106 Best Transcription Jobs to Help You Start Your At-Home Career

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Transcription is a popular at-home career choice. Many companies are offering remote positions! This list of 106 companies is the only one you’ll need.You’ve come to the right place if your heart is set on a transcription job from home!

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This huge list of transcription jobs will hopefully help you find the perfect one to kick off your at-home career.

Transcriptionists can find entry-level and professional work from home.

For your convenience, I’ve separated the jobs into entry-level, experience required, medical transcription, and captioning categories so that you can more easily find what you need.

I hope that you’ll bookmark this article for quick and easy reference for the future if you want to take on some more work!

Additional Articles for Helpful Transcription Information:

The following articles are ones that we’ve written on various transcription jobs that may help you on your journey.

We advise you to take a look at them before getting started applying for any of the below jobs:

And Some Other Helpful Resources!

You can never have enough help when you’re getting started with an at-home career in transcription.

Two places you may want to start before jumping in is the WAHM Forums from WAHM.com and Transcription Essentials.

Both of these are excellent resources for transcription work, straight from the mouths of people who actually do the work!

The WAHM Forums focus on all at-home jobs, but many people here are transcriptionists with plenty of resources to share.

Transcription Essentials, on the other hand, is a forum dedicated to transcription work.

If medical transcription work is what you’re after, browse the AHDI website, which has useful information for those who want to break into the healthcare documentation field.

MT Stars is a helpful forum where medical transcriptions ask and answer questions and share information.

And, MT Jobs is a good place to find medical transcription work.

Last but not least, the resources on the IRS website for self-employed individuals are musts if you live in the United States, since you’ll be responsible for doing your own taxes if you’re hired as an independent contractor.

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If you live outside of the U.S., check with your country’s laws for self-employment and taxes.

Entry-Level At Home Transcription Jobs

If you’re just getting started as a transcriptionist, an entry-level job is what you should look for.

The following companies hire beginning transcriptionists who can get their feet wet in the industry and gain some experience for future work:

1-888-Type-It-Up (Review)

This company does not require any specific skills or experience.

Instead, you’ll pay a $10 application fee to reduce your competition when you apply and you must take a transcription test.

Depending on how well you do on your test, you may get called back with a job.

Pay rates are determined by how much the client pays per project.

3 Play Media (Review)

3 Play Media hires transcriptionists and editors on a contract basis.

No specific experience is required, but you must have excellent language, communication, and typing skills.

AccuTran Global (Review)

AccuTran Global hires entry-level transcriptionists.

It’s a bonus if you have experience, but not necessary.

However, you must pass a skills test before the company will consider you and it’s best to have a flexible schedule during the week.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (Review)

This is one of the most popular microtasking sites.

There are plenty of different jobs for you to earn cash, but transcription work is among the most popular and highest-paying and you don’t have to be an experienced transcriptionist.

To learn more about Amazon Mechanical Turk and how it works, read this helpful Mturk guide.

Appenscribe (Review)

Appenscribe is a part of Appen Butler Hill, the company that hires search engine evaluators.

Appenscribe will hire new transcriptionists all over the world.

Babbletype  (Review)

Babbletype is another popular transcription company that hires people to work from home.

You must have excellent native English skills, but no experience is required.

BAM! Transcription (Review)

BAM! Transcription has a variety of transcription services for clients.

You can contact the email address on the website to send in your resume and inquire about current openings.

Birch Creek Communications (Review)

This company hires independent contractors for general transcription work for businesses.

The company also has a sister company, Kendall Creek Communications, which focuses on legal transcription work for those with experience.

Casting Words (Review)

Casting Words sometimes places transcription work on Amazon MTurk, but it also has a web-based workspace for transcriptionists on its website.

You’ll be an independent contractor and can get paid weekly with PayPal.

Crowdsurf (Review)

Crowdsurf is like a microtasking site for transcriptionists.

Each job is a short audio file to transcribe and beginners are welcome to apply for work.

You’ll get paid instantly once your tasks have been approved.

Daily Transcription (Review)

Daily Transcription specializes in transcription work for the entertainment industry, but also offers legal and medical.

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When you apply, you can note that you’d like to do entry level work and, if your skills match what the company needs, you might have a chance to come on board.

