These 32+ Companies Will Pay You Cash to Test Websites from Home!

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Do you enjoy using the internet? What about giving your honest opinions? These 32 companies will pay you to do both by testing websites from your home! Visit a site, provide feedback, and get paid for about 20 minutes of work.Have you ever wanted to have a say in the look and functionality of your favorite websites?

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Well, you can – and you can get paid for your opinions!

You can test out websites and provide your honest feedback about their designs and ease-of-use as a website tester.

The best part is you can make money as a website tester by working from home.

What is a Website Tester Job from Home?

As a website tester, you will usually provide verbal feedback on a website as you use it.

You’ll be assigned a website to go to and some instructions, such as clicking on certain areas of the website or adding a product to the shopping cart.

The purpose of website testing is to identify possible functionality issues, like dead links, distorted webpages, or malfunctioning online stores.

Websites can work differently for different users, and webmasters and companies want to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

That’s where you come in.

Some website testing companies will require you to install a program or plugin that will allow your voice and screen to be recorded as you complete a testing task. You’ll walk through the website, completing the specific instructions for the task.

Using your computer’s microphone, you’ll describe your experience and thoughts as you move through the website.

Most website tests take between 5 to 30 minutes and pay an average of about $10 per test.

Some companies provide frequent tests, while others are sparse.

Website testing is, therefore, usually best for those seeking a part-time income or some extra cash.

Fortunately, the tasks can usually be completed on your own time, as long as they are completed before a specific due date.

What are the Typical Requirements?

There are not usually many requirements to become a website tester, and you typically don’t need previous experience.

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You can check with each company for its specific requirements, but the general requirements for website testers are:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • An updated, reliable computer with internet access
  • A computer microphone and, sometimes, a webcam
  • Sample tests are usually required
  • PayPal account for payments
  • Consistent, in-depth performance will make you eligible for more tests

Basically, if you have a reliable computer and internet, provide excellent feedback while adhering to instructions, and can pass the sample tests, you can become a website tester at home.

Remember to sign up for PayPal, as most companies use this as their payment method!

Get Paid to Test Websites with These Companies

The following companies hire for website tester jobs. Although they may not be hiring at the moment, keep them bookmarked to check back for openings.

UserTesting  (review)

UserTesting has testers provide feedback on apps and websites by speaking thoughts out loud as they complete tasks. Each test takes about 20 minutes and pays a flat $10. You must be at least 18 years old and speak English fluently. You can also take mobile tests on your mobile device. Pays via PayPal 7 days after completing an accepted test.


Those in the 99Tests community have the opportunity to shape websites, apps, software, and more by providing their feedback to the companies that make them.

You pick when you want to work and get to choose the projects you work on, so it’s very flexible and tailored to your interests and needs.

The community also features testing contests that give testing professionals an opportunity to win more money for their time, but you’ll also be compensated for the projects you complete.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (review)

Amazon MTurk is owned by and pays you to complete a variety of small tasks. Sometimes, website testing tasks are available, although they’re usually much shorter and pay less than other website testing jobs.

You will get paid via Amazon Payments and can transfer your balance to a bank account or Amazon gift card.

Analysia (review)

Analysia hires website testers in several locations. You must have a microphone for your computer. Each test takes about 15 minutes and pays $10 via PayPal. The company will e-mail you with new test opportunities, and the website states you may qualify for one test per day, but this depends on the type of users a website is looking for. (Formerly ErliBird)

What used to be known as ErliBird is now BetaTesting, but it works similarly.

You can get paid to test apps, websites, software, and more from companies who partner with BetaTesting.

You can earn at least $10 per test working with companies like and Emberlight.

Testers must be at least 18 years old, own a PC or Mac for testing purposes, and be able to understand, write, and speak English fluently.

You’ll get paid via PayPal within 7 days after the project ends.


Help find bugs on software, websites, and apps!

BugFinders pays you for any bugs you find as you use these things on your computer or mobile devices.

Once BugFinders verifies the bug you mentioned, it’ll pay you for them once a week with PayPal or Payoneer.

Enroll (review)

Enroll lets you provide feedback on website logos, usability, content, and more. You can take tests on your computer or smartphone. Earnings depends on the size of each task, with some smaller tasks offering about 10 cents, although these usually only require a quick answer to a question. Enroll is open worldwide to ages 13 and older and pays once per month via PayPal.


Rather than testing regular websites, Ferpection lets you test mobile sites and apps to make sure they display properly and work correctly on various mobile devices.

Your feedback will all be written here, too, so there’s no need to speak your thoughts like you need to with other companies.

