KidzEyes Review – Paid Surveys For Children 6-12 Years Old

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

My personal review of KidzEyes - an online research panel that seeks opinions from US based children aged between 6-12 years old. Many children would appreciate the opportunity to earn some extra cash for their opinions, but most survey sites are very age restrictive.

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It’s unusual to see a site that people under the age of 18 can join – age 13 tends to be the lowest.

However, there are market research sites that are directly created for children to use.

If your child wants to participate, make sure that you choose one that is safe and reliable.

KidzEyes might be worth considering.

Why Do They Want Opinions From Children?

Billions of dollars are spent worldwide each year marketing to children.

There are many benefits to directing advertising to children – they pester their parents to buy known brands, they love to keep up on current trends, and they quickly grow tired of products and want more.

Marketing to children can be very cost effective – put a well-known cartoon characters face on an otherwise plain item, and you have a highly desirable object!

There are other groups who might want to know what children think – social researchers, environmentalists, teachers, and many more.

As it is difficult for researchers to gain the correct ethical clearance for working with children, it is far easier to use a company that has already been cleared and shown to use safe practices.

It also allows market researchers to have access to a large population of children arranged into demographics so they can get the information they need.

What is KidzEyes?

KidzEyes is an online research panel that seeks opinions from US based children aged between 6-12 years old.

They are a branch of C+R Research, who has been around since 1959.

KidzEyes collects information from children but only reports in aggregate – there’s no way to track a response back to a specific child.

Is it Trustworthy?

C&R Research is listed on the Better Business Bureau website, and is BBB accredited with a rating of A+.

They only provide surveys which are COPPA-compliant (COPPA stands for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).

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They have an up-to-date security certificate and an easily accessed and comprehensive privacy policy.

In looking at how the company handles customer complaints, I have to say – I am impressed.

There are few complaints, but the company is very open about when they have made an error – and even when the mistake is out of their control, a few times the complainant has been offered a gift card as a goodwill gesture.

If there is an issue, you can be sure this company will look after you.

Key Features

  • Rewards calculated in KidzPoints
  • Survey invitations emailed
  • Kidzpoints redeemable for a check
  • For ages 6-12 (although occasional parental surveys)
  • $10 minimum cash out (1000 KidzPoints)
  • 500 KidzPoints bonus on sign-up

Who can sign up?

A parent or guardian is required to sign up on behalf of children aged between 6-12 years old.  T

hey will need to be living in the U.S.

How it works

An adult signs up on behalf of their child, and fills in information to verify that they can sign up on behalf of that person.

After registration is confirmed, you will get a sign-up bonus of 500 points, equivalent to $5.

Survey invitations will be emailed, but they are also able to be viewed in the “surveys available” section of the website once you sign in.

When invited to a survey, you should be told how long the survey should take and how many Kidzpoints you will earn.

Surveys can be about almost anything relating to children: food, games, TV, music, clothing, toys, technology, school, and more.

The surveys have been checked to make sure they are safe for children.

There should be around 1-2 surveys per month. Sometimes there will be surveys for parents, and you will be able to help your children collect points by answering some questions.

Once the child completes the survey, the Kidzpoints will be accredited to their account.

Once there is 1,000 points the child can choose to cash out (that’s equivalent to a $10 check), or they can wait and receive a bigger check.

There are also SuperPoll surveys on offer, where kids can win prizes and Kidzpoints to add to their balance.

Very occasionally, kids might receive products to test or as rewards.

They could also be the first to try new products or see entertainment like games or TV shows before they are released to the public.

Should you join?

If you have a child who spends time online and would like to earn some extra money, it could be a good option.

However, with 1-2 surveys per month on offer it is unlikely to be a big earner, even by kid standards.

I do see the potential for parents to get their kids to earn points and then keep the check, but there’s no real way to safeguard against that.

I think many children this age would be interested just for the sake of learning about new products before their friends, and having an opinion.

If your children want to get involved, the site seems trustworthy and could be interesting for them.

There are not as many sites that accept children, and for peace of mind it is a good idea to choose one with a good reputation and safe practices.

You could do worse than sign up for KidzEyes!

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