions require either a graduate degree or current enrollment in a graduate program.
  • Book in a Box – Become a freelancer editor for this company, which turns life stories into real books.
  • Cactus – Has various openings for editing positions, most of which require at least three years of experience editing and writing.
  • Domainite – Fill out the form to become a freelance editor. You’ll need to complete an editing sample with your application.
  • Gramlee – Gramlee has a Google Form you can fill out to be considered for an editing position.
  • Hello Essay – Seeks native English speakers who are knowledgeable in Chicago, APA, and MLA formatting and style.
  • Kibin – Occasionally seeks freelance editors to proofread and edit essays submitted by college students.
  • Managed Editing – This company has a detailed application process for freelance editors.
  • Polished Paper – This professional editing and proofreading service outsources its editing to remote workers. You’ll need to complete a test with your application for consideration.
  • Scribendi – You must have a college degree to work as an editor for Scribendi. You can get paid directly to PayPal.
  • Sibia Proofreading – Sibia Proofreading sometimes has openings for editors. The company focuses on medical, academic, and other technical forms of editing.
  • Wordy – Wordy is an editing and proofreading service that outsources its editing roles to remote workers. It’s currently undergoing an overhaul, but is expected to return soon.
  • Want more jobs? Check out this huge list of editing and proofreading work from home jobs.

Email Support

Like chat support, email support is good for people who can’t use the phone for work. Most of these types of jobs are for customer and tech support.

  • Arise – Some workers for Arise have reported that they’ve had clients who are in need of email support services.
  • Live Sales Staff – You can apply for Customer Service Agent positions for this company to perform email services for clients.
  • Paperless Pipeline  (Review) – This company seeks both live chat and email support workers from home.
  • Sedgwick CMS  (Review) – Sedgwick CMS provides a variety of services to its clients, and email support services is one of them. Search for these jobs by entering “remote” or “work at home” in the search box.
  • Site Staff – Site Staff also has some clients in need email support professionals in addition to its live chat jobs.
  • TeleTech  (Review) – Customer Service Associates for TeleTech can perform several types of support tasks for clients, including email support.
  • Televated  (Review) – One of Televated’s services is email response work for the company’s clients.

ESL Teaching

Teaching English as a second language, or ESL, is a good position for bilingual individuals, or native English speakers, with teaching experience to earn a living from their homes.

The following companies hire remote ESL teachers:

  • BuddySchool – This company allows tutors of all types to earn money, but ESL tutors are among the most popular here. You set your own rates.
  • GoFluent – Hires ESL teachers to train corporate workers on their English skills.
  • Italki – italki lets you set up a profile to teach when you have availability.
  • Learnlight – If you have at least two years of teaching experience, you can sign up to become an ESL teacher here. You need to commit to at least 10 hours of teaching per week.
  • com – This is a job board where you can find several remote jobs for teaching ESL students.
  • Verbal Planet – As a Verbal Planet teacher, you can teach English via Skype. You set your own hours and rates, and you can get paid with PayPal.
  • WizIQ – WizIQ is a platform on which you can create courses and teach students online. You can set your own prices on the platform and teach whenever you want to build your business.

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Freelance Consulting

Freelance consulting is a good way for people with expertise in a specific industry to get paid for it.

You might notice many bloggers or social media stars starting their own consulting businesses.

They might coach others on building a blog, teach them how to start their own business, or give them health and fitness advice.

Whatever your skills and areas of expertise are, you can likely find an audience in your work.

This article about making money from freelance consulting should help you get started.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the best ways to work from home nowadays – if you’re a good writer, of course!

Bloggers and business owners often outsource their writing so that they can focus on other aspects of their businesses.

That’s where you come in!

