Great Content Review: What Does It Offer For Your Working Needs?

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

What does Great Content have for your working demands? You might be amazed at how well this great site is organized and how you can write all sorts of projects for many types of clients.Have you ever gone to a website and noticed how detailed some of the clients at such a place might be?

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You might have noticed that some of these spots are really elaborate with the content they offer.

They work hard to ensure that people actually get the information they want.

Maybe you have the skills needed to write all sorts of great bits of content.

Well, now you can take your skills to the next level with Great Content.

It’s a place where you can work at home to do lots of fun stuff.

The topics that you’ll come across include some rather interesting things as there are lots of clients you would be writing for.

About the Site

So, what is Great Content about?

It sounds vague when you consider the simple name of the site.

But I found that it is a legitimate place that works with lots of different companies from all corners of the world.

Great Content is based out of Berlin and has websites for clients from all corners of the world.

I obviously looked at the American site although I noticed they have British, French, German, Brazilian and Swedish sites among others.

The company offers three basic services.

It offers copywriting, editing and translation services.

The company also has more than 6,000 writers on hire in 18 languages.

I wasn’t able to find any BBB information on the site though.

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I assume it’s because a name like Great Content is so vague.

But I found plenty of contact information on the site including an American phone number.

After looking around, I found that this is a legitimate site that you can easily get in touch with.

Who Can You Write For?

You’ll be writing for lots of great clients when you work for Great Content.

The site really places a strong emphasis on writing for appealing companies.

The site says that you can write for companies like Groupon, Sixt, Wimdu, Zalando and much more.

I was rather interested in seeing just how many different types of companies ask for content.

Now the content in question is another thing.

The content you’d be writing would entail general articles, web copy and other bits of text.

The site was really straightforward and open with me about what they want people to do when writing here.

How to Apply

To apply for a position at Great Content, you just have to get to the main site and click on the proper link on the bottom right area.

They only need you to complete four particular steps.

They’ll first ask you to enter in your contact info and name.

After this, you have to click on the confirmation link that they will send to you.

Third, you will have to write a short sample text of a few hundred words.

The fourth step will involve a review of your sample.

It is a full evaluation of your writing skills.

You may be accepted for work at this point.

They don’t appear to have any really extreme standards for what you have to do in order to get a position here.

But I would think that you’d need to have plenty of prior writing experience if you’re going to have a great job here.

What You Will Do

When you work for Great Content, you will just have to log in to the site to see what projects are available.

You will get information on how long a project is and when it is due plus details on what you have to write about.

I haven’t been able to figure out the precise standards they have for how long certain texts are or when they are due.

But what I noticed is that many of these are to be finished within 24 hours in most cases.

Many of these are a few hundred words each too.

You may also notice something when finding projects with regards to how detailed certain things might be.

You would notice that you’ll have to write based on a certain quality level.

You might be told to write at a professional level or you might just write something on a simplified basis.

Some of your orders will be direct orders that a client has specifically asked you to complete.

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This is for when you’ve gotten a great relationship with a client from some of the past projects you’ve done.

You could even participate in a group order where you are working with a specific grouping of people dedicated to one particular project.

I actually found that you are typically required to work in British English for most of your projects.

They will tell you when you have to write in American English or something else.

What Are You Paid?

I wasn’t able to find much on what you could be paid although I would think that you’d be paid more if you had a project that was longer in length and had some real professional standards associated with it.

But what I did notice is that you can get a payment once every two weeks through PayPal and Skrill.

You can request it at any time but you have between two weeks for each request.

Also, you need to have at least $25 in your account to get your money.

Overall Review

My overall review of Great Content is that it appears to offer a great variety of appealing positions.

You would certainly do great here if you’re a talented writer who knows all the ins and outs of working with words.

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