Passive Solutions Review: What Does It Offer For Your Writing Efforts?

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

 Passive Solutions appears to be a rather enticing place for your writing work. It’s not easy to get information on some of its specifics though.The world of article writing is great in that you can write about practically anything for just about anyone.

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But in order to make your career in writing stand out, you have to look at who you are working for.

Passive Solutions is one place that can provide you with some attractive writing jobs.

I looked around at Passive Solutions myself to see what this place is all about.

As I discovered, this is a website that provides people with many writing opportunities in many forms.

I had a tough time getting some information here and there though but what I found was good enough to give me an idea of how this place works.

What Is This Company?

I couldn’t find an About Us page on the Passive Solutions website, strangely enough.

They are based out of London according to the contact information.

They’ve got a Facebook page with a few hundred followers too, which is peculiar because I would think a service that claims to be this professional would have a whole lot more than just that.

Now what I am getting out of this site is that it is a place that offers lots of good services.

They offer content on demand and blog management services.

People can go to Passive Solutions to request guest posts for their site too.

What’s clear is that the writers that are hired by Passive will work for all of those clients who need writing stuff.

The site works with many clients from the United States and United Kingdom too although they were all a bunch of groups that I had never heard of.

They were still in a variety of fields like SEO services, photography and retail among others so at least there’s lots of different writing opportunities for you to check out here.

I was interested in how the site lists specific statistics on what it has done.

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According to what I saw, the place has filled more than 1,000 orders and has more than 100 verified writers.

They have written nearly 5,000 articles for more than 350 “happy customers.” I assume those customers are repeat ones.

What Can You Do?

When working for Passive Solutions, you will get information on orders that come from clients on the site.

You and other writers will be informed of tasks that you can complete within a certain time frame.

They always list information on what you can complete and how much time you need for it.

This includes points on the quality of the work.

They actually list the orders based on the number of stars.

This refers to the level of quality based on technicality and detail.

Most of these orders are for 500 words in content too.

Meanwhile, Passive Solutions does let you look at details on what each project is about before you start using it.

You can look up information on things like the subject matter of a post and the type of audience that they want you to write it for.

I like this because it gives a clear idea of what to expect out of a project so you know what to do with it.

I wouldn’t like it if I had to go into a project blind without knowing what it is about or who I am writing it for either.

How Do You Apply?

The application process for working with Passive Solutions is simple.

They actually have a sign-up link that you can use right at the front of the main site.

You’ll have to enter in a username and password while linking it to your email address.

The site will then test you on your writing skills to see how well you can handle basic and professional articles.

The samples you will write are about the length of a typical 500-word project that you would get out of the site.

After you complete the test, you will receive feedback in a timely manner.

I could not find details on when that feedback would come about but at least the site let me know that they do contact people regardless of whether they are accepted or not.

Considering how this place only has a little more than a hundred certified writers, I would think it would be a real challenge to try and get a good job here.

They do ask for proof of information through a license or other document.

I know this might be concerning to some people but it’s all about ensuring that you at least think carefully about how you’re going to get your data out to them.

What Are You Paid?

This was the toughest thing for me to find out.

I could not get a single bit of data out about how much money I can get paid working here.

I didn’t find information on how you would be paid either.

But what I noticed is that the site does charge clients money based on how much quality they expect out of their 500-word projects.

The only real answer I have here is for you to at least try and contact them about how much you would earn for each project you do.

It’s good that they have their contact box information out there and easy for you to use.

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My overall summary of Passive Solutions is that while much of the information I found on this place was rather vague, it at least offers a good variety of ways for you to write.

You can get on here and really enjoy working for many clients by writing articles of all sorts.

I would recommend contacting them for more information about employment opportunities before agreeing to work with them.

Apply to Passive Solutions Here

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