GMR Transcription (Review)

You can become a general transcriptionist for GMR Transcription.

You don’t need any special skills or experience, but you must reside either in the United States or Canada.

GoTranscript (Review)

You can get paid up to $0.60 per audio minute with this company as an entry-level transcriptionist.

GoTranscript also allows you to choose your own projects when you’re available to work.

Niel R. Gross & Co. (Review)

The only requirements to become a court transcriber with this company are to have excellent typing skills, the ability to work at least 30 hours per week, and have excellent knowledge of English.

Quicktate (Review)

Independent contractors might be able to work with Quicktate without experience if they can validate their skills by passing a transcription test.

Rev (Review)

Rev is one of the most popular companies for beginners to start with.

The work is flexible, the pay rates are comparable to industry standards, and there always seems to be a steady flow of work and reliable payments.

RNK Productions (Review)

This company focuses on legal and entertainment transcription.

Experience is a bonus, but if you can verify your transcription skills, the company might consider hiring you.

Scribie (Review)

Scribie pays between $5 and $20 per audio hour and you can use a speech-to-text program to dictate what you hear instead of typing!

You need an excellent command of English, great typing skills, and a computer, headset, and one of the required browsers to begin work, but no experience is required.

SpeechPad (Review)

SpeechPad pays contractors up to $2.50 per audio minute.

The company doesn’t require special experience or skills, but, as with most transcription jobs, you’ll need to understand English fluently and have excellent typing skills.

T ‘n T Transcriptions and Translations

You can apply for work with this company using the contact form on the website.

Reportedly, you must pass a skills test before getting accepted.

Tigerfish (Review)

Tigerfish requires three sample transcriptions with your application in lieu of professional experience.

If you prove your skills, you might have a chance to pick up some work with the company.

TranscribeMe (Review)

TranscribeMe is another popular option for transcription beginners.

Once you fill out an application, you’ll be invited to take an English or Spanish transcription exam.

If you pass, you’ll be contacted by a recruiter within 48 hours to get you set up in the system.

Transcript Divas (Review)

Transcript Divas hires 10-15 people per week for transcription work.

Its website doesn’t mention having previous experience, but instead looks for transcriptionists with high standards.

TSI Transcripts (Review)

This company hires independent contractors for entry-level transcription positions.

Ubiqus (Review)

Ubiqus offers various types of transcription services to clients, including medical, general, and legal.

You can apply for general transcription work as an independent contractor.

Experience is preferred here, but beginners are welcome if they possess the right talent or are a current transcription student.

Verbal Ink (Review)

Verbal Ink notes that it seeks “highly skilled linguists” on its website.

Experience is preferred, but not necessary, if you’re able to prove that you have the necessary transcription skills to complete work.


With this company, you’ll transcribe song lyrics for pay.

You can select the songs you want to transcribe and get paid weekly for the work you complete that week.

Transcription Jobs That Require Experience

These jobs are for those with previous transcription experience, certification, or a degree:

A & P Transcription

A & P Transcription looks for “qualified transcriptionists” for its team, although it doesn’t list any specific qualifications.

You can inquire about the details using the contact form on the website.

AccuScribes Transcription

You’ll need a resume and cover letter that outlines your transcription experience to work with this company, which does a variety of transcription services, from corporate to legal work.

Alice Darling Secretarial Services

You’ll need word processing and transcription experience to get hired with this company.

You’ll also need to be able to type at least 75 WPM.

Allegis Communications

Allegis focuses on insurance transcription work, so experience with transcription and insurance is a must.

You should be able to work up to 20 hours per week as an independent contractor.

Your accuracy score must remain at 98% and above and you should have at least 2 years of experience as a transcriptionist.

AlphaDog Transcription

This company focuses mostly on entertainment transcription, but also does general, legal, and corporate transcription.

It’s preferable to have experience in entertainment transcription to work here.

At Home Typing Service

You must have at least three years of experience in transcription to work with this company as a proofreader, and at least five years of experience for transcription work.

Rates are also high here, offering $35 per audio hour to start.


To work with Athreon, you must have either two years of experience in transcription or a formal education in a transcription training program.