You can work your way up to obtaining your own clients, but to get a solid foundation for building your portfolio, you can always try some of these writing sites:

  • BlogMutt  (Review) – Work your way up through levels to earn more writing for a variety of industries with BlogMutt. And, you get paid weekly!
  • Boost Media – Set up a profile to choose from open assignments from Boost Media clients.
  • Buy Keyword Articles – This content agency pays every two weeks. You must be a U.S. resident.
  • ClearVoice  (Review) – ClearVoice lets you set your ideal rate range so that clients won’t contact you for work if they pay below that range.
  • CopyPress – Sign up to become a CopyPress writer and work with various clients, including some top name companies.
  • Consumer Search – Pays you to review products and write about them.
  • Content Divas – Occasionally hires writers for content marketing purposes. You’ll need to submit some samples for consideration.
  • Crawford Media Services Metaforce – Write for Crawford Media Services clients using its Metaforce service.
  • Crowd Content – This content service has various clients that rotate frequently, so a broad range of writing skills might help you get hired.
  • Great Content  (Review) – This copywriting service requires a thorough evaluation before you get started. Once picked, you can choose your assignments.
  • HireWriters – Get paid up to $20 per article via PayPal. Does not always hire from all countries, depending on the needs of clients.
  • How Stuff Works – How Stuff Works tends to pay higher than other places because the articles need a good amount of research and authority.
  • iWriter – Write whenever you want and choose your assignments from iWriter clients.
  • Love to Know – This site hires independent contractors to write articles within their areas of expertise. You’ll get paid for each article via PayPal, and the site pays up to $60 per article.
  • Need an Article – Pays up to $12 per article and pays weekly with PayPal.
  • Online Writing Jobs  (Review) – You’ll get paid weekly with PayPal here for the articles you complete.
  • PureContent – Pay depends on your writing project, but you’ll get paid monthly with PayPal.
  • Scripted – You can create a profile and accept assignments from clients.
  • Skyword – Get a chance to work with well-known publications and businesses through the Skyword platform.
  • SmartBrief – Here, you’ll do anything from create email newsletters to summarize news stories. Open to U.S. residents only.
  • Textbroker  (Review) – You’ll get a star rating when you apply, which affects the articles you can write and your pay rate. Your rating can increase the more you write and get high ratings from clients.
  • The Content Authority – Sometimes has openings for writers to work with its clients. You’ll get paid with PayPal.
  • Words of Worth – You’ll need to submit a sample with your application to get approved to write here.
  • WriterAccess  (Review) – WriterAccess has some of the highest rates for content mills. You’ll have a star rating, which can increase as you work more.
  • Writer’s Domain – You can get paid with PayPal once you hit $100 in your account.
  • Zen Content – This content marketing company hires writers to write articles and other content for clients.
  • You can also try freelance marketplaces, like Upwork and Guru, to find freelance writing gigs!
  • Would you rather write for greeting card companies? These greeting card companies hire writers to work from home!
  • Find more ways to work from home as a writer. And, if you’re new to this field, find out how to become a freelance writer!


Microtasking can also involve data entry tasks, but incorporates many other types of tasks, too.

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Basically, quick tasks that pay little, but ones that you can complete very quickly.

This is a great option for people who need to work online with a very flexible schedule, since you can sign on whenever you have time available!

  • Amazon Mturk – (Review) – Possibly the best microtasking site that has virtually endless work available. You can get paid directly to your Amazon Payments account, and then to an Amazon gift card or your bank account.
  • Appen Butler Hill – Most known for its search engine evaluation jobs, Appen also hires crowd workers for microtasking.
  • Clickworker – (Review) – Similar to Amazon Mturk, you’ll find things like image categorizing, small writing tasks, and other quick jobs here.
  • Crowdflower – Become a contributor quickly and choose your own tasks to work on.
  • JobBoy – Complete quick web-related tasks, like signing up for email newsletters or registering for a site.
  • Microworker – Microworker has a variety of short tasks available for people of all skill levels.
  • OneSpace – You get paid via PayPal the next business day after your work is approved on OneSpace!
  • ShortTask – Finish jobs from Seekers and get paid once they’re accepted.
  • Swagbucks – (Review) – This Get Paid To (GPT) site is one of the best, offering rewards for shopping online, playing games, watching videos, browsing the web, and more.
  • Want more options? Check out this full list of microtasking sites!

Search Engine Evaluation / Ad Rater

This job is a fun way to get paid to use the internet at home.

You’ll rate the quality of ads and search results to improve the experience of searching the web for others.

  • Appen Butler Hill  (Review) – You can reportedly make up to $15 per hour and get paid monthly.
  • iSoftStone  (Review) – Get paid every month with PayPal
  • Leapforce  (Review) – One of the most popular companies that provides search engine evaluation jobs, Leapforce pays around $12 to $13 per hour.
  • Lionbridge  (Review) – The company has frequent openings for search engine evaluators all over the world, and pays around $13 per hour.
  • ZeroChaos  (Review) – This company reportedly pays about $15 per hour for up to 30 hours of work every week as an ads quality rater.

