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Updated on: by Miranda Grimm

Working at home, or simply any time you use the internet, you are faced with many distractions. Choosing to stop and read one news article or check over your Facebook wall can lead to an hour of ‘just one more’.

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clipix, a Web App, allows you to Clip the page you are on and come back to it later, at a more appropriate time!

You will find a lot of articles covering tools you can use to work at home to increase productivity and decrease brain mushing time here at Work at Home Adventures. It seems “theres an app for that” is very true!

However, many of the apps I attempt to use just bog up my mind and clutter my work space. Which completely defeats the entire purpose!


Clipix is a little different. It is not a bulky app or a website where I have to remember to log into or update. It is a simple button on your web browser’s toolbar. Clipix works sort of like bookmarking a page only you can Clip it.


So why not just bookmark it?

Well, imagine if every time you found the need to clip a site, for future reference or to come back to when you Clipix Clipboardhad more time, just how long your bookmark list would be!? My web browser’s bookmark list also only lists the name of the site, or whatever title I give it. Clipix will grab an image from the site or allow you to title it if you prefer. This makes for quick access with a glance.


So how do you Clip a site?

After you have created an account and have the Clipix tool in your browser navigation or tool bar, you start clipping your favorite sites or places you want to revisit. You do this by simply going to the site you want to save and then clicking the “Clip” button in the navigation bar. A small window will open on the screen and allow you to scroll through the images you want to use to represent the site. Then you choose the category you want to file the site and hit Clip!
Removing a clipped site is as easy as adding one. Once you are finished with a site you may want to remove it from your Clipped collected to keep your life organized.


Any cons to using Clipix?

I did find a few times that I was a bit frustrated using Clipix. When tools that are made to streamline life are not streamlined themselves- they fall short and cause yet another disturbance in life.

Accessing your Clipboards so you can revisit some of the sites you clipped is not as easy as clipping a site! You must remember the name Clipix or ‘bookmark’ it so you can log back in and view. You would think accessing the clipboards would be easier! Considering their focus is making accessing your favorite sites easy!?

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I am not sure how much time, if any, Clipix will really save me. I could have some fun with this tool as their are many other features I did not mention here, such as being able to join up with friends and family and share your clips with them.  But I am finding that I am not much of an app kind of girl.

So, if you use Clipix now or in the future, let us know how you are using it. Does it save you time? Are you more organized with Clipix?


Visit clipix to sign up and let us know what you think!

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February 10, 2012 at 6:56 pm

This reminds me a lot of Pinterest, which I love. I don’t want to “pin” everything I run across online, so this is a great supplemental tool.

Leisa Good

February 10, 2012 at 7:19 pm

This is why I don’t do Pinterest. I would enjoy it too much for now. It seems like everyone I talk to has at least five pin boards. I also have a lot of interests — so I’d better stay away for now.

I only use a few apps anyway, so I would have to wonder if Clipix would make me overthink my need for additional apps?


February 11, 2012 at 12:31 am

Not sure what to think…

Miranda Grimm

February 11, 2012 at 12:50 pm

It was just like many other apps. I myself cant see using it regularly,but I dont like very many apps at all. Some people are all about them and would love this. I could see it being fun and if used correctly could be a great tool for staying organized.

This was a sponsored post I did through SocialSpark that I will be talking more about in an upcoming post. I will be paid $15 for sharing my opinion on this and as much as I wanted to recommend it, I just had to be honest and give my opinion.

Regardless, it was an easy $15 and now I have a chance to talk about my experience writing a sponsored post for social spark
on the blog 🙂

Justin Mazza

February 12, 2012 at 3:24 pm

Clipix sounds awesome Miranda. It is too easy to get on with one task only to get distracted by multiple other tasks and then next thing we know we are completely off course from our original goal.

I will give clipix a try.


February 13, 2012 at 9:01 am

I would still use other applications compare to this one. But may be I will try this one for change. With all that other applications all over the net may be millions of them.