Cambridge Transcription

Cambridge Transcription seeks corporate or legal transcriptionists with experience to join their team.

Caset Associations

Caset Associations has high-level clients in the medical field, so medical transcription experience is a must.

You also must type at least 90 words per minute.

Cyber Dictate

Cyber Dictate has a special need for legal transcriptionists with plenty of experience.

You’ll be an independent contractor and will need at least three years of experience in the legal field within the last seven years.

Dictate Express

Dictate Express has a series of four tests that you must pass before becoming an independent contractor with the company.

Therefore, a good amount of transcription work experience will help here.

eTranscription Solutions

This company only accepts transcriptionists who have experience transcribing audio files with multiple voices with resumes and references.


E-Typist seeks legal transcriptionists only, so it’s beneficial to have some experience in legal transcription.

You’ll sign on as an independent contractor.

eWord Solutions

eWord Solutions hires transcriptionists with sufficient work experience and who can pass a background check.

You must be a US resident to apply.


You’ll need to send your resume and cover letter to Expedict if you want to apply for a job here, so transcription experience is a must.

You also must pass a transcription trial before getting hired.

Fantastic Transcripts

Fantastic Transcripts notes that those who can prove their transcription skills have a shot at getting hired, but the company receives numerous applications for a small number of open positions.

Therefore, your experience can make you stand out and may give you a better shot at getting hired.

Focus Forward

You’ll need to pass a test to become a part of the Focus Forward team.

Rates start at $0.40 per audio minute with this company.

Hollywood Transcription (Review)

Hollywood Transcription seeks qualified candidates for transcription work.

You’ll need to fill out your relevant experience on your application.

Kendall Creek Communications

This company is the sister company of Birch Creek Communications that deals solely with legal transcription.

You’ll be an independent contractor and can work on a flexible schedule.

Landmark Associates

Landmark Associates requires you to pass a test before the company will hire you, so experience can benefit you here.

Modern Day Scribe

Modern Day Scribe doesn’t post its availability or requirements on its website, but you can fill out the form to inquire.

Reportedly, you need experience to begin transcription work with the company.

Multilingual Connections

This company offers a variety of services that require exceptional skills, like interpretation and translation.

Most transcription positions reportedly require experience and multi-language skills.

Net Transcripts

Net Transcripts offers legal and general transcription work from home positions, but both require experience.

You’ll need to pass an assessment, too, before getting hired.

On the Record Reporting and Transcription

You’ll need to go through on-site training before beginning a work from home position with this company.

It also requires fast typing skills and an excellent vocabulary.

Orion Transcription Services, LLC

You can apply for work with this company if you live in the US and have at least two years of experience, not including a certification or degree program.


OutSec requires at least two years of typing experience plus specialization in medical, legal, interviews, financial, or property transcription.

You’ll also need to provide at least two references from previous employers.

Preferred Transcriptions

You can do legal, medical, and business/academic transcription for this company.

You’ll need at least one year of experience for legal or general transcription and at least two years for medical.

Production Transcripts

You must be a “highly proficient and experiences transcriber” to work for this company.

Current and recently graduated students won’t be accepted without professional experience.

You can fill out the website form to apply.

Reporting USA

Reporting USA specializes in legal transcription, so legal experience is a must.

You must send your resume to the email address listed on the site to be considered.

Same Day Transcriptions

Same Day Transcriptions requires a passed assessment before you get hired, so experience can help with this company.

Say it Back

You must be an experiences transcriber with your own headset and foot pedal to begin work here.

You can enquire about the details of the position by filling out the contact form.

Silent Secretary

Silent Secretary reports that it has some of the highest pay rates in the industry and, therefore, only seeks qualified, experienced transcriptionists.

The pay rate is determined by the difficulty of the audio file, where more difficult audio pays the highest rates.

You may also be eligible for bonuses based on performance.

Speak Write (Review)

Speak Write offers professional transcriptionists flexible work from home jobs.


StenTel hires US transcriptionists who have qualifying legal or legal transcriptionist experience.

You’ll get paid based on your experience and performance.

Take 1

Take 1 doesn’t mention specific experience, but it specializes in transcription for the TV industry.

It may benefit you to have experience with this specialized type of transcription.

