Upgrading a Computer and NonPhoneGigs.com- RoundUp Time!

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

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My New Computer Needs Upgrading!

As a web designer I work with some pretty powerful software programs like Adobe Creative Suite. Even though I bought an ‘upgraded’ computer with all the bells and whistles- it simply could not keep up with my demand.

Jeromy, my husband, who is very resourceful, did a lot of research and talking with computer geeks (intended as a compliment). Jeromy concluded I needed a stronger power supply and he was determined to save on cost by doing the upgrade himself!!

Upgraded Power Supply

It cost me about $80 for the power supply and he completed it without any troubles in less than thirty minutes!

You would not believe how much faster my computer is. From the internet to Photoshop- this monster of a PC powers through it all with speed and ease!!

If you are having computer issues don’t be too afraid of upgrading your current system rather than replacing the whole thing. Even if you don’t have a dare devil bone in your body to do the work yourself, places like Best Buy can upgrade components like the power supply for a very reasonable price. (it would have cost us $50 for Geek Squad through Best Buy to upgrade)

NonPhoneGigs.com- It’s a Membership Site


Last week I was excited about a new site called NonPhoneGigs.com. What I did not realize when I shared with you all is that it is a PAID MEMBERSHIP site!! Not that I have a problem with this fact, I just felt a little deceived and wondered why that fact was not made more apparent. I was disappointed to say the least.

I went ahead and paid $1 for a 24 hour trial access. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the leads listed. There were a lot of really good work at home non phone jobs for things like moderating, chat based customer support and so on. These were leads that even I, who spends hours and hours every week seeking out job leads, have never seen or heard of.  However, the majority (more than half as of right now) of the leads are in the writing category.

If you do not cancel your trial membership then you will be charged $7 the next day and $7 monthly thereafter until you cancel your membership. Nonphonegigs claims they will update every single day of the week “Guaranteed” and you can sign up for their daily update alert to be sent to your email box.

If your time is valuable to you then I will say $7 a month for these leads are worth the investment. I know you can use sites like wahjobleads.com to view work at home job listings completely free but if a nonphone job is what you are after it can take some time to sift through all of your resources. Nonphonegigs.com provides you with a large database with updated leads.

Unfortunately, even though you pay $7 for membership access it does not save you from affiliate ads and listings. But the site is not overrun with them. The meat of the site is valuable and filled with quality job listings.

There are pros and cons to Nonphonegigs.com.

Would you pay $7 for a month’s access to a site like Nonphonegigs.com?

What you can expect next week at Work at Home Adventures:

  • Leisa Good, our Virtual Assistant Expert, reviewed Virtual Vocations for us.
  • We will also get a good look at Cloud10 by Faith Stewart!

Enjoy Monday Mornings and

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September 21, 2012 at 11:13 am

I know my computer needs all kinds of tweaks! I am so afraid to mess with it myself though. It’s encouraging to see that your husband was able to do it on his own, and wow I’m sure you saved a ton of cash.

I also did the trial for nonphonegigs and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of non-phone leads. Like you, I can certainly see it being valuable to someone who is looking specifically for a non phone position but doesn’t want to take time to filter through sites that include phone jobs as well.

I also didn’t realize it was a paid site until it launched, so I was a little surprised that detail was left out when it was being promoted since that’s kind of a big detail and something people would want to know. Especially since I know there are lots of folks out there who will not even consider using membership-based sites.


September 21, 2012 at 1:15 pm

WTG to your husband for upgrading your computer himself! Don’t forget to save your receipts 🙂

Leisa Good

September 21, 2012 at 7:36 pm

That’s great that your husband was able to upgrade your computer! I’m glad that everything is running much faster now– especially for all of your graphic programs.

I have seen Google searches that show how to upgrade or increase the RAM. I had thought of doing that, but I think I’ll give it that to Kevin, my local computer guy.

Thanks for the great roundup! Have a nice weekend everyone.