Virtual Bee, Socializing, WAH Depression- Weekly Roundup

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

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If there is anything I have learned about working from home it is that just like our car has mileage so does our house. Working from home means I am wearing and tearing my home more than if I were gone most of the day…which simply adds more work for me. It also means my carpet wears out faster, my electricity bill is higher and home is more than a place a to sleep. Remember to take an extra few minutes today and make your home a little more personal. I am going to buy and hang a cork board by my desk…something I have needed to do for far too long but just never wanted to spend the ten bucks or take the few minutes. What will you do today?

Work at Home News

KeyForCash is rebranding

KeyForCash, a low wage data entry company, will be changing their brand from KeyforCash to Virtual Bee tomorrow, September 15th.

The usual link will still work but will simply transfer you to their new link at

I checked out the new site and I am a little excited by what I see. It appears to me that KeyforCash, rather Virtual Bee, is possibly expanding beyond just data entry. Although this company is known for not paying very well, it is still a reliable company that has been paying work at home workers for over a decade. I look forward to these changes and to seeing what opportunities this may pose for us virtual workers.

A New Work at Home  Job Website is in the Works

Shanae, the Smartchic of, is helping on a new project called I love the concept because when I was desperate to find a non-phone job a couple of years ago, I was hoarding all the resources I could find! They are hoping to have the website available Monday, September 17th, but that is not set in stone. You can ‘like’ the Facebook Page to stay updated and be the first to know when the site is live.

Stay in the Work at Home Loop

Are you a part of the Work at Home Community? If you ever find working from home is a lonely place to be then be sure to get involved. Surprisingly there is a lot going on online. Between Work at Home Forums where you can go and chat about anything with people who understand, to Facebook groups where you can chat and meet new people.

Work at Home Forums I recommend:

Facebook Groups I recommend to get you started:

Coming Soon to Work at Home Adventures

Jess Weaver will be talking about dealing with depression while working from home. This is a subject I know many of my readers are facing and in fact, one of the main reasons many people choose to work from home. Depression is more than a state of mind, it is a disease. I look forward to sharing her article and opening up that discussion!

Enjoy Monday Mornings and

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Leisa Good

September 14, 2012 at 10:27 am

WooHoo! Great looking roundup. Roll ’em. Roll ’em. And a great big “yeehaw” Texas style. Can you tell that I am ready for Friday?

Can’t wait to hear from Shanae and Jess next week. I know that I’ll never be disappointed with those two. They’ll share something valuable for sure.

Also, I never thought about more wear and tear to my house. My living room carpet is definitely in need of replacement. How did you know that? 😉 Looks like it was carpeted over a bog!

Miranda Grimm

September 14, 2012 at 11:18 am

Haha yeah…we are planning to replace our carpet with whatever we get at Tax Return time. I am so anxious though! My carpet is tearing apart (literally) and filled with stains. Now that potty training is pretty much done…we need new carpet and living room furniture haha!

Leisa Good

September 14, 2012 at 4:05 pm

Miranda, don’t blame ya there about tax return time!

I can proudly say that my carpet is stain-free. I keep do keep it clean, but then I don’t have small children or pets. So I should. I don’t have an excuse.

However, the carpet is popping up in the middle and it has creases all around the edges. It almost reminds me of the movie, “Tremors”. Remember those big worms moving around just below the earth’s surface? Yeah, definitely awaiting that tax return.

Have a great weekend.


September 15, 2012 at 4:59 pm

Thanks for letting me write for you Miranda 😉