Review of Walmart Savings Catcher App

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

Check out the Walmart Savings Catcher App to save money automatically!!I avoid Walmart like the plague. I just don’t like to go there.  I can usually save enough money matching coupons to sales at Kroger or just shopping at Aldi. I can avoid it, most of the time.   I know, I know, they do price matching.  But I always found it tedious to figure that all out.  Now, however, Walmart has the Savings Catcher app that has revolutionized shopping at their store, in my opinion.  Strangely, I had never heard of it until Miranda mentioned to me and asked if I was interested in writing a review.  I said I was, and the rest is history.

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What Does the Walmart Savings Catcher App Do?

Walmart Savings Catcher app is designed to “catch” the savings you would have had had you shopped with a competitor. Basically, it is price matching but much, much easier.  You scan your receipt from your Walmart shopping trip with your phone and the app finds cheaper prices from competitors in your area, giving you back the difference.

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How Do You Get Your Money?

You get the difference back in your “account” that you can cash out to a Walmart e-gift card that they will email to you. You can save your balance up and cash it out as a large amount at Christmas time or another special occasion if you want.  What a great way to save for holidays and special occasions!

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Does It Work?

Yes. It does.  The Walmart Savings Catcher App can take up to 72 hours for all of the competitors to be found and prices to be compared, but it definitely works.  I shopped on Friday and scanned my receipt as soon as I got to my car.  My total was around $245 due to the fact that we had just returned from vacation and needed pretty much everything.  Scanning the receipt into the app was super easy. Early Tuesday morning I had notice in my email and from the app that I had $5.09 waiting for me.  I hit the cash out button and within a few minutes I had my e-gift card.

Note: It DID say they couldn’t do it right now the first two times I tried to cash out, and it said to try again in an hour.  The first two times were before 7 in the morning so I don’t know if that had anything to do with it or not, but the third time was a charm, so don’t give up if you get the same message.

What’s the Catch?

There really isn’t one. It will actually really make me more likely to go to Walmart as it IS easier and I will not worry about missing sales somewhere else.  It is the best of both worlds.  Of course anything that is the Walmart brand that you buy will not count, as that brand isn’t sold by competitors anyway, but for brand names you are set.

The Advantages

1. Price Matching Convenience

The Walmart Savings Catcher app offered a convenient way for customers to compare prices across multiple stores. By simply scanning or entering their receipts, customers could effortlessly check if they received the best price for their purchased items. This saved them the time and effort of manually comparing prices themselves.

2. Automatic Savings

With the Savings Catcher app, customers didn’t have to actively search for deals or clip coupons. The app automatically compared prices and refunded the difference if a lower price was found at a competitor store. This meant that customers could enjoy savings without any additional effort on their part.

3. Digital Storage of Receipts

The app provided a digital record of customers’ receipts, eliminating the need to keep physical copies. This feature made it convenient for customers to store and access their purchase history, making returns or exchanges easier if needed.

4. Accumulated Savings

One of the advantages of the Walmart Savings Catcher app was the ability to accumulate savings over time. The app stored the refunded amount as an e-gift card balance, allowing customers to build up their savings and use them for future Walmart purchases. This feature incentivized repeat shopping and rewarded customer loyalty.

5. Integration with Walmart Pay

The Walmart Savings Catcher app integrated seamlessly with Walmart Pay, Walmart’s mobile payment solution. Customers could link their payment methods to Walmart Pay, making checkout faster and more convenient. The app automatically applied any eligible Savings Catcher savings to the purchase, streamlining the entire shopping experience.

Is it for both Android and iPhone?

Yes. The Walmart Savings Catcher app is available for both Android and Apple Smart Phones. You can find it for free in your Google Play store or iTunes by searching “Walmart Savings Catcher”.


The Walmart Savings Catcher App isn’t a way to make money from home really, but it is definitely another way to save. After a fair amount builds you could use the funds to further reduce your next grocery bill or to help buy school clothes or anything else. Of course the amount of savings will vary greatly from region to region and even shopping trip to shopping trip, but the app definitely works.  There will likely be bugs as with all apps, but in my opinion, it appears to be pretty genius.

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