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Last night was a reminder of how thankful I am to be working from home on a flexible schedule. After my shopping spree at Kohl’s (Where I found AMAZING deals!)  I realized my youngest daughter Olivia was burning with a fever of 103 and had red spots all over her. We took her to the urgent care and we spoke to a couple of nurses who assured me she would be okay. She is fine now. Fever is gone, as well as the rash. But the last worry on my mind was work! I was able to put my baby as first and top priority! And THAT is why I work from home. Why do you work from home? Leave me a comment!

So, today’s leads are all about transcription. I first want to tell you, I normally research any link I give you. However, after last night, I had little time to do any research. So, before applying to any of these be sure to do a little research. I will also be researching them tonight and if I find anything off color I will report back to you guys.

There is all types of transcription work and they vary greatly on expectations and pay. There is work that requires little to no experience to some that require a degree or many years of experience. There are a few fields of transcription type work you will likely see. From General to Medical to Law.  I have experience with one company; QuickTate. I am new with them, so I do not have much personal experience to share with you yet.

QuickTate is a fun company to work for. It is mostly transcribing short audio files of voicemails.  It does not require a foot pedal, only high speed internet.  I have no prior experience with transcription work and was accepted. The application process feels a little lengthy as they test for typing speed and accuracy. So be sure to have plenty of time available when you apply.
The work is fun and easy, but the pay is low. At 1 cent for every 4 words typed, the pay per hour varies greatly on speed and volume of work.  iDictate is a sister company and is usually offered to higher performing agents. The pay is higher and the files to transcribe are longer. Although most people say the pay is low with Quicktate, they all seem to enjoy the work. I have read in a forum where someone reported working part time and making $500 a month with them on average. Which is higher than I normally hear. I am new to QuickTate myself and have found the work to be fun. My only problem so far has been waiting for work. Maybe it is a slow time for them.

Here is where you can apply:

Now here are the other links for transcription work that has not been researched by me yet.

Tomorrow I plan to follow up on the transcription work with more links and I will share with you all the beginning of my search for Data entry work, like 

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Trabalhe em casa

August 5, 2011 at 8:01 am

Yes dear Miranda, working from home really is a gift.
Of course the begning is hard as any other job.
But the reward is worth it.

Carole Tee

May 13, 2012 at 8:13 pm

Thanks for the information about transcription work. That is one of the few at home jobs I haven’t tried yet. I’ve always been a little intimidated by it, but may give it a whirl one day. There is a fair amount of transcription work available on Amazon Mechanical Turk also. Good luck to all!