TASK Transcription

This company requires at least three years of experience in transcription and notes that medical transcription experience is preferred.


This company reportedly requires experience, although nothing is noted on the website.

You’ll get paid every two weeks for completed work.

Transcribe.com (Review)

Before you apply for Transcribe.com, you’ll need to pass its assessment.

The site also notes that experience is preferred.

Transcription Centre

You can apply here if you live in the US or UK.

This company specializes in transcribing focus groups with multiple voices, so experience with that kind of transcription is definitely a plus.

Transcription Experts

You must have at least two years of professional experience to get a job with Transcription Experts.

Transcription Outsourcing, LLC.

This company seeks only the most qualified candidates for its legal, medical, and general transcription needs.

TSI Transcription Services (Review)

TSI doesn’t always have job postings listed on its website, but when a new one opens up, the company will list them there.

Reportedly, experience is preferred with this company.


Voxtab accepts highly-qualified candidates to fulfill its transcription roles.

The company accepts applicants from several countries.

We Scribe It

This company only seeks US residents.

You must have previous experience with pre-formatted documents for transcription work.

Word Wizards

Video transcription experience is a plus for Word Wizards, as you may do both audio and video files.

Written Communications

You’ll need to provide at least three references when you apply for a position with this company, and you also must list your job skills relevant to transcription.

Medical Transcription Jobs

Are you seeking work in the medical transcription field only?

This group is for you!

Absolute Transcription

You must have at least three years of clinical or acute care experience to work with this company, and pass an assessment.

You’ll be allowed to use a dictation device to transcribe files.

Amphion Medical Solutions

Amphion Medical Solutions offers transcription services to clients.

You’ll need at least two years of hospital inpatient experience or clinic experience in combination with transcribing.

Eight Crossings

You must have at least two years of experience transcribing medical reports to sign on as a medical transcriptionist with Eight Crossings.

GMR Transcription (Review)

GMR Transcription seeks medical transcriptionists with experience to work with its medical clients.


M*Modal offers medical transcription jobs to those with professional experience, a recent degree, or who are involved in a current degree program.


NJPR seeks “exceptional individuals” to maintain its high standards.

The company posts its current medical transcription job openings on its career page.


You must have at least three years of acute medical transcription to work with this company and your accuracy scores must be at least 98% consistently.

Nuance Transcription

You’ll need at least a year of acute clinical care experience to apply to Nuance Transcription.

It’s also best to have experience with a wide range of medical specialties.

Penrad Imaging

This company occasionally has openings for medical transcriptionists who have at least six months of experience and are based in Colorado.

Perfect Transcription

This company seeks medical transcriptionists with at least three years of experience.

You can also become a transcription editor if you have at least two years of experience.

Phoenix Medcom, Inc.

Phoenix Medcom, Inc. has a couple of transcription opportunities that open occasionally.

You’ll need two or three years of medical transcription or relevant medical experience, like acute clinical care, depending on the job.

Precision Transcription

This company seeks those with at least three years of experience in medical care and knowledge of the EMDAT is a plus.

It may also help if you have experience with specialties like pain management, neurology, or radiology.

Preferred Transcriptions

Medical transcriptionists for this company must have two years of relevant hospital or medical office experience.

Same Day Transcriptions

Same Day Transcriptions does sometimes have openings for qualified medical transcriptionists to fulfill its work for medical clients.


ScribeCare focuses solely on medical transcription and offers flexible work for those who work from home.


Medical transcriptionists with a CMT are preferred for this company.

You also should be able to work weekends when needed.


You can work full-time or part-time at home with this company, but you must have medical transcription experience.

A degree or certification is preferred, but not a requirement.


No experience is listed in the requirements for a medical transcription career, but it does state that an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology and relevant studies is necessary.


StenTel sometimes has openings for orthopedic transcriptionists and medical transcription editors.

You can fill out the contact form to inquire about requirements for either position.

Superior Transcribing Service, LLC.

Superior Transcribing Service, LLC looks for qualified transcriptionists who have at least two years of experience with medical transcription.

You can email your resume to the address listed on the site.

Terra Nova

Medical transcriptionists can sign on with this company.