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Social Media

Love spending time on social media?

Why not get paid for it!

These companies will pay you to manage or moderate social media accounts.

  • Crisp Thinking – Crisp Thinking hires remote workers for a variety of social media-related tasks that involve risk management for its clients.
  • ICUC – (Review) – Hires social media content moderators. ICUC encourages candidates to get the Moderation Foundation Gateway certificate to improve their chances of getting hired.
  • Lithium – Offers a wide range of opportunities, including customer support positions that involve social media work.
  • LiveWorld – (Review) – LiveWorld has a variety of remote opportunities, including social media moderation, which pays between $8 and $10 per hour to start.
  • Metaverse Mod Squad – Moderate social media accounts, forums, and more with Mod Squad, which offers flexible scheduling.
  • The Social Element – Hires freelancers for moderation roles with flexible schedules. You’ll mostly help the social media engagement of clients.

Test Scoring

Get paid to grade tests if you are currently a teacher or have education experience with these companies that are work from home friendly:

  • ACT – You need at least a bachelor’s degree to grade the essays for the ACT. You’ll also need to be a U.S. citizen with fluency in English.
  • ETS  (Review) – Provides remote opportunities to grade a variety of tests, including professional exams like the Praxis.
  • Literably – Listen to students read text and correct their mistakes online. You’ll need to pass assessments before you get hired.
  • Measurement, Inc.  (Review) – Hires readers/evaluators with a bachelor’s degree or higher to score open response questions in a variety of subjects.
  • Pearson – You can apply to become an at-home scorer for Pearson assessments.
  • WriteScore – You must have a 4-year degree from a qualifying college and be able to pass the assessment before getting hired.

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One of the most common types of at-home jobs is transcription work.

Even if you don’t have previous experience, there are plenty of places that will hire you at entry-level and let you gain experience and skills.

Plus, you can usually work a flexible schedule!

  • 1-888-Type-It-Up  (Review) – No experience is required, but you must pass a basic transcription test. You’ll get paid at least $36 per audio hour.
  • 3PlayMedia  (Review) – Get paid up to $30 per hour, depending on the project. Must type at least 75 WPM.
  • AccuTran Global  (Review) – Has a variety of transcription work, from beginner to advanced.
  • Appenscribe  (Review) – Must be able to work between 25 and 35 hours per week. Some on-site training may be required.
  • Babbletype  (Review) – Must be a native speaker of the assignments you’re given. You’ll get paid weekly with PayPal.
  • Casting Words  (Review) – You can choose from the available assignments on The Workshop. Get paid with PayPal after approval.
  • Crowdsurf  (Review) – This site has a variety of online jobs available, but its transcription work is among the most popular.
  • Daily Transcription  (Review) – Provides work on an as-needed basis, and reportedly hires beginners.
  • Focus Forward  You can start at $0.40 per audio minute and work your way up as you gain more experience and prove your skills.
  • GMR Transcription  (Review) – Has general and medical transcription work available for those with little to no experience.
  • GoTranscript  (Review) – Earn up to $0.60 per audio minute.
  • Hollywood Transcriptions  (Review) – Must type at least 65 WPM and own transcription software and a foot pedal.
  • Literably – You’ll correct the reading mistakes of students of various ages. You’ll need to be able to transcribe the audio to fix the mistakes.
  • Net Transcripts – This company hires U.S. workers only for transcription work.
  • Quicktate – Pays up to $0.005 per transcribed word.
  • Scribie – Pays up to $20 per audio hour for transcription work, and hires beginners!
  • SpeakWrite  (Review) – You can sign up for flexible, freelance transcription work here.
  • Speechpad  (Review) – You can start with a pay rate of $1 per audio minute transcribing for Speechpad.
  • Tigerfish – This company hires beginners. You just need to follow the style guide and submit sample work before you get hired.
  • Transcribe Anywhere  (Review) – This company offers a variety of transcription work, from general to legal.
  • com – Complete an assessment with your application to become either a transcriptionist or transcription editor.
  • TranscribeMe  (Review) – No need for experience here. Pays weekly with PayPal and up to $20 per audio hour.
  • Transcript Divas  (Review) – You will need to complete a phone interview to get hired here, but after that, it’s all online.
  • TSI Transcripts  (Review) – Occasionally has openings for independent contractors to transcribe audio for clients.
  • Ubiqus  (Review) – Has plenty of opportunities for transcriptionists to work from home, from beginner to experienced.
  • VerbalInk  (Review) – VerbalInk is a part of Ubiqus, and also has openings for online transcriptionists.
  • Verilogue – This company reportedly pays between $2 and $3 per audio minute.
  • Way With Words  (Review) – Offers positions for legal, business, academic, and other forms of transcription work.
  • We Localize – You get paid to transcribe music into lyrics.
  • Learn more about transcription with our handy guides:


