Sharing Earnings, Shaving Heads and ChaCha- WAH Roundup!

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

I visited ChaCha!

But they were closed! While in Carmel last Saturday I had tried to visit their headquarters and buy me some ChaCha swag but I was faced with a Closed Sign on their door.

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ChaCha is one of the first places I began earning real money from home. Of course today you would snicker at referring to ChaCha money as ‘real’ money…too hard to make good money there now and hard to take the job seriously. But many of you know, a few years ago it was a whole different game.

I have noticed in recent months that ChaCha, who answers questions for free, seems to be trying to do different things and I was hoping to learn more about all of the online earning opportunities ChaCha offers. I have heard they are now paying people to share their content, some people are writing articles to make money from ChaCha and of course they still offer the traditional roles (transcribing, expediting and specialists). KGB is a similar company to ChaCha and I have seen them offering phone based customer support work for different companies?? I feel a bit behind and confused on where these Question/Answer sites are going.


Sharing Your Monthly Income?

Every now and then I run across a site or a blog where someone shares with the world how much they earn each month. I love seeing these reports because well…I’m just nosy like that. Plus, I love seeing that people are succeeding! What better way to prove that working at home and making a living is possible than being able to see from real people that they are doing it! It is the best testimony possible to Work at Home Fence Riders. It is also a way to help your stance when faced with non-supportive family members. I have talked to several moms who want nothing more than to stay home with their children but their husband just isn’t convinced it’s a good idea. (Maybe rightfully so)

I do think a nice piece of the puzzle to knowing if it CAN be done is to see that is IS being done. Of course what we often don’t know is how much time, experience, knowledge and so forth that the person reporting their earnings has. I have often considered sharing my income from blogging but I don’t feel it is relative. My earnings can’t tell you what you can expect because you would blog on a different topic and we wouldn’t have the same results. So, I try to take earning reports as merely proof it CAN be done…not necessarily that YOU can do it though!

Wanna be nosey like me

  • Jess shared how much she made in July as a writer and social media expert. (Jess made over $2500 in July)
  • The Young WAH Wife shares her income monthly and where it came from. It is impressive! Check out her July Income here! (She brought in over $5,000 in July)
  • Ebele shared her modest income doing side jobs through May of this year on her site. ($100-300 a month is nice extra money!)
  • Wow, a friend shared this one with me and you will be shocked! June income report for this guy is more than a lot of people’s yearly salary!! Check it out. (Earned over 40,000 in June alone!)
  • Another impressive income sharer from “How I Make Money Blogging“. (Last February this blogger earned over 17 grand)
  • And bringing us back to reality is a good look at a impressive but more typical income from working online at (June earned her $1771)

Okay, just remember that these people work their BUTTS off. None of these people are just raking in money from working online without doing some serious work. Some of these people have knowledge in particular markets that give them a nice advantage. But this does prove that it can and IS being done!


Give Back through Charity or Shave your Head

No matter how much you are making or not making. I find it is important to give back. I like supporting my fellow Work at Home Friends like Melissa McEntee who is actually going to SHAVE her head in an effort to raise awareness and money for children with Cancer. I viewed Melissa’s picture and she has long hair like me. I have spent years growing my hair out and so I know just how selfless it is to choose to actually SHAVE it off! My friend, Julie Morrison, has also been doing this for years. They are such an inspiration. If they can shave their heads, well then maybe a Five dollar donation isn’t so bad!

Say goodbye to Melissa’s long locks and give even a dollar on her contribution page at St. Baldrick’s.


Love Mondays

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August 3, 2012 at 9:25 am

Wow there are some pretty good incomes up here. I couldn’t imagine making $40,000 in one month. It does show that dedication takes you a long way though.


August 3, 2012 at 9:53 am

Thanks for the mention. I really do work my butt off. It’s hard to sit back and relish in the income because now I’m aiming to beat that income this month. 🙂 Marketing is a major part of the job!


August 3, 2012 at 11:21 am

Thanks for the mention! Yep, that was when I was bringing in buttloads of money, lol. Now it is between $6000-$10,000 a month. Yet I still have to put in 50-100 work weeks depending on the week…crazy but fun!

I have actually started sharing again in my newsletter, so subscribers received one today with my April-July numbers and will see my monthly update the first Friday of each following month. 🙂

Melissa McEntee

August 3, 2012 at 1:47 pm

Thank you so much, Miranda. Even if most of your readers would donate just $1, that alone would make a world of difference! 2,309 facebook likes = a potential $2,309. By the way, thank you sincerely for your donation, Miranda! I can’t wait to see the fundraising results for this event!

Miranda Grimm

August 3, 2012 at 2:55 pm

Awesome Melissa! I hope you get some more donations!

I recently had to take my youngest daughter to a major Children’s hospital in Indianapolis. While we were there I saw a mother pulling her daughter, who was bald, through the hospital with a wagon. I am not sure why it hit me so hard, but I struggled to keep myself from falling apart.

The mom and her daughter were smiling ear to ear. For just a moment I tried to imagine how it must be in their lives. Their entire world just stopped and survival is priority. But yet they have reasons to smile. It really puts everything into perspective! Thank you for being active with St. Baldricks!