Is Transcribe Team a Group Worth Joining or Is It a Scam?

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

Transcribe Team has a number of work opportunities for you to see as a transcriber. See if this site is a worthy spot for you to work at.I noticed quite a number of stories online about Transcribe Team currently hiring transcriptionists for a variety of tasks.

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I figured I would take a look at what the site offers and what makes it so special.

As it turns out, Transcribe Team has a number of things that you can do today.

It wasn’t all that easy for me to find in-depth details on the site but what I found was good enough for me.

About the Place

I saw that Transcribe Team has been in operation since 2013 and is a subsidiary of Ad Lean.

I know that it’s an American company but I could not find anything else about where they are based out of or what they do among other stuff.

What You’ll Do

You can transcribe a number of projects through Transcribe Team.

They offer projects for stuff like legal and medical transcriptions and even some entertainment things.

You’ll have full control over what projects you accept so it should be easy for you to have more control over your work experience.

They offer editing jobs too.

I did not find details on how often these projects come in or how long they are on average.

Considering how much money people earn versus the pay rate, which I will talk about later, it’s clear that they at least get plenty of regular work out to everyone who works there.

Who Can Sign Up?

I did not see any rules as to what you need to do in order to sign up to write.

I will go with the belief that you have to be at least 18 years of age to work for Transcribe Team.

You can also select the country you are from when signing up so I take it that they will take people from a variety of countries.

The Application Process

In terms of the application process, you’ll go to the site and fill out your basic information.

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After this, you will transcribe two files.

They will review your work to see how well you can complete your task.

I don’t know how long it takes for them to respond to you.

There have been people who never heard back from the site before.

I take it they did not pass the transcription test.

I guess this site really is selective in terms of who they hire.

I would recommend you work hard on the test so you at least get it right the first time.


You can work at any point that you want.

You don’t have to log in at a very specific time to get to work for them.

Just choose when you’re going to work and then they’ll provide you with things that you can do.

Of course, you should get these done within the proper timeframe.

The average timeframe for finishing jobs will be about 24 hours in most cases although some projects will have slightly longer timeframes.

What Are You Paid?

Depending on the project, you will be paid from 45 to 65 cents per audio minute.

You’ll be paid more if you perform quality work. It should only take a few minutes for each audio minute to be transcribed.

You can do whatever you want on the site in order to make money.

The site says that a worker there earns about $130 on average each month and that the highest-paid person gets around $2,300 per month.

There’s more than enough work for you to do and you’ll have the opportunity to get whatever you feel completed on the site.

You should still at least look around regularly to see what’s available.

At least you’ve got more than enough projects to work on.

Also, they pay every Monday through PayPal.

You’ll get your money promptly every week so you’ll get the support you demand when working here.

What Are People Saying?

Reviews for this site have been extremely hard to come by.

The people who have used this say that the information on the site has been rather vague.

They’re finding about as much detailed information on the site as I am.

That is, they’re not finding much.

But they are at least being paid.

They say that they are indeed getting money for their tasks and that they’re being paid on a regular basis.

I am at least glad that the site does pay its people for the work that they complete.

I do wish that they at least let people know when they are rejected or if they aren’t interested in working with people.

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I’d rather get some constructive criticism than not get a single answer.

Other Alternatives

You can also try out these credible alternatives to Transcribe Team:


GoTranscript is a transcription service that hires freelancers to transcribe and caption various types of audio and video content.

They offer flexible working hours, competitive pay rates, and opportunities to work on a wide range of projects.

GoTranscript provides training resources and guidelines to ensure accuracy in transcription work.


TranscribeMe is a transcription platform that offers transcription services for various industries.

They hire freelancers as transcriptionists and provide opportunities to work on audio and video files.

TranscribeMe provides a user-friendly interface, training materials, and a supportive community to help transcriptionists enhance their skills.


CrowdSurf is a transcription platform that offers short transcription tasks to freelancers.

They specialize in transcribing and captioning short video clips.

CrowdSurf provides a flexible work environment, allowing freelancers to choose tasks based on their availability.

The platform offers competitive compensation rates for completed transcription tasks.

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is a transcription service that hires remote transcriptionists.

They work with a variety of industries and offer transcription opportunities in areas such as academic, legal, business, and medical fields.

GMR Transcription provides training, support, and regular feedback to transcriptionists to ensure high-quality work.


Scribie is a transcription platform that provides transcription services for audio and video files.

They offer freelance transcription opportunities to remote workers.

Scribie utilizes a unique system where multiple freelancers transcribe the same file, ensuring accuracy and quality.

They provide a flexible work environment and opportunities for growth within the platform.


Transcribe Team is a place that has a good number of jobs for you to check out.

You’ll enjoy writing for Transcribe Team if you are interested in working on a variety of projects.

You will have to put in a great deal of effort into your work while avoiding errors.

Unfortunately, it is not all that easy to find information on the place but at least what I have been able to find is detailed enough and should give you a clear idea of what to expect while out here.

Apply to Transcribe Team Here

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