Bilingual or multilingual individuals can find work with the following translation companies:

  • Gengo – You can set up a profile and work as a translator whenever you’re available. Your pay depends on your languages of expertise.
  • TextMaster – TextMaster lets you sign up as an expert in a variety of industries, but translation is one of the most popular and lucrative.
  • Translator’s Town – Sign up for an account, and you can browse through the open translation jobs.
  • VerbalInk – This company has both transcription and translation work. Send in your resume to the email listed on the site.
  • Verilogue – Verilogue pays twice per month for translation work.

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Tutoring & Teaching

Online tutoring is perfect for current or past teachers to put their experience to use tutoring students of various ages.

  • Brainfuse – You’ll get paid per tutoring session, and the rate is usually about $10.
  • Enroll – (Review) – You’ll work your first two sessions for free to ensure that you have the skills needed. Then, you can get paid and work as often as you’re able.
  • MathElf – If you have at least one year of math teaching or tutoring experience, you can work for MathElf and get paid $20 per hour.
  • PrepNow – This company focuses on tutoring for the ACT and SAT, so adequate experience in either one is a must.
  • Reasoning Mind – This company hires U.S. citizens to provide tutoring services. You can make up to $15 per hour.
  • Skillshare – (Review) – Offer your own courses in your area of expertise and get paid for them!
  • SmartThinking by Pearson – Often has tutoring positions in different subject areas. Most require a set schedule between 8 and 19 hours every week.
  • Studypool – Get paid to answer questions in a variety of subjects. You can bid on the questions you want to answer.
  • Tutapoint – (Review) – The pay for Tutapoint starts at $14 per hour.
  • com – (Review) – You don’t need any teaching experience to work here, but you’ll need to pass assessments to prove your expertise in the areas for which you apply.
  • TutorMe – Work a flexible schedule for TutorMe and get ratings from students to improve your score and get more work.
  • Our list of online tutoring jobs can help you find the perfect one for you!

Virtual Assisting

I’ll start off by saying that many virtual assistants do some phone work. In fact, it’s very common in this type of job.

But, you can also narrow your services as a virtual assistant to only online tasks, such as writing articles, data entry, transcription, creating email newsletters, etc.

Virtual assisting incorporates a broad range of tasks, so it’s possible to only locate clients who require non-phone work.

To learn more about becoming a virtual assistant, you can read our helpful guide to virtual assisting at home.

  • Belay (Formerly eaHelp) – Bachelor’s degree is preferred, but not required, to become a professional VA with this company.
  • ContemporaryVA – Hires virtual assistants in the UK and U.S. You only need to commit to 4 hours per day, Monday through Friday.
  • Fancy Hands – This site focuses on virtual assistants who can complete small tasks, most of which range from $3 to $7 each.
  • Lifebushido – (Review) – You can work from 5 to 20 hours per week for this company, which hires VAs from around the world.
  • Time, etc. – (Review) – Has a wide range of tasks for VAs, from social media management and blogging to email support.
  • Vicky Virtual – You may be able to work with clients who need only chat or email support for this company.
  • Worldwide 101 – Worldwide 101 offers several types of virtual assistant tasks, depending on the client project.
  • Zirtual – U.S. applicants can apply to be VAs for Zirtual.

Website Testing

Website testing is a flexible opportunity that won’t replace a full-time job, but can give you some extra income every month.

All you need to do is visit the websites you’re given, follow the instructions about what to do on the sites, and provide your honest opinions as you go.

Learn more about becoming a website tester!

