What Does Transcript Divas Offer For Your Work at Home Needs?

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Is Transcription Divas a legit place to make money at? Considering the variety of jobs you can complete, it appears to be a promising place to work at.What is Transcript Divas?

Why, a Diva is someone who focuses on careful details and working promptly to take care of a number of transcription jobs.

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Best of all, you too can become a Transcription Diva.

You might be surprised at how well the site is run and how it offers a good number of ways for you to make money through your transcription skills.

As I looked around the Transcript Divas website and checked on some outside reviews, I noticed that Transcript Divas has a good number of jobs for you to choose from.

I found some attractive things all around the site that I figured deserved to be noticed.

You would probably have a better chance with getting a great job here if you are experienced in transcriptions and you fully understand what you have to do in order to complete various tasks.

About the Place

The site was formed by a qualitative researcher who formed Transcription Divas after more than six years of work in the field.

He decided to form the group following years of all the stuff he’s done for others.

He formed it with the intention of helping different companies with their transcription requirements.

The company is based out of New York and has regular operating hours from Mondays to Fridays.

The site is rather straightforward in terms of telling me what it’s about and why they offer their services.

So, I figured that the site has a great amount of information worth checking out.

What Jobs Do They Take In?

When I looked at the order page on the Transcription Divas website, it became clear that they offer a good variety of tasks.

People can order projects based on the language, and timecodes used, the quality of the audio and how many people are talking.

I didn’t see anything about the types of interviews or speeches that can be transcribed though.

Still, they at least provided me with plenty of details on all the good things I can do on the site.

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You could possibly work with either verbatim or standard projects.

Depending on the project you take in, you could be asked to complete a job with all those “ums,” “ahs” and other things in the middle.

You could also work with a job where you just have to enter in whatever words someone is saying at a given time.

The good news is that the site lists all the details online about what you can do before taking in a job.

You’ve got full control over what you want to do here.

It’s not all that hard to choose jobs either although you will have to get your work completed within 24 hours in most cases.

How Do You Apply?

Apply for a job at Transcription Divas by going to their website.

Use the form at the proper part of the website.

You’ll need to send in a resume as well.

Talk about all the things you’ve done in the past with regards to transcription.

They prefer people who have experience in the field.

I could not find details on how long it takes for them to respond to people who apply for work.

But what I did notice is that they take in about 15 to 20 resumes in an average week.

I would think that they aren’t going to take too long to give you a response but I bet they’d be more interested in your work if you really have experience.

You’d actually be contacted by phone if they are interested in you.

They’d talk with you about your experience and skills and possibly get you linked up to a test from that point forward.

It’s a real sign of how much they care about the people that they are aiming to hire and that they want to get only the best possible people out for the job.

What Do They Pay?

When I looked on the Transcription Divas website to see what they pay, the page that lists pay rates led me to a dead link.

They did say that their regular rates are designed with the intention of beating the average hourly rates used within the industry.

Unfortunately, they said nothing about what those rates are.

After looking around other sites, I figured that they pay about $10 to $13 per hour for the work that you complete.

I would guess that this is based on every hour of audio that you transcribe though.

How Do They Contact You?

The website is very easy to use.

You just log in and look for particular tasks that are available for you to take in.

It takes a bit to get certain tasks done and it can also take a while to get a response.

Other Unique Transcription Sites like Transcript Divas

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is a service that provides a broad range of transcription services, captioning, and translation services.

They use human transcriptionists to ensure accuracy and offer a variety of turnaround times.

They cater to many industries and have specialists for certain fields like legal and medical transcription.

Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription offers transcription services in a wide range of sectors including entertainment, corporate, academic, and legal.

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What sets them apart is their special focus on the entertainment industry, offering services for reality television, film, and market research.

Transcription Outsourcing

Transcription Outsourcing provides services across a wide variety of sectors, including legal, law enforcement, financial, academic, and medical.

Their specialty is providing specific industry-focused transcription services, employing experts with extensive industry knowledge.

Transcription Hub

Transcription Hub offers a unique crowdsource-based platform that allows users to select the transcriptionist of their choice from a global pool.

They provide services for academic, business, legal, and personal needs, ensuring versatility and wide coverage.


Athreon stands out for its focus on security and data privacy, which makes it a preferred choice for sensitive fields like healthcare, law enforcement, and legal sectors.

They provide transcription, virtual scribe, and speech to text services.


I feel that Transcription Divas is an appealing website that is very attractive and offers a good variety of jobs worth checking out.

I was interested in how well the site works and how it offers a good variety of jobs.

I think that it could be one of the better places for you to check out when looking for a great way to make money from home.

Apply to Transcription Divas Here

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