Top 4 Totally Doable Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

Making money on Pinterest is a reality! We detail four ways to earn money from pinning images on Pinterest – some of which can make you $1000 or more per month!Let’s face it: Pinterest is a fun way to waste your time looking at new recipes, DIY projects, and motivating quotes.

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But, there’s so much more to it than that that most people don’t realize.

Pinterest is a money-maker just waiting for you to tap into its resources.

Millennials are using Pinterest as much as Instagram, according to Business Insider.

That means it’s really popular.

In fact, 30% of all people in the U.S. who use social media have an account on Pinterest!

It’s no wonder, then, that people are learning how to use the popular platform to make money.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to know if your Pinterest obsession can make you money, this article is one you need to read!

How much money does Pinterest make people?

That depends on the method you choose and how successful you are with it.

But, if you read some blogs about people who have been successful doing so, you’ll learn that you can earn anywhere from hundreds per day to thousands per month if you do it right.

How to Make Money Using Pinterest and Loop88

The first method I want to talk about is using Loop88 to earn money on Pinterest.

Loop88 is a company that creates pinnable content for influencers, businesses, and more.

Basically, it creates pins and Pinterest strategies that can help people up their Pinterest games.

But, you can also sign up to become a Loop88 Pinner.

What that means is that you’ll become an influencer for the brands that Loop88 works with.

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You can think of it like sponsored blog content, only for Pinterest instead of a blog.

You can browse open campaigns and choose to be a part of them.

You’ll basically be advertising for brands using your Pinterest boards and influence.

This is such a simple way to get paid for your love of Pinterest. Let’s get started!

Signing Up for Loop88

First, you’ll need to sign up as a Pinner for Loop88.

Doing this tells Loop88 that you have a Pinterest influence and good following already and you’re ready to let it work for you by connecting with partnered brands.

You’ll need to connect your Pinterest account when you sign up.

If you have more than one Pinterest account, you can only choose one, so make sure it’s the one you want to work with for Loop88.

Fill out your profile, let Loop88 know your interests and the types of content you usually pin, and double check everything.

The information you put in your profile is what brands will look at when choosing the influencers with whom they want to work.

Wait for Offers

Once you’re all set up, you’ll need to wait for open campaigns to check out.

When there’s one that matches your interests, you’ll get a notification via email.

Brands can choose to work directly with you, too, and will send you an offer for you to consider.

Whenever you receive a campaign offer, you can choose to accept or deny it.

It’s a good idea to deny ones that don’t really match your interests because you won’t be able to fit the content seamlessly into your boards, which is the whole point of this system.

You’ll want to make sure that, instead of snatching every offer that comes your way, you maintain your integrity with your followers.

After all, they followed you because they have similar interests.

If you pin mostly about food, your followers won’t want to see a whole bunch of pins about baby products.

When you find campaigns that seem like the perfect match for you, you can accept it.

Loop88 will send you detailed information about the requirements, pay, etc.

Then, you’re free to start creating your Pinterest content according to the campaign requirements!

Get Paid

Once a campaign finishes, you can typically receive your payment within 24 hours, provided that you met all the requirements.

The campaign advertiser has three days to verify your pins and reject them to ask for any corrections, if necessary.

If they haven’t rejected anything in those three days, then your pins will automatically be approved by Loop88, and you can receive your payment.

Once your cash hits your account, you can withdraw it with PayPal.

Remember to do this as often as possible, because if your account goes inactive for six months, you will start getting charged $5 for every month of inactivity.

How Much Money Can I Make with Loop88?

You have some control over what you earn with Loop88.

You can specify how much you charge per pin when you create your account.

People with thousands of engaged followers can command higher rates than those who have less followers and followers who don’t re-pin pins very often.

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Most pinners charge between $10 and $20 per pin.

Some campaigns have several pins involved, while others only have one or two.

Basically, the amount you make depends on how much you charge and how many campaigns you’re eligible for.

Realistically, Loop88 won’t make you a full-time income.

Instead, much like sponsored blog opportunities, you should treat it as an extra form of income to supplement what you make from other income streams, like your blog, Facebook sponsors, etc.

Other Ways to Get Cash from Your Pinterest Obsession

Loop88 isn’t the only way people are making money using Pinterest.

I have three other solid ways I want to talk about with you, some of which might be better opportunities for the right Pinterest fanatics!

Sign Up for Sponsored Opportunities

Several networks that offer sponsored blog opportunities sometimes have sponsored Pinterest opportunities too.

Sponsored opps offer a way for you to work with top brands. You’ll basically advertise for the brands through your blog or social media networks.

There are tons of sponsored blogging networks on the web, but they don’t all offer sponsored Pinterest campaigns as an option.

Here are a few that do:

There won’t always be Pinterest campaigns available.

But, those who work in the food or fashion/beauty niches can usually have more opportunities than others for sponsored Pinterest campaigns.

Sign up for your favorite platforms and check back frequently to see if any are available in your niche!