  • Analysia  (Review) – Tests take between 10 and 15 minutes and pay $10 each.
  • Userfeel  (Review) – These tests also pay $10 each, but may last up to 20 minutes.
  • Userlytics  (Review) – Userlytics tests take about 10 minutes and pay $10.
  • UserTest – You’ll need to submit a quick sample before you can sign up as a tester for this company. You will earn $10 for each test.
  • UserTesting  (Review) – Get paid $10 to your PayPal account for a 20-minute website test.


Here is where you can find other online, non-phone jobs that are a bit different and don’t fit into the other categories.

  • Knurture  (Review) – Knurture hires “Expert Googlers” for special research tasks. You must complete an assessment before you’re considered for the position.
  • ReviewStream  (Review) – Get paid to write product reviews here. You’ll also make more money every time someone votes for your review.
  • Shutterstock  (Review) – Become an Image Reviewer for Shutterstock, which involves checking photos to make sure they meet the standards of the site. You need at least 2 years of photography experience and be able to commit to 25 to 30 hours each week.
  • We Go Look (Review) – Become a “Looker” around your neighborhood completing tasks for clients, such as finding out the price of nearby apartments or taking photos of a car someone wants to buy.

Conclusion: Make Money Online Without Using the Phone

I truly hope this huge list of non-phone jobs gives you plenty of ideas for places to work and types of jobs to explore!

Please keep this page bookmarked so you can refer to it as a handy reference.

Have you worked for any of the above companies or started any of the freelance jobs I mentioned?

We’d love to hear about your experiences in a comment (as well as any companies we missed!).

Good luck!

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November 6, 2011 at 11:33 am

Excellent list! Wow! The sky really is the limit! Who needs a “real” job outside the home?


November 7, 2011 at 9:30 pm

Holy moly, thank you! 🙂


November 7, 2011 at 11:20 pm

Fancy Hands is definitely NOT hiring at this time. Thank god, he has plenty of people fighting over scraps.

Miranda Grimm

November 8, 2011 at 1:48 am

Thanks Julie


November 10, 2011 at 1:19 pm

Awesome list, thanks!
I am doing titling but the availability is way down, I need another egg in the basket too.


December 22, 2011 at 3:38 pm

Thanks, Miranda. You couldn’t have posted this at a better time!

Miranda Grimm

December 22, 2011 at 8:16 pm

It has been a rough winter in the WAH world!


January 31, 2012 at 2:58 pm

Capital Typing has never responded to my inquiries, how did you get through?


December 24, 2012 at 6:15 pm

Capital typing, why do you still have this listed? They never respond!! I posted this in Jan 2012 and you didn’t respond.

Jessica P

April 18, 2013 at 11:56 am

We’ve supplemented my husbands income with a great opportunity but I still need to bring in a few bucks. Is anyone aware of any virtual assistant positions?


April 25, 2013 at 9:07 am

On your Sylvan link up above. You left out the :// after http. So, basically it is going to a broken link, though it does ask you “Do you mean ______”

Thank you 🙂

Miranda Grimm

April 25, 2013 at 10:23 am

Thank you! I will fix that!


June 18, 2013 at 5:54 pm

I would like to inform all users of this site and that use Bing Chat Moderator aka whichcm.com that the site is not secure, you do not get paid for work. It is voluntary work. Also the form they send people so they can start training you is unsecured. I do not recommend this site to anybody. I had alot of problems with them. If you would look to know more please contact me.

Ashley Winters

July 25, 2013 at 1:11 pm

Wondering….Are there any Christian based work from home opportunities?

Miranda Grimm

July 25, 2013 at 9:30 pm

Yes! There are- from time to time I see them. I recently found one actually: Freelance Writers for a Christian Publisher: http://performancing.com/jobs/view/freelance-writers-for-christian-publisher/


December 16, 2015 at 5:55 pm

I just tried this site, and it leads me to a page that says, error, page not found, however, has other lists of stuff.

Krystal R.

September 3, 2013 at 2:38 pm

Jelly bean services isn’t working :/

Terri Paquet

September 12, 2014 at 10:38 pm

Hi, I’m looking for a job that I can do at home which doesn’t require using a phone. I have 4 sons, one that has cerebral palsy and sometimes he has seisures. So I really need to work at home.