27 Legit Ways to Get Free Robux Easy in 2023

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23 Legit Ways to Get Free Robux Easy in 2022 

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In real-life situations, currencies are must-have essentials. Also, the more, the merrier since it helps you access more things in life. Similarly, having Rubux opens a world of endless possibilities in the world of Roblox. It empowers you to access different goodies like:  

  • More games 
  • Bonus in-game content 
  • New clothes 
  • Gear for your avatar 
  • Different Roblux accessories 
  • Earning real money from profit shares and transactions 

The buck stops at understanding how to obtain Robux. Luckily, there are many ways to reach the objective, and buying is one of the popular options.  

However, budget constraints can be inhibitive. Also, there’s nothing wrong with craving freebies. That said, here’s how to get free Robux for real in 2023. 

How to Get Free Robux for Real in 2023

Free is often synonymous with easy. However, be ready to roll up your sleeves since effort is required if you’re looking to get a decent amount of Robux for free. Nonetheless, it’s fun regardless of the method you’ll decide to choose.  

For one, you can use legit apps to get Robux for free, sell game passes, create accounts on free Robux websites that actually work 2023, or use Robux generators, to mention a few (stay put since more is coming your way in the next sections). 

1. Join Roblox Premium 

As mentioned earlier, you can buy Robux to satisfy your gaming needs. You can choose the one-time payment option or upgrade to the premium plan (subscription). Payment could be via Roblox gift card if you’ve purchased them already. You can also use credit and debit cards or Paypal.  

Since you’re looking to earn free Roblux, your best bet is upgrading to Roblox premium. Below is a comparison table showing the amount of Roblox you’ll get with the one-time purchase option and what’s available if you join Roblox Premium.  

One Time Subscription  Roblox Premium 
400 Robux  450 Robux 
800 Robux   1,000 Robux 
1,700 Robux  2,200 Robux 

Roblox Premium comprises three tires. The subscription you settle for determines the amount of Robux earned every month. Here’s the breakdown: 

Roblox Premium Tier  Monthly Robux Stipend 
$4.99 per month  450 Robux 
$9.99 per month   1,000 Robux 
$19.99 per month  2,200 Robux 

It’s worth mentioning that the top level unlocks some in-game currencies and rewards you with Bonus Accessories, Developer Exchange, and Membership Gear. The Developer Exchange allows you to exchange a minimum of 100 000 Robux for real-world currency. 

2. Sell Clothes to Get Free Robux  

Subscribing to the premium plan allows you to sell clothes on Roblox. This can work wonders if you’re good at designing. You’ll just use your skills to create irresistible designs for hoodies, pants, t-shirts, and shirts. Prices for individual items are available in the catalog. A little research will go a long way to help with the pricing. 

After completing your designs, put your merchandise in the marketplace and make those sales. Remember, you’ve to wait three days for your sales to clear, after which you can claim 70% of the income. The other 30% helps to support the economy and keep inflation in check. 

3. Earn Free Robux with Microsoft Rewards  

Sorry, Puerto Ricans. This option is reserved for Roblox enthusiasts in specific countries like the US, UK, Sweden, and China, to mention a few. It’s a pretty simple method of earning free Robox. However, the rules of the game apply.  

If you don’t have a Microsoft account, just head over here and create one. Then surf the web using Microsoft Edge for five days to receive 100 Robux without spending a coin. Remember, the offer is valid 14 days after signing up for the challenge. 

4. Utilize Robox Codes to Earn Free Robux 

Although rare, Robox codes provide one of the easiest yet legit methods of obtaining Robux. In fact, you’ll have your reward within 2 seconds after redeeming your code. However, this option is entirely dependent on luck. 

The reason is you’ve to rely on Roblox Giveaways and hope Mr. Luck knocks on your door. Luckily, the Giveaways are an ongoing exercise. You’ve multiple chances to enter and stand a chance to win the rare code to help you get free Robux. 

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Remember, each code is unique and comprises a specific amount of Robux. Therefore, it’s impossible to know how much Robox you’ll get. Lastly, codes are reserved for new accounts. So, sorry seasoned players, this isn’t for you. 

5. How to Use the Roblox Affiliate Program to Get Free Robux for Real in 2023 

Like other renowned sites, Roblox has an affiliate program. The Roblox community is free to join and empowers you to earn rewards in the form of Robux. Most Robox users, however, are unaware of the opportunities lying idle within the affiliate program. 

