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You can work on captioning videos and transcribing entertainment files through RNK Productions. Is this a great place worth checking out?You might notice when watching your favorite programs that there are various captions that can be found on the screen.

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Transcriptionists are responsible for making sure these appear accurately.

Have you ever considered working with different programs to create such captions for people to view?

I want you to think about working with RNK Productions from home.

You will enjoy working with RNK to transcribe the audio that comes from video files.

You’ll work with all sorts of products from corporate videos to the biggest entertainment productions.

I found this site to be pretty interesting for how it does so much stuff in the movie and TV world.

You could be working on some of your favorite productions through RNK.

I looked around to find a number of great features around the site and I found that this could be the perfect spot for you to work for while online.

What Is the Place About?

I read around the site and found that RNK Productions has been in operation for more than ten years.

They’re based out of Los Angeles and focus heavily on the entertainment industry.

They work with a variety of great projects.

I was rather pleased to see that they are pretty upfront in terms of what you can do in the site.

They talk quite a bit about how you can work for RNK Productions to caption an assortment of videos.

I looked around the site to see that they have worked with a good variety of entities over the years.

They’ve worked with major television networks and movie studios of all kinds.

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I don’t know who their active clients are but this still gives off the impression that you can get quite a bit of work done today through what they have.

What Projects Will You Get?

The products you’ll come across at RNK include a variety of great things.

You’ll transcribe interviews, B-roll logs, field tape transcriptions, program transcriptions and much more.

I saw that the firm also works with legal and psychiatric transcriptions too.

The place does well with taking care of an extensive variety of projects.

I was rather amazed at how well the site gets all of its clients and manages to prepare so many intriguing productions.

I did see that one representative posted online saying that they work with the Real Housewives series of shows.

I couldn’t find anything else about the different shows that they work for.

This should be pretty fun if you’re interested in entertainment.

How to Apply

You can quickly apply for work at RNK Productions by going to their website.

You must have a high-speed online service and proper word processing software to get the job done.

You’ll have a better time with this job if you understand how audio and video work and if you are very detail-oriented.

You don’t need to hold any experience in transcription either.

It is a plus though.

You should list whatever you’ve done in the past on your resume.

List whatever skills you feel are relevant to the job on your resume when you send it.

Just prepare your resume and send it in a file by email to RNK.

They’ll get in touch with you after you send your stuff out although I couldn’t figure out when they would actually review your resume.

They say that they only get a few resumes per day but at the same time they are rather selective with whom they hire.

How Much Work Is Needed?

You will be able to take care of all your tasks at your convenience.

You can choose whenever you want to work but you will have to get whatever tasks you take in handled within a certain timeframe.

Also, you’ve got to proof everything that you complete after you are finished writing.

You have to show that you are capable of taking care of whatever tasks might come your way.

RNK requires verbatim transcriptions of everything.

You have to get all the details in a video file documented.

I know that it takes a while but the key is to simply be as detailed and elaborate as possible when trying to get transcriptions managed properly.

I actually found when reading on the site that there’s a reason why they ask you to include all those “ums” and “uhs” and other things.

This is so editors will know what sections of a video have to be edited out.

What’s the Pay Like?

The place pays $1 for each minute that you transcribe.

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Also, there are no minimums in terms of how much you have to work in order to get paid.

They pay every two weeks by check.

The address on your resume is the place that they will send checks out to.

They also produce their own invoices.

You won’t have to keep tabs on how much you work yourself although you can always check your online account to see what you’ve done so you can actually know what you’re going to be paid.

Alternatives to RNK Productions

You can also consider the following alternatives:


Rev is a well-established company that offers a variety of transcription services, captioning, and foreign subtitles.

They handle a wide range of content, including interviews and programming transcriptions.

Their freelancers, known as Revvers, enjoy the flexibility of choosing their projects and working hours.


TranscribeMe offers transcription services for a variety of industries, including market research, medical, academic, and more.

As a transcriber with TranscribeMe, you’d have the flexibility to choose projects that suit your skills and interests.


Scribie offers both automated and manual transcription services, including handling interviews and other forms of recordings.

As a freelance transcriber with Scribie, you would have the freedom to choose from available files on their platform.


GoTranscript is a professional transcription service that handles video transcription, foreign subtitles, and more.

They work with a large team of freelance transcribers, offering flexibility and a variety of work.

3Play Media

3Play Media provides transcription, captioning, audio description, and subtitling services.

They work with a range of content and industries, giving transcribers a diverse range of projects to work on.


I found that RNK Productions is an intriguing spot to work at when it comes to transcription work.

You will enjoy taking care of all kinds of tasks while you’re working for RNK.

It is a very easy to get some great work off of the site.

I especially like how it offers a good variety of jobs with entertainment jobs being especially popular.

Check this place out if you’re looking for a good work at home opportunity.

Apply to RNK Productions Here

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