Video Game Blogger Jobs: 28 Best Sites That Let You Write About Games!

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

Do you love spending your free time playing video games? Write about your favorite games on these 24 sites and get paid for it!Maybe you’re a gamer with some writing chops.

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Maybe you’re trying to break into the freelance writing world and aren’t sure what your niche should be.

All you know is that you love to game!

Well, gaming journalism jobs exist, so you might be in luck.

There are journalists and bloggers who focus solely on video game reviews, in-depth tutorials, and breaking news about the video game world.

Those jobs can be very hard to come by, though, if you don’t have any professional writing experience.

In this article, I want to talk about a way that you can mesh your love for writing with your love for video games: video game reviewing.

Writing about video games is more popular than you think.

A lot of people turn to video game reviews before they decide whether or not to buy one they’ve had their eyes on.

This article is a list of several websites I found that will let you either:

  • Gain free experience reviewing games as you build your portfolio
  • Give you free games in exchange for reviews
  • Pay you to write reviews about your favorite games

Where to Write Video Game Reviews for Money

As I mentioned, some of these websites will not pay you for the articles you write.

However, if you’re new to the writing world, this can still give you some great experience for getting your work out there and building your portfolio.

The websites below that don’t pay will still give you a byline.

That means that your name is attached to the article, so you get credit for it.

Once you have a few published pieces on established sites, it should be easier for you to land some paid writing gigs!


Payment: No payment, but you will get a byline.

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How to start writing: Check the Guest Posting guidelines, which aren’t always open to submission.

AvgJoeGeek is a blog maintained by video game enthusiast, Jason.

The blog covers reviews and guides for the hottest games around, plus some other fun geeky material.

Jason doesn’t always accept guest posts but will update the guest posting guidelines when he’s open for submissions.

Cultured Vultures

Payment: You’ll get paid a specific amount per pageviews as outlined here.

How to start writing: Submit after reading the contributor guidelines.

Culture Vultures thrives on its contributions from video gamers all over the world.

There are different pay rates depending on whether you’re a new writer or senior writer, but the specifications to become a senior writer aren’t clear.

Still, you’ll get paid more the more your articles get seen, so it’s a good idea to share your articles once you write them.

Den of Geek

Payment: Not stated on the website.

How to start writing: Contact [email protected] to inquire about open positions.

Den of Geek covers everything from movies and TV to books and games.

The Den of Geek uses staff writers to write articles, but it might be possible for you to become one.

The blog has this old post that outlines its search for a new writer.

If you’re interested in hopping on board, you can always contact the email address provided with some samples and see if they have a need for any more help!

This blog focuses more on detailed editorial work than reviews, so you’ll need some good research skills and awesome writing ability.


Payment: No payment, but you’ll receive a byline.

How to start writing: Read the contributor’s guidelines to learn how to become a regular contributor.

DoubleUpGaming has game reviews, tips, guides, and even game comparisons.

This site welcomes video game enthusiasts to join the team as guest contributors.

You don’t need any special experience to start.

Articles must be at least 800 words and be exclusive to DoubleUpGaming.


Payment: It’s not clear whether the site pays contributors for articles.

How to start writing: You can contact the owner to ask about contributing articles.

ElectroKami covers various topics, including tech, movies, and music.

The gaming section has articles ranging from game reviews to news about the latest video game consoles.

There aren’t any guidelines on the site about contributed articles, but the contact page does say that article submissions are welcome.

Game Rant

Payment: Although exact payment isn’t specified, Game Rant’s staff writers do have paid positions.

How to start writing: Apply to a job board listing or use the contact page to find the proper email address to contact the site owner.

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Game Rant is a very popular gaming blog with news, reviews, and detailed guides.

The site doesn’t advertise its writing positions on its website, but it does advertise it them on some freelance job boards, like Video Game Journalism Jobs.

The blog occasionally seeks video game writers to cover news, strategy guides, new game trailers, and more.

If you can’t find any open job listings on freelance writing job boards, you can email the site owners to inquire about positions.


