Neal R. Gross: What Will This Team Do For Your Employment?

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You will be interested in the Neal R. Gross transcription team if you have a great desire to work on legal topics. Be a Legal Eagle With Neal R. Gross!A courtroom is one of the last places that you’d want to be at unless you are an employee working in such a spot.

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One way how you can make money in the courtroom is by working as a transcription expert who documents different cases.

Fortunately, you can find a great transcription job online with the Neal R. Gross team.

You can get plenty of work through the Neal R. Gross team if you sign up.

It takes a bit to sign up and you will have to complete loads of work but it could be worthwhile.

Still, I could not find much information out there in terms of how you’d get paid.

It’s an appealing site but it’s one in particular for those who have experience in the legal field or have a strong interest in legal topics.

About the Team

The Neal R. Gross transcription team is dedicated to working on court cases.

The team is based out of Washington DC and has been in the transcription field for more than 35 years now.

By joining the team, you will be working with a group that can handle a variety of court reporting tasks.

You’ll work to transcribe court cases and hearings for private and governmental clients.

Think of it as a type of job where you’ll keep a record of what happens in the courtroom without being too complicated or rough.

Types of Jobs

The specific jobs at Neal R. Gross include court reporting tasks.

You will be given a proper audio or video file that has to be transcribed.

It will entail something like a basic hearing, argument or other meeting.

Practically every stage of the legal system is represented here.

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Don’t bother applying for a job here if you aren’t comfortable with working on legal tasks.

You’ve got to show a strong interest in the legal system and a clear understanding of how it is run if you want to get a great job here.

Each task requires a relatively quick turnaround time, what with the timely nature of such items being so grand.

I could not find information on how much time you’d have for completing certain tasks though.

I’d recommend that you be on your feet and ready to get to work if you really want to succeed here.

How Are You Paid?

I could not get any details on how much you can be paid for working here or even what you’d get paid.

I read in a few spots that you can get $1 for every minute that you transcribe.

However, I could not find much confirmation about this.

I tried to contact Neal R. Gross about this but they did not say anything to me about how I would get paid let alone how the payments would work.

What I did find though is that the site would interpret you as an independent contractor and that you’d get your 1099 every year from the firm for your work.

How to Apply

To apply for a job here, you would have to show a strong interest in the legal field while also having enough time for completing different jobs.

You must send a cover letter and resume to [email protected].

The site will take a look at your resume and then provide you with an appropriate test.

I was not able to get information on how the testing process works or even how long it takes for your application to go through.

I at least noticed through my research that the work involved is rather extensive and that the firm does well with analyzing people who can work there.

They’re clearly interested in hiring only the best possible people to work on all kinds of jobs out there.

What Do You Require?

You’ll have to spend an extensive amount of time working for Neal R. Gross if you want to work here.

You must be able to complete at least 30 hours of work for them in a typical week.

You’ll have enough work to complete thanks to the grand workload that the firm takes in on a regular basis.

Still, you should at least be prepared to work hard.

You’ll have to complete plenty of work as fast as possible too.

Neal R. Gross only hires people who can work at 60 wpm or faster.

They don’t want to fall behind on their work.

It’s up to you to offer the best services possible.

The amount of work you’d complete in a week should be equal to about five hours of audio transcription.

This is long enough to where you can complete many things for a variety of people.

You’d also need to use a good FTP program and digital audio playback device or program.

The site will help you out with getting set up if necessary.


Those who do well with transcriptions and can handle legal topics will benefit from working with Neal R. Gross.

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You can sign up to work for the Gross team today.

Check on your skills and interests to see if they’re compatible with what they require.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of work you can complete if you are eligible to get into the field.

Apply to the Neal R. Gross Here

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