6 Ways to Make Extra Money Between Calls

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

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Working a phone job is often one of the most lucrative home based job fields. Pay is almost always fair and the hours often stable. However, depending on the company you work for, time of day or the number of other phone agents working- you could end up with a lot of down time waiting for your next call to come through. There are plenty of ways to fill that time and give you the highest earnings possible for your hours worked!

Here are six online money making ideas and things I did when I worked as a virtual call agent:

Data Entry with KeyforCash

KeyforCash is a data entry company. One of the few that are actually easy to get into and truly legit. However, keyforcash doesn’t pay very well at all, but when using it as a filler it is fun and easy!

Web Based Tasks-

My favorite of all the mini task sites is Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, or mturk for short. If you follow along with forums like turkernation then you can keep up with the best paying tasks available and make some decent money. In fact, there are some people who make a fair living just working mturk!


There are so many of these and although they don’t always pay very much and sometimes can be a waste of time if they decide you aren’t a fit for the survey- this is still a great way to bring in a few extra bucks an hour to add to your phone job pay. I have also enjoyed the many times I was a part of big corporation decision makings. Like when I helped Loreal choose their recent packaging or when I was the first to test out a children’s software program. Keeps life interesting.

Some of my favorite survey sites:


Forum Postings-

Postloop is one of the highest suggested places to make extra money by being social in online forums. They pay quickly with a minimum cash out of only five dollars.


Places like Textbroker, MediaPiston or The Content Authority are FANTASTIC ways to increase your hourly rate when working a slow phone job. These are places that many do as a full time job- writing quick and basic articles on a variety of subjects. You choose your tasks and as long as you submit within the given deadline, often more than 24 hours, you can work on the articles between calls. Textbroker pays weekly, causing it to be one of my most recommended home based companies.

General Transcription at Quicktate-

This can be tricky to do while taking phone calls but given the right situation could work just fine. When you are available at Quicktate, they will send you voice files that you hear through your computer’s speakers and then type out. The files are usually under a minute long and are most often people’s voicemails. You would only want to work Quicktate during very slow times with your phone job. If you get a call in the middle of a voicefile, you will have to close Quicktate and take your call.

     Bonus Ways

  • Microtasks on CrowdFlower (Appen) : CrowdFlower, now known as Appen, is a platform that offers a variety of microtasks you can complete in your downtime. The tasks can range from simple data labeling, sentiment analysis, web research to more. You can jump in and out as your schedule permits, and the tasks are generally simple enough to not require deep focus.
  • Short Tasks on Figure Eight: Figure Eight is another platform for small, quick tasks such as data annotation, categorization, and transcription. This platform, like CrowdFlower (Appen), allows for flexible working, as you can pick tasks based on their estimated completion time.
  • Paid Research Studies with Prolific: Prolific is a platform where you can participate in paid research studies. Often these tasks require just filling out a survey or questionnaire and can be completed quickly. This can be a good way to use idle time between calls.
  • Quick Content Creation on Zerys: Zerys is a content marketplace where you can write short pieces of content, such as blog posts or product descriptions. If you are a decent writer, you can pick up tasks that match your interests and expertise and complete them between your calls. It offers a flexible way to supplement your income.

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Angie Nelson

May 9, 2012 at 9:43 am

When I first started working at home I had an early morning call center job. These little task sites that may not be worth much on their own can sure make the time go by and add a little extra to your pocketbook.

Miranda Grimm

May 9, 2012 at 6:26 pm

Yes, I had a lot of downtime when I worked the phones. LiveOps is good for that ;). The only way I could make my time worth it was to be sure to do what I could between calls.

I remember when I was writing between calls (for textbroker) I probably made the most money.


May 9, 2012 at 6:15 pm

These are great suggestions! I highly recommend Postloop as well. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and actually do enjoy the work.

Miranda Grimm

May 9, 2012 at 6:25 pm

Thanks Anna. You were definitely my inspiration to give it a try.