Use Your Affiliate Links

A couple of years ago, Pinterest banned users from using affiliate links on their pins.

Then, in 2016, Pinterest started allowing them again once it found a way to detect and ban spammers more efficiently.

So, you now can use affiliate links to monetize your Pinterest account without getting in trouble.

There are a couple of ways that you can use affiliate links to make money on Pinterest:

  1. Send people to your blog posts with affiliate links included, or
  2. Link directly to affiliate products on your Pinterest pins.

Either way is acceptable under Pinterest’s most recent affiliate rules.

If you’re not aware of what affiliate links are, they’re basically links to products or services you love that give you some commission or a flat fee when someone else clicks it and purchases that product or service.

For example, you can sign up with Amazon Associates to promote Amazon products you love.

Create a pin for the product, use your affiliate link, and attach it to your pin.

When people click your pin and purchase the product, you’ll get a portion of the sale!

Some people choose to link their pins to blog posts with affiliate links, which can work well too.

The benefit of doing it this way is that you’ll also get traffic to your blog!

Plus, you can create helpful blog posts that can point people toward purchasing the products or services you suggest and create awesome, pinnable images to go along with them.

Become a Pinterest Marketer or Consultant

If you’ve used Pinterest for years and feel like you know the ins and outs of the social network platform, then you can probably make some money off the platform by using your skills!

In other words, use your expertise to coach others and help them with their Pinterest strategy.

I know quite a few bloggers who have taken up social media marketing or coaching as a side gig in addition to working on their blogs.

They have excellent social media followings and usually have a high level of expertise in at least one social media network.

They use that knowledge to help others build their followings and create winning social media accounts.

There’s no reason why you can’t do that on Pinterest!

A woman named Leah wrote a post for Making Sense of Cents detailing exactly how she started her own Pinterest side hustle by coaching others.

Leah’s the epitome of a successful Pinterest coach, earning up to $1500 per month for her part-time gig.

Pretty cool, huh?

There are plenty of other success stories on this type of side gig if you spend some time online looking for them.

If you’re not really sure where to start, but you know that you have the skills to get moving in this area, I suggest getting a few clients on Upwork.

Upwork is a great place to score some gigs for entry-level freelancers who want to build their portfolios.

Do an excellent job for your first couple of clients, and you’ll have some awesome testimonials to work with!

Another Good Option…

Or, if you’re not 100% confident in your coaching or marketing abilities, you can take baby steps.

Become a Pinterest virtual assistant instead!

VAs can help take some time off the hands of others by pinning images for them, re-pinning other images, connecting pins to links, etc.

Basically, you can help build other Pinterest accounts for people who don’t want to do it themselves.

Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings on Pinterest

If you’re looking to optimize your presence on Pinterest and increase your existing earnings from this platform, it’s crucial to understand and implement strategic tactics.

Here are six tips to help maximize your earnings on Pinterest:

Optimize Your Pin Designs

The first impression matters a lot on Pinterest.

Your pins should be visually engaging and aligned with your brand aesthetics. Use high-quality images, clear and readable text, and compelling colors.

Vertical pins (2:3 aspect ratio) typically perform better as they take up more screen real estate, increasing visibility.

A/B testing different designs can help identify what works best for your audience.

Utilize Rich Pins

Rich Pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin.

There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe, and article.

Use the appropriate Rich Pin type to give your pins more substance, making them more valuable to Pinterest users.

Use Pinterest Analytics

Make the most of Pinterest’s built-in analytics to gain insight into what’s working and what’s not.

Check which of your pins get the most impressions, saves, and clicks, and try to understand why.

Use this data to refine your strategy and create more of the content that your audience enjoys.

Consistent and Timely Pinning

Consistency is key on Pinterest. Regularly pinning new content increases your chances of being seen.

Additionally, being aware of seasonality and trending topics can help boost your pins’ relevance.

Use Pinterest’s scheduling feature to plan and automate your pins at optimal times.

Join Group Boards

Group boards are a fantastic way to reach a larger audience.

When you pin to a group board, your content is seen by all the followers of that board.

However, make sure the group board is relevant to your niche to ensure that your pins reach a suitable audience.

Optimize Your Pinterest SEO

Pinterest, like Google, is a search engine.

To help your pins rank higher in Pinterest’s search results, make sure to use relevant, long-tail keywords in your pin descriptions, board titles, and board descriptions.

This will make your pins more discoverable and can help drive more organic traffic to your profile.

Here’s a helpful article on how to get started!

Conclusion: Get Paid to Pin on Pinterest

Are you ready to start making money on Pinterest?

Hopefully, these pointers gave you some helpful advice for monetizing your Pinterest account and making money off your hobby (or obsession!).

Fortunately, Pinterest is even simple enough to learn if you don’t yet consider yourself an expert.

Do some research online, and you’ll come up with plenty of helpful, free resources for people who want to learn everything there is to know about Pinterest.

Do you use Pinterest?

Have you tried making money with it yet?

We’d love to hear your money-making ideas about earning on Pinterest.

Leave us a comment below!

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