Payment: Unpaid, but you’ll get a byline with a link back to your site.

How to start writing: Read the GameCrazy contributor’s guidelines.

GameCrazy is all about gaming news for just about every game under the sun.

The contributor guidelines state that it’s looking for regular contributors that can write at least one article per month, rather than random contributors for one-off posts.


Payment: Payment isn’t specified on the website, but the site does state that it’s looking for regular contributors.

How to start writing: Check the Write for Us page for details and send your information to the provided email address.

Gamepur specifically looks for gaming writers who can provide detailed walk-throughs of some of the hottest games.

The site doesn’t state that any experience or samples are required to become a contributor, but experience may be a plus.


Payment: $0.50 per 1,000 pageviews.

How to start writing: Check the Write for Us page for rules and then join the site to start writing.

GameSkinny is a website that writes about games for various platforms.

This site allows writers to get paid based on how many pageviews they have, so those with a lot of social media followers will likely find success here.

Gaming Debugged

Payment: No payment, but you will receive a byline with a link.

How to start writing: Check out the writer’s guidelines here.

Gaming Debugged offers game buying guides, tutorials, and more.

Although you won’t get paid to submit articles here, you will benefit from having a lot of eyes on your articles.

The website currently has a decent Page Rank and Domain Authority score, which can help you build authority for yourself in the video game niche.

Killer Guides

Payment: The website doesn’t mention a specific payment, but it does state that its freelancers profit from their articles.

How to start writing: Read this page and then use the email address to find out more information.

Killer Guides is all about in-depth guides for the hottest games.

You can write guides as a freelancer for the site.

You’ll need to feel comfortable working with an editor after you submit your work.

New Game Network

Payment: $5 for a review, plus a review copy of the game you’ll review.

How to start writing: Inquire about a staff writing job by contacting the email address on the contact page.

New Game Network is another gaming site that doesn’t typically list its jobs on its website, but instead will place them on freelance writing job boards.

The website sometimes looks for staff writers to write in-depth reviews of new video games for various platforms.

You’ll get to keep the review copy you get as part of your payment for your review!


Payment: There’s no mention of payment, but you will get a byline and author bio.

How to start writing: Read the writer’s guidelines for submitting posts here.

Retronuke is a gamer’s paradise that looks for people to write interviews of developers, game reviews, opinions on game trailers, and more.

You can either contribute your own ideas for posts or ask for some ideas to write.


Payment: Contributors aren’t paid but will receive a byline.

How to start writing: Read the contributor’s guidelines and then join the site to start contributing. You’ll need to send an email to the address listed on the contributor’s site after registering to confirm that you want to write.

TechSling allows gamers to write by signing up to become a contributor.

The website thrives on guest contributions and is a busy site, so you could get a lot of visitors to your articles.

That VideoGame Blog

Payment: No payment, but regular contributors will receive review copies in exchange for their reviews.

How to start writing: Check the Writers page to learn about open positions and how to apply.

That VideoGame Blog is a frequently-updated resource for all things gaming.

The site seeks full-time and part-time contributors to write news articles, reviews, and more.

The Average Gamer

Payment: No payment, but you’ll get a byline and a free review copy of the game you review.

How to start writing: You can find the editor’s contact information on the contact page.

The Average Gamer focuses on reviews of games in various genres.

The website uses staff writers mostly, but also relies on some contributions from freelancers.

The Escapist

Payment: There’s no mention of payment, but you’ll get a byline.

How to start writing: Read the guidelines for pitches.

The Escapist seeks contributors that can write articles in the following categories:

  • Video games
  • Movies & TV
  • Tabletop
  • Science & Tech
  • Comics & Cosplay

You’ll need to send a pitch for approval before you start writing a review or article.

The Gamer

Payment: Author bio, byline, base payment, plus a payment for pageviews.

How to start writing: Apply using the form on this page.

The Gamer is one of Valnet’s many brands that allow contributors to write and get paid for it.

This one focuses solely on video games, comics, and other fun geeky things.

