Self-Motivation – What It Should Really Look Like

Updated on: by Leisa Good

How to Be a Self Motivator

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Do you consider yourself to be a self-motivated individual?

Do you engage in positive pep talks with yourself?

Do you understand the importance of accountability?

Well, then my friend and fellow work-at-homer (WAHer), you understand the importance of being a self-motivated person. Not everyone can be a self-motivated individual, but as you are learning, it is an important quality of those who successfully work at home.


What Exactly is Self-Motivation?

Simply put, self-motivation is the ability to conjure up within yourself the desire, drive or passion to begin or finish a project or accomplishment. While it may sound easy, anyone who works at home knows that there are days when everything is in chaos at home with every imaginable distraction happening. All of this chaos can derail your motivation and cause you not to focus on your work or your business.


Is There Good Self-Motivation and Bad Self-Motivation?

Self-motivation is always a good characteristic as long as it is not mistaken for being “overly ambitious” or “overly aggressive”. Self-motivation will also motivate, yet also assess the situation to see if the goal or desired outcome is really attainable in a reasonable and realistic amount of time.

If the time frame is not realistic, a self-motivated person will make a decision to break the goal into smaller goals. Good self-motivation will also know how to handle outside distractions and when they really require his/her attention.


What Are Three Things That Can Spark Self-Motivation?

While there may be more than three, this is what I have found:

  • a sense of humor
  • a positive pep talk
  • a grateful attitude

Sometimes just having a sense of humor and being able to find the humor in a less-than perfect situation can take the “sting” out of it. Also, having an “attitude of gratitude” when you realize that things could always be worse.

In his book, What To Say When You Talk to Yourself, Shad Helmstetter reminds all of us to watch how we talk to ourselves and what we say. He challenges all of us to override all of the negative thoughts and strive to be all we can and should be.


When Is Self-Motivation Not Enough?

Self-motivation is always enough when used in the correct context. Self-motivation should never be an excuse to be on the verge of bankruptcy, negligent of family responsibilities or participating in poor health care practices.

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What Are Six Ways To Utilize Good, Healthy Self-Motivation?

The best ways to utilize healthy self-motivation are to:

  • be clear on what you are motivated about.
  • set a clear attainable goal to achieve the desired outcome.
  • set a deadline for reaching this attainable goal.
  • have ways to track or measure the attainable goal.
  • imagine the positive outcome.
  • have a reward for yourself after reaching the goal.


With all of these tips, it would be helpful to find an accountability partner. Find someone to whom you can get clear on your goals and be able to set attainable goals with deadlines. This person should also hold you accountable for reaching or not reaching your goals.

Don’t forget to imagine the outcome you want and reward yourself in some way for reaching the goal. All of us respond well to rewards!

Now, since you understand what healthy self-motivation looks like–use it in your daily WAH life. Then don’t forget to lighten up and have a laugh. Now get motivated!

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Chrystal M

November 26, 2013 at 4:49 pm

It can be so hard to get motivated when you work from home! My accountability partners have come and gone which is why I rely on the threads at WPLH to help me out.

Leisa Good

November 27, 2013 at 9:45 pm

Interesting comment, Chrystal. Thank you for sharing. Yes, working at home can have a lot of distractions.

Do you think there was a reason that your accountability partners are no longer around?