You’ll receive payment for all completed tests every month via PayPal, or you can choose to redeem what you’ve earned for a gift card.


Intellizoom requires testers to complete a sample study along with their applications.

Once that study is approved, you should be eligible to start applying for open testing opportunities for products, websites, apps, software, and more.

The type of study will determine how much you make, but most website testing opps will pay $10 or more.

You might also find some smaller studies – more like online surveys – that pay about $5 each.

Most testing opportunities will take up to 20 minutes of your time.

Intellizoom pays via PayPal within 21 business days after your tasks have been approved by the system, which may take up to five business days.

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Loop11 is a service that offers consulting, testing, and other helpful user testing tasks to companies and individuals.

On the website, you can apply to become a tester.

The actual rate of pay and details about tests aren’t listed on the site, but Loop11 does say that you’ll be eligible for “higher than average” rates as a panelist.

Loop11 also supposedly hands out bonuses as incentives for top performers and has frequent testing opportunities for its members.

Before hopping on board, you’ll need to complete a 5-minute qualifier test along with your application.


MyCrowd pays you to locate bugs on websites. Website owners will set a compensation rate for each bug you find on their websites.

You essentially compete against other bug finders and can win prizes and money. This opportunity is open to worldwide users.


If you love playing games (and especially love getting paid to do it!) then Playtestcloud is for you.

Here, you can become a game tester for both web-based games and app-based games, just by completing a quick application form.

Once you’re accepted, you’ll be invited via email to test new games for bugs, or to provide your honest feedback on the game itself.

As you play, you’ll speak your thoughts to record them for the client.

Your invitation will show you how much you’ll earn for the task, but most take about 15 minutes and pay $9 USD via PayPal.


Respondent is an online survey and focus group company that pays its members to complete in-depth studies on a variety of topics.

Although most studies are more like online surveys, you may have some studies that focus more on visiting a website and providing in-depth feedback about it.

Respondent is unique in that it gives its panelists the majority of the money it earns from its studies, keeping only 5% for itself.

The rest goes to the panelist for his or her work, which they’ll get delivered via PayPal.

Once you’re signed up, you can also boost your earnings by referring your friends to sign up.


As a tester for StartUpLift, you’ll be providing feedback on websites of startup companies. This is a good opportunity for you if you want to be involved in beginning companies to improve them for the future.

You get paid $5 per accepted feedback via PayPal weekly, and you can perform an unlimited number of tests each day. works with some awesome companies like Doordash and SoundCloud to give them insights into their apps, websites, and more with usability testing.

Of course, it needs testers like you to complete the job!

This site works a little differently, though, in that it pays testers specifically to look for bugs.

Whether you find any or not, you’re still guaranteed to get some money for rating the apps you use.

For every bug you find, you’ll get $50!

There are no specific hours you need to commit to, so work whenever you have free time available and take on open assignments.

Be sure when you apply to check the devices you have – laptop, phone, tablet, etc. – because the more you have access to, the easier it’ll be for you to get jobs.


If you’d rather take tests using your smartphone or tablet than your computer, Testadrome is for you. You’ll test apps rather than websites, but the process is very similar. The pay isn’t listed on the website, but you can e-mail Testadrome for further information. It does state that you’ll receive compensation in the form of virtual points that you can later exchange for cash rewards.


Testbirds requires you to be 18 years old to sign up, but accepts people from several countries. You’ll be testing bugs in software, either downloaded or website-based.

You’ll earn a base pay of about 20 Euros (about $21 USD) for each test, and can earn more if you find several bugs. Most tests average about 20 minutes.

Tester Work

Tester Work is just as it sounds – a company that offers work for paid testers!

Join the global team and you’ll have access to website and app tests from its partnered companies.

When you sign up and complete your profile, you’ll be able to indicate what types of devices you have, like a computer, Android smartphone, or tablet.

The more, the better, because you’ll have access to more paying opportunities.

Tester Work will then send you paid opportunity invites to your email and you’ll get paid by giving your feedback or reporting bugs.

There is an onboarding process that includes a trial assignment to ensure you can complete tasks properly, and also to test your knowledge of the English language.


TestingTime requires you to have Skype installed on your computer to perform tests on products, websites, and apps. You’ll meet up with a customer on Skype, who will walk you through the required tasks and record the session.

Tests can take between 30 and 90 minutes, and usually pay about 50 Euros (around $53 USD).


Testlio enlists the help of testers like you to find website bugs.