As a contributor, you’ll work closely with an editor to have polished articles posted regularly in your name.

Best of all, there’s no experience required.

The Sociable

Payment: No payment, but you’ll get a byline.

How to start writing: Read the rules thoroughly (there are a lot!).

The Sociable is a popular tech and business-focused site that covers video game news and reviews.

You are welcome to submit guest posts and pitches for approval by an editor.

The Xbox Hub

Payment: There’s no payment for contributors, but your articles will be published in your name.

How to start writing: Use the form here to contact the editors with your ideas.

If you’re an Xbox fan, then The Xbox Hub may be the place for you!

This place is all about Xbox games, news, and more.

The site does accept contributor submissions, but it doesn’t include a lot of guidelines.


Payment: No payment, but you can get a byline.

How to start writing: Send pitches to the email address located here.

Ubergizmo is a lot more than gaming, but it’s one of the many techie categories it covers.

You can send in pitches for anything from new release gaming news to game reviews.


Payment: There’s no payment involved, but you will receive a byline.

How to start writing: Use the contact form here to submit a pitch.

Unigamesity covers a variety of game categories, from kids to fighting games.

You can write everything from in-depth walkthroughs to mobile game reviews as a contributor here.


Payment: Base pay for each article, plus extra cash for pageviews.

How to start writing: Check out the FAQ and writer’s guidelines here.

WhatCulture is a popular pop culture website that has games as one of its categories.

This website pays its writers for short news articles and long-form list articles.

Long-form articles will pay more than short news articles, but every write can earn some extra money from the pageviews their articles receive.

You’re even allowed to pitch ideas as often as you want, but you’ll need to wait for an editor’s approval to get started.


Payment: Payment details not specified on the website. Contact the editors for more information.

How to start writing: Gamasutra accepts freelance contributions, including game reviews. Reach out to the editors to inquire about submission guidelines and potential opportunities.

Gamasutra is a leading website dedicated to the art and business of making video games. It covers a wide range of topics, including game design, development, and industry news.

Game Informer

Payment: Payment terms not openly disclosed. Contact the editorial team for more information on compensation.

How to start writing: Game Informer welcomes freelance submissions, including game reviews. Get in touch with the editorial team to learn about their submission process and guidelines.

Game Informer is a popular gaming magazine and website that provides news, reviews, and features about video games.


Payment: Payment details not openly disclosed. Contact the Polygon team for more information on compensation.

How to start writing: While primarily employing staff writers, Polygon also accepts freelance contributions. Writers interested in submitting game reviews can inquire about freelance opportunities and submission guidelines through the Polygon contact page.

Polygon is a prominent gaming news and media website that covers the latest gaming trends, reviews, and features.


Payment: Payment structure may vary. Refer to IGN’s submission guidelines or contact the editorial team for more information on compensation.

How to start writing: IGN, a prominent entertainment media outlet, offers opportunities for freelance writers to contribute game reviews. Explore their writer submission guidelines or reach out to their editorial team to learn more about how to get started.

IGN is a well-known platform that covers video games, movies, TV shows, and more.

BONUS: Video Game Journalism Jobs

Video Game Journalism Jobs is exactly where you need to go to stay on top of the most recent video game writing jobs.

This is where a lot of website owners go to advertise when they need a video game writer rather than posting it on the site.

I suggest keeping this one bookmarked and checking it daily, as it gets updated frequently.

Read Also: 18 Sites That Will Pay You to Play Games for Free

Conclusion: Video Game Blogger Jobs

Gamers, unite!

As you can see, it’s totally possible to become a video game writer with little to no experience.

You may need to get some published pieces under your belt before you can become a staff writer on your favorite sites.

Fortunately, many of the sites above will let you do just that, giving you an author bio and byline to start building your portfolio.

Ready to start writing about your favorite games?

Check out the writer’s guidelines for the sites above and get your pitches in!

Good luck.

Do you currently write for any video game sites?

Are there others on this list that I didn’t mention?

Let us know in a comment!

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