Review of Work at Home Jobs with TextMaster

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

Review of Work at Home Jobs with TextMaster

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TextMaster offers Copywriting, Proofreading and Translation services to a variety of clients. They provide web content for blogs and articles as well.

Today we will be reviewing the basic jobs offered to freelancers at TextMaster as an overview. Later, in a future article, we will share some freelancer experience with TextMaster by some of our very own writers.

Freelance Jobs at TextMaster

TextMaster has three positions freelancers can apply for through their site. These positions include copywriting, translating and proofreading. You can apply for all three positions, or just one or two- whichever you qualify for and are interested in.

What is the Application Process Like?

The application process at TextMaster is easy to follow and simple.

First, anyone can create an author account at TextMaster by registering for the site. Once you are logged into their Author dashboard you will be able to apply for whichever of the positions you desire.

Applying for each position will require a controlled sample of work. For example, the proofreading application process involves editing a paragraph they give you.

Be sure to review each sample for your application thoroughly before submitting.

After submitting you will receive an email response (mine came within 72 hours) to tell you if you are accepted or if your application failed. The good news, that I can shamefully tell you, is that if you failed the application they at least tell you why your submission was rejected.

Pay Rate at TextMaster

The pay rate at TextMaster varies a lot! So much, that it almost feels ridiculous to even tell you that they say it  can vary from 1.4 cents per word to 15 cents per word. It seems, the longer you write at TexMaster and the higher quality work you complete- the higher paying work you will be offered. I do believe you will know the paying rate before accepting work. Again, we will have more details on this soon.

Payment Method

TextMaster pays via PayPal. You can request payment once your account balance reaches $65. Although TextMaster’s FAQ page says the minimum payout is $70 the Author dashboard shows $65.

Amount of Work at TextMaster

At this point, it is hard to judge the work available at TextMaster. The writers I have spoken to who have been accepted tell me they have not seen very much, if any work.  We will have a better idea of the workload in our future article, after the writers have had some time on the site.

My Experienced Opinion of TextMaster

As with any of these content mill type of companies- it’s great to have as many eggs in your basket as possible. TextMaster has a professional website that is easy to navigate. At this point I would encourage anyone interested to go through the simple application process, but don’t have hopes of making a full time income at TextMaster, at least not yet.  There isn’t much information about TextMaster in the Work at Home Forums.

While there may not be much work available through TextMaster, it is clear they have clients as they have been actively hiring freelancers through Elance.  So, there is a lot of potential here.  (The TextMaster at Elance is apparently not connected to this TextMaster- according to rep from

TextMaster’s Referral Program

Companies who are looking to spread the word about their services use referral programs. Currently TextMaster is offer a referral program that will pay you when authors register and work. You can earn 10% of your referrals income over 12 months of their registration. It’s a nice little bonus but can also mean you will see undo praises and promotion of TextMaster from people more interested in receiving referral money than helping you out.

Pros and Cons of TextMaster

Working for TextMaster, as a freelance translator, writer, or editor, has its pros and cons. Here are some potential advantages and disadvantages to consider:

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  1. Flexibility: TextMaster offers flexibility in terms of working hours and location. As a freelancer, you can choose when and where you want to work, allowing you to manage your own schedule.
  2. Access to a wide range of projects: TextMaster provides access to a variety of projects from different clients and industries. This can offer opportunities to work on diverse topics and improve your skills in different areas.
  3. Streamlined workflow: The platform provides a streamlined workflow for project management, communication, and payment processes. This can save time and make it easier to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  4. Exposure to potential clients: TextMaster has a pool of clients who regularly use the platform for their translation and content needs. By delivering high-quality work, you may gain exposure to these clients and potentially establish long-term working relationships.


  1. Competitive pricing: TextMaster’s pricing structure can be quite competitive, which means the rates offered for translation, writing, or editing projects may be lower compared to other platforms or direct client interactions. This could impact your earning potential.
  2. Variable workload: The amount of available work on TextMaster can fluctuate, depending on client demand and competition from other freelancers. This may lead to periods of low activity or difficulty in securing consistent projects.
  3. Limited direct client interaction: As a freelancer on TextMaster, you generally have limited direct interaction with clients. Most communication is done through the platform, which may restrict opportunities for building personal client relationships or negotiating specific project details.
  4. Dependence on the platform: Freelancers who rely heavily on TextMaster may face a degree of dependence on the platform for project opportunities. This means that any changes to TextMaster’s policies or market conditions could potentially impact your workflow and income.

Check out TextMaster

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November 18, 2013 at 10:11 am

I tried to use your referral link and it goes to the main page with no reference to employment. Do you have another link?

Miranda Grimm

November 18, 2013 at 10:15 am

I think it tracks prior to redirection- but not really sure. Thats the only link I have-

Dee Bee

January 22, 2014 at 10:46 pm

I’ve applied at Textmaster and at the moment there are no jobs for Italian, Korean, French, Japanese and ENGLISH writers, translators, and proofreaders. I think they’re just pooling applications.