CastingWords Review: Your Best Option For Transcription Jobs!

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It’s hard enough to find work at home opportunities that allow you to work at your own pace. CastingWords is the Best Option For Your Transcription Needs!It’s hard enough to find work at home opportunities that allow you to work at your own pace.

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You’ve got your own schedule to bear with.

The last thing you should have to bear with is a job where you’re being forced into doing far too much in a very limited period of time.

So, why not give CastingWords a try?

It is a transcription site where you can work at your own pace for a change.

Complete all sorts of short transcription jobs here at your pace.

Work with as much or as little as you want at a given time.

Best of all, it is easy to start working and get paid.

You’re not going to have to wait far too long to get everything you’re asking for through the service.

You will have to work hard in order to get access to more jobs on this site.

What Is CastingWords?

I could not find too much information about this place.

It’s been around since 2005 and is based in the United States.

It is also kind of tough to figure out what other people are saying about it.

The site has its own Glassdoor page although there are only three reviews on it right now.

One person has been working there for three years and says that the site is very prompt and thorough in paying its workers.

What You’ll Do

When you’re at CastingWords, you will work on a variety of great functions.

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You’ll work by taking in various audio files that are sent to the service.

You will need to transcribe those audio files based on the instructions each client gives you.

I was not able to find details on what types of work are involved or how big the projects are.

That’s a bit of a concern as I’d like to know ahead of time what the work is like and if it’s something that can actually be completed.

There are deadlines to each task, of course.

I wasn’t able to see what the average deadline was either.

But the good news is that CastingWords gives you the flexibility to set your own hours and time periods to when you want to work in particular.

You’re not expected to be a slave to anyone here.

Just choose to accept projects when they are available at your own pace. It’s that easy to do.

The projects you submit are proofed and reviewed by other CastingWords members.

These include a variety of editors who analyze what you do to ensure that everything works properly.

The payment you earn will vary based on how well your project went.

You can use the dashboard to find jobs quickly too.

Just log into your account and check on your status based on stuff like how much money you have earned, what projects and pending and so forth.

It’s a very convenient and easy to use system.

You can even find details on what people are saying about your work.

You’ll get all the feedback on your work in real time.

It’s great as you can figure out what you’re doing wrong and if what you are doing now is actually working.

Projects can be searched for by subject or keyword too.

You can actually transcribe stuff you’re interested in.

I wasn’t able to figure out what the more common projects for transcription needs are though.

Transcription editing jobs are available too.

This is to help you with cleaning up and double-checking the work that people complete.

How To Apply

To sign up, you just have to fill in the proper application form.

Enter in your contact information and you’re all set.

There’s no tests for you to take either.

Rather, you’ll get access to more projects based on how well you complete your work.

When you start working for CastingWords, you’ll be given access to just a few projects.

These include rather brief ones used to see how well you can complete your work.

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When you complete enough low-level jobs, you’ll be eligible to work on larger ones that pay more.

Think of it as a way to work where you’ll get more projects when you do a great job.

The better you are, the more work you will get.

What You Require

If you’ve got a working computer and online access then you’re in luck!

You’ll be able to work for CastingWords.

You should be able to work with the site regardless of where you live.

CastingWords just asks that you live in an eligible country and that you can receive the proper payments needed.

When I looked at the FAQ section of the CastingWords website, it listed at least a hundred different countries.

Your country is probably on that list whether it’s the United States, United Kingdom, Uruguay or Turkey.

Also, you must be able to do your own taxes as an independent contractor.

If you’re an American writer then you’d have to get your 1099 form out, for instance.

What’s the Pay?

You will typically be paid less than $1 per audio minute that you transcribe.

You could get bonuses that get you over the $1 per minute mark depending on quality and how timely your work is.

I couldn’t find info on whether you’d get paid for transcription editing work.

When Are You Paid?

You’ll be paid every Friday through PayPal. It’s that easy to understand.

There’s no limit to what you can earn either.

You should at least get a proper PayPal account set up and possibly linked to a banking account so you can get your money sooner.

Is This a Great Job?

CastingWords is a great place to work at if you’re aiming to find a great transcription job on your own time.

It’s a place where you can actually get work done on your own terms as you’ll choose the jobs you want to complete.

The system also encourages you to do your best so you can get more jobs and potentially more money out of it.


If you’re looking for a transcription job that is easy to handle and isn’t too complicated then you should see what CastingWords has to offer.

You will be paid well and you won’t even have to complete any tests just to sign up.

You’ll clearly have to be on your best performance possible to make money but it’s going to be worthwhile if you are experienced and you know what to get out of the process in general.

Apply to CastingWords Here

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