Unlike other similar companies, Testlio will actually pay you for the hours you spend on projects, rather than paying a flat-fee per test.

You’ll get paid weekly and can become eligible for bonuses every quarter following a review.

There’s no set schedule; Testlio allows you to sign in and work when you have availability.


As a tester for TryMyUI, you’ll provide feedback on websites and apps via a video recording and a short, written-response survey. Tests usually take about 20 minutes and pay $10 every Friday with PayPal.

The website states that you can expect to qualify for at least a few tests each week.


Upwork isn’t a site that delivers only website testing tasks, but you can find them there.

This is actually a site where freelancers can find a variety of gigs based on their skills, like graphic design, editing, tutoring, research, or writing.

Usability testing is a popular gig category here, but you may have to weed through some low-paying gigs to find the gems.

The good news is that, every month, freelancers get 60 Connects to bid on projects.

Most projects require 2 Connects, so you’ll have 30 bids per month.

Apply for usability testing gigs by writing up a proposal and sending it off to clients.

If you’re the chosen tester, you can begin work and get paid via the Upwork escrow system.


UsabilityHub pays you with credits when you perform website tests for its clients. Each credit pays 10 cents, and you can cash out with PayPal once you reach 200 credits.

Responses typically take about a minute each. UsabilityHub accepts new testers from several countries.


Userbrain lets you test websites using the Google Chrome browser or your iOS device. You’ll complete the required tasks while voicing your thoughts, with most tests taking between 5 and 15 minutes.

You’ll earn $3 per test and will get paid after every test with PayPal. You must submit an example test before getting accepted.

UserFeel (review)

UserFeel provides testers with opportunities to give feedback on the usability of websites. Clients will outline specific tasks for you to test on their websites, and you’ll voice your opinions as you complete the tasks.

Must have a microphone and be able to clearly verbalize your thoughts. You’ll need to provide a sample test, and after that, you can earn $10 per test, which take about 15 minutes. Pays weekly with PayPal.

Userinput currently provides its website testing opportunities through Amazon Mechanical Turk.

However, you can also apply to test apps through the application on its website. You’ll get paid $5 per app test, with more information provided after you are accepted.

Userlytics (review)

Userlytics accepts worldwide testers to review websites on your computer or mobile device. You’ll need to download the Userlytics software for screen and voice recording.

Userlytics pays $10 per test, and you’ll see your money in PayPal once your test has been reviewed and accepted. Available tests will show on your user dashboard.


Website testers for UserTest will receive £8 per 20-minute test, which equals almost $10 USD. You must have a working microphone and the ability to download the screen-recording software.

UserTest accepts testers from several countries, and only requires you to complete a sample test when applying. However, the company only accepts about 5% of submissions, so it’s a bit more selective than others with its hiring process.

UserZoom (YourEye) (review)

Test websites and apps with UserZoom, providing audio and video feedback. You can use your computer or mobile device to complete tasks, and you must be able to download the UserZoom software.

Most tests take between 10 and 20 minutes, with most paying between $5 and $10. You’ll receive your earnings with PayPal 21 business days after your test is accepted.

UTest (review)

UTest has several ways for you to make money, including games and contests, but it also provides paid testing projects from some of the biggest brands, like Google and Amazon.

Once you are accepted, you can access testing projects for apps, websites, eBooks, and more. Pay and test times vary per project. UTest accepts sign-ups from several countries.


As part of Validately’s testing panel, you can take screen-recorded tests or talk live with a customer as you perform a website test. Most tests take between 2 and 5 minutes and are on a first come, first serve basis.

You’ll receive an e-mail link if you qualify for a new test, and new tests are added daily. Earnings depends on the length and complexity of the test, but you’ll get paid via PayPal within 7 days.

Whatusersdo (review)

Whatusersdo pays you to test about 3 to 5 websites per month via an e-mail link for tests you qualify for. Each test will earn you £8 (almost $10 USD).

You’ll be offered more tests for high-quality feedback. Pays via PayPal on the 25th of each month. Whatusersdo accepts applicants from a number of countries. You must have high speed internet and a microphone.

Making the Most of Your Time as a Website Tester

So, you’ve found several sites you want to try.


But there are a few things you should know before you start.

Like any side gig, website testing works out best for people who understand the system and know how to use it to their advantage.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make money from this kind of work:

Sign Up with Several Testing Companies

For most testers, signing up with just one company won’t give you as many opportunities to earn as you’d expect.

This is a side gig, so it isn’t something you should expect to put all your eggs into one site and get great returns from it.

Instead, spread yourself out between several testing companies.

