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Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

**UPDATE: It appears AnswerGem has dissolved. [07/2023]

What is AnswerGem?

Some of you are wondering what exactly this is and how you can earn an income from it. Let’s not get our hopes up in thinking this will bring you home a thousand dollars a week. However, it does have some earning potential. Basically, this is a site where you can sign up to become an expert and answer other people’s questions. If you are an expert in a certain area, then you can become qualified to answer these questions.

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Can you earn money from this site?

As mentioned before, you can earn money but it’s not going to make you a millionaire. Each question costs the customer anywhere from $9-45 dollar, so they are probably expecting an expert opinion and not some random answer. Here is a detailed explanation of how much money you can earn from becoming an expert:

Depending on your expert level in that category (i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum level), AnswerGem compensates you as follows:

–   When customer accepts your answer – you receive as much as 51% of deposit

–   When customer pays a bonus – you receive as much as 75%, and

–   When customer pays to view your archived answers – you receive as much as 51%

AnswerGem pays through PayPal. It looks like you can cash out when you have $20 in your account. Please read this FAQ section for more information.

Although, AnswerGem claims you can make several hundred dollars a day, “Make some extra income in their spare time — as much as few hundred dollars per day (especially in this down economy) — without spending too much time or effort to do so!” —we know from working at home that is not always possible.


Is the sign up process easy or hard?

I signed up and they sent me a confirmation email to my account. My account was validated without any issues. You have to verify all of your personal information before you can start the process.  You have to choose what area you would like to answer in. Of course, you will have to prove further if you are qualified to give answers. I have my teaching degree, so I decided to go through and list that as my expertise.  You also have to click several boxes that say you are an expert in the field and you are not lying. I am a bronze level with AnswerGem and as I answer more questions, my level will increase and I can earn more money. Then, you have to answer test questions to get in. Some of the questions are kind of hard but keep in mind that people are paying big bucks for these answers.


Is AnswerGem a Scam?

I would have to say, NO, this company is not a scam. You will not get rich and you have to pass the screening process. However, it’s very real and very legitimate. I will keep you informed as my experience with this company grows.


Referral Program

If you sign up as an expert you can earn up ten percent of what that person makes for the next year. You can learn more about the referral program in the FAQS section.


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Here are alternatives you can consider:

1. JustAnswer

JustAnswer is a widely recognized platform where individuals can seek answers to their questions from qualified experts. 

Covering various fields such as law, medicine, mechanics, and more, JustAnswer connects users with professionals who can provide expert advice and assistance. 

Whether you need legal guidance, medical insights, or technical solutions, JustAnswer’s network of experts is ready to help. 

With a user-friendly interface, you can easily post your question and receive timely responses from knowledgeable experts. 

JustAnswer operates on a paid model, with users paying a fee to access expert advice. 

2. Maven

Maven is a knowledge-sharing platform that connects professionals with individuals seeking expertise in various industries. 

Whether you are a business consultant, marketing expert, or technology specialist, Maven allows you to monetize your knowledge and offer your services to those in need. 

Maven offers several ways to engage with clients, including paid consultations, advice sessions, and content creation. 

By becoming a “Maven,” you can showcase your expertise, set your rates, and connect with clients who require your specific skills.

3. Quora

Quora is a popular question-and-answer platform that operates on a community-driven model. 

Users can ask questions on virtually any topic, and the community responds with answers, insights, and personal experiences. 

Quora doesn’t offer direct monetary compensation for answering questions. 

However, it provides a platform for users to build their reputation, gain visibility, and share their knowledge. 

By consistently providing valuable answers and engaging with the community, individuals can establish themselves as experts in their respective fields.

4. Ether

Ether is a platform that enables professionals to offer their consulting services through phone calls or email consultations. 

As an expert, you can set your rates, availability, and provide a brief description of your areas of expertise. 

Clients can schedule consultations with you and pay for your time. 

Ether provides a convenient and secure platform for delivering personalized consulting services. 

By leveraging Ether, you can connect with clients seeking professional advice and guidance.

5. PrestoExperts

PrestoExperts is an online marketplace that connects experts with individuals seeking advice and guidance across various domains. 

Whether you are an expert in business, education, health, or technology, PrestoExperts offers a platform to monetize your knowledge. 

Clients can choose from a range of services, including live chat consultations or phone sessions, and browse through the profiles of experts to find the right match for their needs. 

By joining PrestoExperts, you can establish your online presence, attract clients, and provide valuable assistance. 

Check out AnswerGem if interested.

Do you have any experience with AnswerGem? Please share in a comment below!

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Leisa Good

February 20, 2012 at 6:26 am

Good review, Jess. I had heard of this site, but like you not a lot of information out there floating around. So, I am glad that you “took the bull by the horns” and investigated it.

It kinda reminds me of Yahoo Answers at least in format.

Good job!


February 20, 2012 at 7:42 am

Thanks for sharing those valuable information regarding with AnswerGem… I will ask further info. about it…


March 16, 2012 at 10:42 am

I’m at the platimum level on Answer Gem but have to say they are a very poor company to deal with. I requested pay out of my money in December of 2011 and it is now March 2012 and they have not paide me.
I’ve made multiple requests to customer service but have gotten no reply about what the problem is or when it will be resolved or why they will not pay me 🙁
At this point I feel the company has become a scam. Certainly they quality of the experts is very poor in the area I worked in and you can get answers that are absolutely crazily wrong made by people who don’t even speak or rather write English very well. Just imagine a supposed veterinarian telling you to let the dog rest if it is tired when you ask a question about whether or not you should put your elderly ill dog to sleep! And that was a better answer than many are! That person is still answering questions badly there. Maybe they are paying him.
I worked hard to provide solid good answers for people on that site and expected them to be honest with me and pay me – oh too bad a lot of work for absolutely nothing appears to be their most recent point of view – why pay the experts when you can keep the money for yourself?

Samarpita Roy

July 14, 2017 at 7:53 am

I have done my PhD in chemistry and would like to utilize my knowledge and experience in earning from home.
Thanking you
Looking forward to hearing from you.