Joining is free and also straightforward. All that’s required is for you to have and Roblox account. The site features an affiliate program section where you sign up to become Roblox’s affiliate. After successful sign-up, you’ll receive the affiliate link. 

Share the URL with friends and relatives to earn free Robox. The best part about the affiliate program is that it delivers ongoing benefits. You only sign up once, but every time someone uses your link and buys Robux, you get 5% of the amount purchased. 

Use Legit Apps to Get Robux for Free 

There are several apps that can help you access free Robux. The best part about this option is that there are no surveys to take to gain Robux. Here are the legit ones 

6. App Trailers 

App Trailers are an indirect method of getting free Robux. Their job is to help obtain real-world money, which you can use to buy the in-game currency. You can earn by playing trivia games, watching DIY videos, celebrity gossip, or video trailers of different apps. 

Completing the tasks earns points that you can redeem for real cash via Paypal. You can then use the money to get Robust. 

7. Free Robux Lotto 2020 App 

The Free Robux Lotto 2020 is among the new yet legit apps you can download to get Robux for free. It’s available in Google Play and boasts 40 000 reviews and an impressive 4-star rating. You can either use lotto, free scratchers, or play raffle games for a chance to win free Robux. 

8. Fetch Rewards App 

Fetch Rewards is one of the US’s most loved cash-back apps. It has over 13 million users with an impressive rating of 4.6 on Google Play. If you’re an Apple user, you can get it from the IOS store. 

The app rewards you with at least 25 points for each receipt uploaded. Both hard copies and e-receipts are accepted. Make sure your uploads are clear with all necessary details included.  

Fetch Rewards also lets you link it with your Email address or Amazon account to help you quickly upload your receipts. After hoarding a sizable amount of points, you can exchange them for your preferred gift card (Google Play, X-Box for Microsoft, Amazon, or Apple). Next, use your cards to get Robux without spending a dime.  

9. Fit Hole App 

While effort is necessary, fun is inclusive when you go out hunting for free Robux. Downloading the Fit Hole App will provide you with the right environment to achieve the mentioned objectives. The fun game app is available on Google Play Store. It has bout 9 000 reviews and a 4-star rating. 

Fit Hole App is also user-friendly and comprises several levels. Your job is to drag shapes and drop them into holes. Speed is necessary in order to move from one level to the next. The faster you’re, the quicker you earn Robux.  

10. Ibotta App 

Some receipts end up in the bin. The vital ones are kept safe. Either way, you can use those pieces of paper to earn real money through the Ibotta app. The cash rewards range between $1 – $3 but can sometimes go higher.  

Here’s how to go about it: 

  • Download the app 
  • Open then select the item you wish to redeem 
  • Purchase 
  • Upload the receipt 
  • Receive payment within 24 hours 

Tip: Make sure the upload has every vital detail just as it appears on the cash sale receipt, like the date, store name, items bought, and total cost. 

11. Jetpack Chicken App 

The Jetpack Kitchen App is another fun game app that you can rely on to earn free Robust. This one directly awards you the in-game currency. The easy-to-play game requires you to tap on your device screen in order to fly the chicken. 

Your goal is to ensure the chicken jumps as far as possible. That way, it flies higher up and escapes from the chicken coop. Consequently, you get rewarded with a free Robux. 

12. Slidejoy App 

Here is an easy way to obtain free Robux. It works like the App Trailers because it isn’t a direct method of earning Robux. You get money which you can use to obtain the in-game currency.  

The Slidejoy app rewards you money whenever you unlock your phone. Interesting, right? You may wonder where the free money comes from. 

Every time you unlock your phone, Slidejoy displays an ad. Meanwhile, the advertising company will have paid the platform to display their ad. Slidejoy shares that income with its users. An algorithm determines when you’ll receive payment which you can use to get Robux at no cost. 

13. Strong Granny App 

You’ve got five days to escape from a strong granny who’s keeping you locked in her house. The escape route includes hiding inside wardrobes and under beds. Meanwhile, granny is super attentive and can hear the slightest sound. So, you’ve to be careful. 

Also, the fun game comprises several levels. You only get free Robux after completing level ten. Sorry Android users. The app is available on the app store. Therefore, it’s reserved for iPhone and iPad devices. 

