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Updated on: by Leisa Good

Zintro Work at Home Review

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Ever feel that you have a great deal of knowledge about many different things, but no where to use it?

Or maybe at one time you had a lucrative career, but now no where to use the knowledge, since you are working at home.

Well, think again. You can now market yourself as a consultant based on your own area of expertise and experience. Anything from chemical engineering to freelance copy-writing to home business enterprising. You can become a paid consultant by creating an account at


What exactly is Zintro?

Zintro is a database that connects experts in all professions by connecting “expert-seekers” (clients) to “client seeks” (you the expert). Zintro prides itself on having over 60,000 experts and vendors worldwide.

Zintro is free to join for both the clients and the experts, but the hiring clients/businesses are required to put the money into an escrow account once a service provider is signed on. The money is then released once he/she completes the work. The basic account is free, but once an account becomes a Premium account, Zintro will take a fee (similar to Odesk or Elance). After this fee is collected, Zintro will pay the remainder to the expert via PayPal or check.

The expert (you) will provide the consultation via either a telephone call, project work or employment in some cases.


Is Zintro legitimate?

Zintro has made Clark Howard’s list for best work-at-home companies in previous years. Clark Howard is the nationally syndicated consumer expert and the host of The Clark Howard Show as well as the author of several bestsellers including Get Clark Smart. So, if Clark Howard is willing to give Zintro a “thumbs up” then usually that is a good sign for potential service providers and consumers.


How does Zintro work?

Experts sign up and create an account which includes a professional photo of themselves, bio, brief list of areas of expertise, and an hourly rate. You will also include your country, primary language, and time zone. This will allow the clients to quickly access if you are the expert of choice.

Zintro prides itself on being able to connect clients to experts in roughly 90 seconds using their own search engines, which have been especially designed for streamlining client searches. For example, say you are looking for an “iPhone App Developer” and are using a traditional search engine such as Google or Bing. Google or Bing will also find web pages or articles written on that subject or about that profession, but not necessarily help you find the actual expert.

Zintro also filters out spam inquiries to both the experts and clients. When a client finds an expert, Zintro will create a confidential phone number and access code with the date and time for the initial consultation between the client and the expert. This ensures the online safety and privacy of both parties. Once both parties agree that the call went well, then funds are released to the expert. Zintro also insures that the experts will be paid in full and on time.


How can you get started with Zintro?

Obviously, the first thing would be to go to the web site and create an account. Then it would be helpful to go to the Knowledge Base and read all of the tips on how to successfully use Zintro to showcase your own expertise and talents.

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Here you will learn how to open a Basic account as well as learn how to achieve a Premium, Bronze, Silver or Gold account. Account status for the expert is based on:

  • Quality of his/her profile
  • Number of successful on-platform consultations
  • Feedback from clients
  • Quality contributions to Zintro’s blog and other disseminated Zintro content

This brings us to three other helpful tools: the Zintro blog, the Zintro LinkedIn Group, and the Zintro newletter. All designed to enhance your Zintro experience and boost your account status. Articles written for the blog as well as comments posted to the blog are from both clients and experts. The online newsletter, which is also on their web site, has upcoming news and accomplishments written by the Zintro staff.


How is pay handled at Zintro?

Payment is made primarily through PayPal, but if you are residing in the USA–a check may also be issued in US funds only. You will be considered an independent contractor and responsible for your own taxes. If you do earn over $600 in a calendar year, then Zintro will send you a 1099 Form.


What is my overall opinion of Zintro?

I think Zintro could be useful tool in helping someone launch a freelance business of any kind (writer, graphic design, virtual assistant). I was a little “intimidated” at first by all of the scientists and engineers, but once I dug further, I realized that there really are other experts out there in all professions. Yes, there are even WAH professionals with in-demand services. What a great way for work-at-homers (WAHers) to showcase their businesses as “real” businesses with expertise to offer.


How can you apply to Zintro?

Go to and create an account. Good luck to all of those who apply.

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Wendy Baldwin

April 26, 2013 at 9:15 pm


This is great! I’ve never heard of Zintro before. Thank you for writing such a thorough article, answering all of my questions. I read your posts on different forums/blogs and, as a business owner, always appreciate your research, recommendations and great ideas.

Keep up the great work!

Wendy Baldwin

Leisa Good

April 29, 2013 at 10:32 pm

Wendy, I so appreciate that. Definitely a good place to hang the consulting shingle out.

William B. Hauserman

November 4, 2014 at 10:05 am

I’ve set up an account with Zintro. But to sign in – I seem to have forgotten my password. I clicked on “Forgot your password?” Then I followed prompt and entered my email. Immediately I get a message saying my password has been recivered, and to check my e-mail. I checked my email. Nothing. So what do I do?????

Bill hauserman

Miranda Grimm

November 4, 2014 at 10:31 am

Assuming you have checked your spam folder for the missing email, maybe visit their Support page for help:

stuart lewton

April 17, 2016 at 5:39 pm

Zintro CEO Stuart lewton unnecessarily will call you and intimidate you by email if you are an expert…The experts are paid very little at this platform….The companies give their work to experts and expects a lot and then zintro takes 20% of your fees and then paypal takes 5% of your fees so ultimately you get only 75% of fee….