The Povio App–Selfies for the Self-Conscious

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Povio App- A Smartphone app for instant photo sharing with friendsAre there days when you want to share a selfie, but don’t know if anyone will see it?

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Are there days you want to be sociable but on your own terms?

Then downloading the Povio app might be a solution for you to be sociable but only when you want to be.

What Exactly is the Povio app?

The Povio app is a photo-messaging app for both iOS devices (iphone, ipad, ipod Touch) as well as for Androids that prompts users to share photos of what they are doing and reciprocate, but only if they want.  You can choose to ignore or acknowledge their photos and then send them pictures of what you are doing.

You can “ping” friends on Povio and see what they are doing and they can respond back.  The first ping will set off a dialogue of photos, short texts, and documentation of where both of you are.  You can also make your photo sharing private and only share with certain friends.  As with most social networking apps, you can also recommend your list of friends to other friends.

The best part is photos vanish after 24 hours.  You won’t have to worry about the typical flood of photos after a massive sharing spree.


What Do You Need to Operate Povio?

Obviously, you will need an iPhone or other iOS device or an Android.  However, if you are using the iOS device, you will need:

  • to be certain that your iOS is 6.0 or later.
  • to understand that this optimization is for an iPhone5.


How Does the Povio App Work?

When you pull up your Povio app, you check your list of friends.  You will see their names and photos with a “ping” button near each one.  Ping the one or ones you want to share your whereabouts.  They either respond or they don’t.  If they allow your request, then they share their whereabouts via picture and also what they are doing.  You can then respond back to them via photos and texting of your whereabouts.


So How Does the Povio App Stand Out as Unique?

It definitely allows reciprocated interaction versus just posting pictures and wondering if anyone even cared to look at them.

From a work-at-home business/or business standpoint, I can see where it might be helpful if two people had a blog and wanted to collaborate on a project or taking pictures.  Also, if a co-worker was working offsite and attending an event or tradeshow and wanted to check back in with something interesting, it could give real-time information.


What Do I Think of the Povio app?

I somewhat stated my opinion already from a business standpoint and how it might be helpful.  I think it is also a good way to share selfies without being a pest.

However, some of the reviews were not as promising stating things like it was too aggressive agenda for friendships as well as intrusive with too many female friend recommendations.  Also, others complained of the infrequent and mild nudity.  (Some users have no problem sharing that they just happen to be taking a shower!)

Then—like with everything—there are those who do enjoy it!


How to Get the Povio App

If you want to try it, go to then click on download button for either the iOS device (Apple Store Button) or the Android (Google Play).  It is currently a free app.

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