14. Strong Pixel App 

Just like Fit Hole, you can have fun while hunting for free Robux. Plus, the requirements are pretty straightforward—download the app, and play.  

The challenge here is to help the Strong Pixel guy deliver his stuff to an endless point. Remember, the game app comprises different levels. You need to complete level ten to win free Robux. 

Free Robux Websites That Actually Work in 2023 

The number of scam sites claiming to reward users with free Robux is increasing rapidly. You already know the dangers of falling prey to illegal websites. Nonetheless, there are legit free Robux Websites that actually work in 2023.  

15. Freecash 

Freecash will reward your effort with free Robox cards. The site was previously known as Freeskin and is available in almost all nations of the world. Unlike other sites, the Freecash withdrawal threshold is $5—an easy-to-achieve target. Also, their efficient cash-out system ensures you receive your earnings within a few hours. 

So, if you’re looking to get free Robux quickly, Freecash can be a perfect option. Aside from taking surveys, you can watch videos or complete offers to earn points which can be used to get Robux for free. Accepted payment options include: 

  • PayPal 
  • Bitcoin 
  • Litecoin 
  • CS: GO skins 

16. InboxDollars 

InboxDollars rewards you with real cash for taking surveys, playing games, reviewing apps, trying products and services, and reading emails. You can also earn from your grocery shopping, whether in-store or online. Cash acquired can be sent to your PayPal account, which you can use to fetch Robux without spending a dollar from your pocket. 

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17. PointsPrizes 

Your dedication will determine how many points you’ll earn from PointPrizes. The site features several approaches to help get points that can be exchanged for gift cards. You can join their affiliate program and invite friends to earn points. Following are other available options: 

  • Watch promotional videos 
  • Paly games 
  • Complete offers 
  • Answer daily polls 
  • Find coupon codes 
  • Take surveys 

The site runs occasional promotions where you can earn additional points. So, be on the lookout to grow your bag of points. There’s no limit to the number of gift cards you can redeem. So, you can strive to acquire as many points as you can and be on your way to getting a lot of free Robux. 

18. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is a legit site that offers straightforward avenues for making money online. They include: 

  • Shopping online 
  • Taking surveys 
  • Playing games 
  • Completing offers 
  • Browsing the internet 
  • Watching videos 

However, you’ve first to earn points called SB on the platform and then redeem them for real currency or gift card. 100 SB is equal to one dollar or one gift card. You can transfer cash obtained into your PayPal account and use it to get Robux. You can also opt to redeem a gift card to help earn some Robux. 

19. QMee 

You can download Qmee from Apple Store or Google Play or use their Chrome extension to access it. The site rewards you with real cash by taking surveys, playing games, performing web searches, or shopping online. 

Qmee provides straightforward approaches for making money online during your free time. Once you’ve achieved an impressive Qmee account balance, you can use it to get free Robux. By the way, you can withdraw any amount from Qmee. So, you can get Robux anytime on the condition that you’ve money in your Qmee account. 

20. ZoomBucks 

ZoombBucks allows you to earn money by participating in surveys, completing offers, and watching videos. Earnings are often sent into a Paypal account so make sure you have it.  

You can use the money to buy Robux instead of digging into your pocket. Alternatively, you can use your earnings to redeem a Robox Gift Card and then use the codes to get free Robux at no cost. 

21. Use Game Passes to Get Free Robux 

Be ready to roll up your sleeves if you decide to use this method. For one, it’s time-consuming and requires some level of knowledge about the workings of the platform—however, it’s one of the quickest methods to get a lot of Roblox once everything is up and running. 

Further, the Roblox default settings allow users to create new games—this is one of the platform’s unique features. Other gaming platforms come with everything ready, confining you to one game with several levels. They lack the variety available on Roblox. 

You can use Roblox Studio to create different items. You can also use it to publish your creation on virtual reality devices, smartphones, PCS, tablets, and consoles.  

The brightest aspect is that no coding or expansive computer knowledge is necessary. Plus, there are many you-tube tutorials to help create a Roblox mini-game. After making the game, you’ll also need to monetize it in order to earn Robux.  

Monetizing means setting a competitive price and selling game passes. Game passes enable players to access particular aspects of your game, like permanent power-up, avatars, and increased speeds, to mention a few. It’s up to you to decide who will access what. 