Currently, it’s offering jobs only to those in Canada, but may open positions for other countries as needed.

You must have at least two years of relevant experience.


Ubiqus looks for independent contractors with at least one to five years of medical field experience or a qualifying degree or certification program to begin medical transcription work.


Verilogue offers various services for physicians and medical offices.

The company occasionally has openings for qualified medical transcriptionists.


This company tends to place ads for its medical transcription openings on MT Jobs.

You must have relevant professional experience.

X-Press Transcription

Qualified radiology transcriptionists can apply for a position with this company.

Email your resume to the address listed on the site.

Captioning Jobs

Real-time and closed captioning jobs are usually the ones that pay the best, but also require the most experience and skills.

Here are some companies that hire skilled work from home captioners.


Those with Bible and Christian knowledge can apply for real-time captioning positions with Aberdeen.

You must have three phone lines (two of them landlines) and a backup computer.

You can make up to $75 per hour here.

ASC Services

Here, you’ll be a News Transcriber, providing captioning for news programs.

You can also apply for at-home financial transcription and captioning jobs.

Caption Max

You can work as a real-time captioner or caption editor for Caption Max.

Real-time captioner positions require relevant school experience and certification.

Caption Media Group

This company provides real-time and closed captioning services for television, movies, and more.

You can fill out the contact form on the website to inquire about open positions.

National Captioning Institute

You must have a degree and at least three years of relevant professional work experience to sign on for one of the captioning positions with this company.

Send your cover letter and resume to the email address listed on the site.

Rev Captions

Independent contractors with Rev can also complete captioning work if they possess the right skills.

You can fill out an application online if you feel you meet the requirements.

Talking Type Captions

Talking Type reportedly hires remote workers to take care of some of its various services, including closed captioning, web captioning, and more.

US Captioning

Freelancers can begin a captioning career with this company.

You’ll need to pass assessments that prove your skills and knowledge of the company’s Style Guide for captioning work.

Vitac (Review)

Vitac seeks real-time, closed captioning, and voice captioners for various positions.

Employees here will get excellent benefits, like 401(k), paid time off, and medical plan options.

How to Choose the Best Transcription Jobs

Understand Your Skills and Strengths

Before you start searching for transcription jobs, it’s important to understand your own skillset.

This involves more than just typing speed and accuracy.

Transcription jobs often require good listening skills, a strong grasp of grammar and punctuation, and an ability to focus for extended periods of time.

Some jobs may also require knowledge in a particular field, such as medical or legal terminology.

Assess your skills and strengths, and choose a job that matches them.

Research the Market

Understand the current market trends for transcription jobs.

Investigate different platforms where transcription jobs are offered and research their reputability.

Websites like Upwork, Rev, and TranscribeMe are popular places to start.

Look for reviews and testimonials from other transcriptionists about their experience with these platforms.

Be wary of scams or platforms that are not transparent about their payment terms.

Evaluate Payment Terms

Transcription rates can vary greatly, so it’s essential to understand how a company or client pays before accepting a job.

Some may pay per audio hour transcribed, while others pay per word.

Additionally, payment frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) can also impact your decision.

Always ensure the remuneration aligns with your financial expectations and the amount of work you’re willing to commit.

Assess Workload and Deadlines

Understand the expected workload and deadlines before accepting a transcription job.

This can help you manage your time effectively and ensure that the work is suitable for your lifestyle.

Some jobs may require a quick turnaround time, while others may provide more flexibility.

Make sure you are comfortable with the expected workload and can meet the deadlines without compromising the quality of your work.

Consider Specialization Opportunities

Certain industries such as medical, legal, or academic fields often need specialized transcription services.

If you have a background or interest in these areas, you might want to consider searching for specialized transcription jobs.

These positions can be more challenging but also typically pay better.

Specializing can also make your services more valuable and open up more opportunities in the long run.

Conclusion: Transcription Jobs That are Hiring List

If you’re looking for the perfect transcription job from home, whether you’re a beginner or expert, you surely can find it on this list!

I suggest keeping this article handy so you can refer back to it if you want to look for extra work.

We want to hear about your favorite places for at-home transcription work!

Is there any we forgot here?

Please let us know in a comment below!

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