It doesn’t cost anything to apply to them, so you’re not losing anything by signing up.

What it will do, though, is give you many more opportunities than you’d get from just being a member of one or two sites.

The way these companies work is that, when they have clients come to them, they send those assignments on to testers to complete.

You won’t always be the chosen tester for a project because there are hundreds to thousands of others waiting for assignments, too.

You could go weeks to months between assignments with one company, but five other testing companies have some lined up for you in the meantime.

To maximize how much you make with this work, becoming a member of at least four or five different sites should help.

Take Your Trial Assignment Very Seriously

When you do sign up for any testing company, you’ll almost always have to take some kind of trial assignment before becoming an accepted member.

This assignment tests your ability to follow instructions, speak clearly, and complete the tasks, in general.

This assignment should be one you take very seriously, even if it’s unpaid (some are, some aren’t).

Once you pass this assignment, the company knows you’re someone it can trust with future gigs. If you do a really great job, you’ll be more likely to get assignments in the future.

So, even though it’s a trial, act as if it’s the real thing.

Follow all instructions, be detailed in your responses, and make sure you submit everything correctly to snag a spot on the testing panel.

Organize Your Invites

Once you’ve completed your signups and trials, you might want to find a good organization system to keep all your testing gigs in one easy place.


Every time you’re eligible for a new test, the company will email you an invite that explains the basics and how much you’ll earn for completing it.

You don’t want to miss these emails because you’ll miss your chance to take the test.

These companies usually send out invites to several more testers than they have open spots for with each test because they know that many won’t respond.

Unfortunately, many also will, so you have to be very quick at responding (usually within an hour or so after the invite’s sent) to ensure your spot in the paying test.

If you have a dedicated email address just for paid testing opportunities – or at least a dedicated folder in your main email – then you should find it easier to get your invites and not miss a gig.

Give Each Task Your All

Every time you take a test, you’ll have a set of rules you’ll need to follow.

They’ll tell you what tasks to complete on the site, like the pages to visit, links to click, ads to view, etc.

These instructions are super important to follow, as are the instructions that explain what type of feedback the company needs from you.

This will help shape the kinds of things you talk about as you walk through the test.

Most of the time, testing companies will grade your test according to how thorough you were in your feedback and how well you adhered to instructions.

The better your rating, the better your chances of getting chosen for future assignments before other lower-performing testers.

Think about it: You’d rather have a proven in-depth review give you feedback on a product you’re selling over someone who’s only going to give two sentences of feedback, right?

The companies who need testing done on their sites want the same, so it only makes sense for testing sites to leave most of the opportunities for their very best testers.

Treat It Like the Side Gig It Is

You’ll only be disappointed with website testing if you think it’s going to be your full-time job.

I can almost certainly guarantee that it won’t be.

Instead, it’s just another tool you can add to your toolkit of fun ways to earn money online.

I suggest combining it with other part-time money-making opportunities, like taking surveys, participating in reward sites, microtasking, etc.

In your downtime when you have no tests available (it’s bound to happen, even if you’re signed up for several testing sites), you can always fall back on your other side hustles to ensure that you don’t have a dry spell of work.

Website Testing: Is it the Right Job for You?

Not everyone will enjoy website testing.

The work can be tedious and you have to be meticulous about following instructions so you can complete tests accurately.

But, if you’re interested in improving how websites look and work, it can be fun to have a hand in it!

And, with tests averaging about 15 minutes, the work is extremely flexible to fit in with a variety of schedules.

If you want to make some extra money, website testing is an interesting way to do it.

You can even earn hundreds each month by signing up with a few testing companies and providing detailed feedback.

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I’ve been doing okay with Enroll recently, seem to be getting more and more tests to complete. They are only quick and low paid but are starting to get quite regular. I get nothing from WhatUsersDo. UserTesting is great but you have to get in their quickly because tests are often snapped up by other members in no time at all.


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StartUpLift doesnt have any jobs for a while now, but they keep sending me to another page called SideIncome that asks for $4.95 membership. Beware of shitty startuplift

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The best one is User Testing! It pays within 7 days via PayPal. What I like about it is its fun and a great way to make money and is very interesting. It also gives you tests daily as long as your logged in. You get feedback on how to make your reviews better. I did a few for Intellizoom but I am not sure it is legit as there is no way to log on or see if your review was accepted. One other thing. If you are looking for survey panels check out Pinecone Research and One Opinion. A bit time consuming but great panels. Hope this helps!

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Whatusersdo no longer exists. UsabilityHub is now UserCrowd.