Also, they can cost as little as 25 or as high as 1,000 Robux. So, anything in between the said figures is acceptable. Selling game passes can be rewarding. However, the luxury is reserved for popular mini-games. 

You must ensure your game is unique and enjoyable to attract a following. Also, check out for bugs; otherwise, your mini-game will be at risk of being quarantined. It pays to reward loyal players with exceptional benefits. It’s retention as well as an effective marketing strategy.  

When many players get attracted to your mini-game, it’s possible to earn a lot of Robux within no time. However, Robux gained remains pending for three days before being paid into your account.  

22. Robux Generators for Free Robux 

Sadly, the internet is awash with fake sites that promise to give Roblux members a pass to Robux generators. Their goal is to benefit from the unsuspecting Roblox community. Aside from losing your account, you can lose money or fall prey to identity theft.  

However, RobuxMania is a popular legit Robux generator platform. It has been around for about three years and hosts about 7 000 users daily. Further, RobuxMania has received many positive reviews from many leading you-tubers. 

To access it, just type free Robux on any search engine and hit enter. It’ll pop up within no time. Go ahead and register. Next, pick the task you’d like to earn from.  

It can be completing the surveys, visiting different sites, installing games and applications, or any other rewarding job. The tasks get updated daily. So, rinse and repeat as many times as you want. 

Perhaps the best part is the ability to withdraw any amount of Robux from the site–including one Robux. Also, the tasks are easy to complete. It’s easy to get a lot of Robux using Free Robux generators.  

23. Free Robux Giveaways 

The internet is an excellent resource if you can hack it. Endless possibilities include getting free Robux lying inside of it. Sadly, some Roblox users are yet to leverage the numerous online opportunities. 

The primary task here is to search for free Robux giveaway context and then enter for a chance to win the in-game currency. You’ll want to narrow down and focus on gaming platforms, particularly Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube.  

That really makes your work easier than performing random searches on the web. Also, the three are rich sources of information about Free Robux Giveaways. Before long, your search will bear fruits. Remember, some contexts comprise other rewards aside from awarding you free Robux. 

24. Trading and Investing in Limited Items

Roblox has a thriving economy where players can trade and invest in limited edition items, such as hats, gear, and accessories. 

Some of these items can appreciate in value over time, allowing you to sell them for a higher price and earn Robux. 

Keep an eye on the Roblox marketplace, forums, and trading communities to identify valuable items and make strategic trades or investments. 

However, it’s essential to research and understand the market trends before engaging in item trading or investing.

25. Stream Roblox on Twitch or YouTube

If you enjoy live streaming or creating videos, consider focusing on Roblox content for platforms like Twitch or YouTube

By building an audience and producing entertaining or informative Roblox gameplay videos, you can attract viewers, gain subscribers, and potentially monetize your content through ad revenue or donations. 

Engaging with your audience and providing value through your streams or videos can help you grow your channel and increase your earnings over time.

26. Participate in Roblox Beta Testing

Roblox frequently conducts beta testing for new features, games, or updates. 

By participating in these beta tests, you can provide valuable feedback and bug reports to help improve the platform. 

In return, Roblox often rewards beta testers with Robux or exclusive virtual items as a token of appreciation. 

Keep an eye on official Roblox announcements, social media channels, or the Roblox Developer Forum for opportunities to join beta tests and potentially earn free Robux.

27. Engage with Sponsored Promotions

Roblox occasionally collaborates with brands or sponsors for promotional campaigns within the platform. 

These campaigns might involve completing specific tasks, participating in virtual events, or interacting with sponsored content. 

By actively engaging with these sponsored promotions, you can earn free Robux or exclusive virtual items. 

Stay updated on Roblox news, follow their social media accounts, and keep an eye out for sponsored events or partnerships to take advantage of these opportunities.

Final Words 

Robux is the in-game currency of Roblox—one of the world’s largest gaming sites. It’s a must-have essential if you’re a gaming enthusiast looking to enhance your gaming experience. 

Players can buy the in-game currency using real-world money. However, it can be costly, mainly if you spend a lot of time on the site or you want to access special gear and many games.  

Also, why would you part with your hard-earned money while you can learn how to get free Robux for free in 2023? No need. Feel free to choose from the multiple options shared in this article to get rich in the world of Roblox and spoil yourself. 

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