The Next Best Thing for a WAHM- After Working at Home

Updated on: by Deb Knight

The Next Best ThingBy: Deborah Knight

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Being a Work At Home Mom (aka WAHM) is the ideal situation for those of us who need to make money but also want to raise our children and not pay someone else to do it. Unfortunately in some states, such as Massachusetts where I live, it’s not always easy to find that perfect job that will pay a good enough wage that we can make ends meet. Sometimes we can do multiple small jobs and make it work, but not always. There are many companies that simply will not contract workers in Massachusetts because our law regarding independent contractors (IC) vs. employees is a very fine line to walk. Our government requires additional tests beyond the federal level. I understand that it is there to protect those who are wrongfully classified as IC  but it’s still frustrating none the less. So what do we do when we run into the situation where I am, where income is not what it simply needs to be?-  We pray for the next best thing.

You might ask what is the next best thing? How could anything possibly be even close to being a WAHM? Simple, find something that will work around your schedule enough that you are still home with your children when they are home. I’m talking about finding a job working within the schedule of the schools in your area. That is what I have recently looked into briefly and have actually gone to an interview to be a teacher’s assistant at a local preschool. If I get the job, I would work the school calendar. On school half days, I would work a half day.  School Vacations…I get those off too. Summer, yep that’s mine to spend with my child as well. Five paid sick days just incase my son is sick and in the event of a snow day, I get that off too. This particular preschool is in the next town over (but still only a Five minute drive from my house) and in the event that we have a snowday but they don’t, my son can come to work with me.

Now along the same lines, years ago when my son was little, before I discovered the WAHM world, I found that quite often places like Gymboree and the local gym where moms work out  needed babysitters to work and help out other parents.  I took a job working in the babysitting room of the local Gymboree  until my son was too old to go anymore. The best part was that he was allowed to come to work with me.  Again, it’s the next best thing. I received free Gymboree classes for my son and a paycheck every week, and I never had to leave my child in the hands of another.

So if you find that you are stuck and you can’t find someone who will contract with an IC in your state then consider looking into the next best thing. Most local gyms have a babysitting area where moms can leave their children while they work out, there are often places like Gymboree or My Gym that have a babysitting room so that mom can play with just one child at a time in age divided classes. These places will often hire a mom to work and allow you to bring your child with you. You can also look into the teaching assistant positions where you do not need to be a certified teacher to hold the position.If you truly are stuck for cash and you have bills that can not be paid on what you are making as a WAHM, this might be a very good option for you too.

Wish me luck on my interview, I’ll know by Today if I have the job. If not, I’ll keep looking at home for more WAHM opportunities and for the next best thing.

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Katie Jones

June 21, 2011 at 9:19 am

Good luck Deb on your interview and truly hope you will receive what you have been praying for!

I also wanted to point out that local gyms and other establishments that offer babysitting may require the person to be CPR certified. I do not know if this varies with each state but I know in mine, a lot of these places want that, especially in a medical setting.

Hope this helps, can’t wait to hear the goods news Deb!!! 🙂

Miranda Grimm

June 21, 2011 at 10:20 am

I looked into this as well. I applied on our local school’s website and received a couple of calls to help out with things like snack time for the preschoolers and assisting other areas. It didn’t work for me at the time because my daughter was less than 2 years old. But it would have been a perfect alternative to working at home had my kids been in school.

Good luck today Deb!!


June 21, 2011 at 3:48 pm

GO DEB GO!!! Before working from home I was a lead preschool and lead head start teacher. My degree is in Early Childhood education. After 15 years frankly I was burned out and WAH became my next best thing. I know all too well about MA laws, I’m from there myself, I live in GA now was considering moving back home, I can’t bring my work with me. BUMMER. My mom was a WAHM in MA since I was 2, I’m in my 30’s now, she still works form home. She has a family child care in the home. Another good tip you gave is the gym babysitter room. I’ve done that too. I was able to actually workout after my work shift which was very cool. I lost weight and got fit at work didn’t have to pay for dues, woohooo. May I add if your town has a local YMCA or YWCA… many times they also have child care programs and need assistants or “floaters”. Floater is a person who goes where they are needed, you float around to the other classrooms. Your son maybe able to particpate in the program as well. I do think there is a cost but not full price if I remember correctly. That something else to think of if you are looking that route. I do hope all goes well Deb and anyone else looking for the next best thing. Wonderful post you did. Keep up the good work Deb it will pay off dear. Take good care = )