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Ozio Media*Updated Post 12/31/2012- See Conclusion section for details*

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Ozio  Media is a content mill with a twist.  Rather than logging on and choosing a writing assignment from a work board, writers receive e-mails with batches of keywords and directions on what the client wants written in respect to those key words. When I applied to Ozio the job ad said to specify if I wanted to be a niche writer, with options for niches such as finance and computer techonology,  or a general writer. I specified the finance niche but let them know I could do general writing too. They responded with a lot more information.


What Kind of Articles Does Ozio Media Offer?

Generally they say that 90% of the articles you get will be SEO and product reviews. The rest will be press releases, reports, and e-books.


Is it Steady?

At a minimum Ozio Media require 5,500 words in 24 hours. Articles range from 400 to 600 words and they require you to be available to write 5 days a week.

They indicated in my e-mail that I could expect 30 to 90 articles per week and that doing a great job could result in years of steady work. Honestly, it sounded exactly like what I was doing for Valley Direct Media and I thought it would be wonderful to add to my income.


What About Pay?

The pay for the General Writers at that time was $1/500 words and niche writing paid $4/100 words. Writers are required to send invoices for their work, and invoices are paid each Friday via PayPal.


Application Process

I responded to their Ozio Media’s requesting a writing sample for application, and a few days later received the e-mail containing all of this information as well as an e-mail interview.

Some of the questions were:

“How many articles can you write per week?”

“How long can you work with us? Do you foresee being with us longer than a year?”

“How do you research an article?”


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My Experience

A few days later I was notified that I had been accepted as a general writer. Actually, Ozio Media offered me $2/500 instead of the $1/500 mentioned in the e-mail!

The problem was that these articles were not as cut and dry as the ones I got with Valley Direct, meaning they took considerably more time, and they paid much less. There were usually significant special directions for each article, and it quickly became clear to me that I could better utilize my time by filling in with articles at traditional content mills, such as Textbroker, where I made much more per word.



When you shake it down, Ozio Media is a legitimate money making opportunity and from all appearances pretty steady work. The pay is low compared to some, but the steady work can make up for that if it is needed, or if you cannot make more elsewhere.

*Update 12/31/2012*

There have been many reports online of people working for Ozio and then being dropped without explanation or pay for completed work. 

Experience 1

Experience 2 

Experience 3




Where to apply for Ozio

Ozio Media  posts their current openings on their Jobs board and often have more than just writing jobs available. Proofreaders, Virtual Assistants and Recruiters are other typical job types available at Ozio Media.

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