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Work at Home Jobs in TravelDo you enjoy helping people make airline and hotel reservations and have past experience booking international travel? If so you may want to think about applying to Carlson-Wagonlit Travel.  This article will provide more information on working from home as a travel counselor with Carlson Wagonlit Travel, including the skills you need, what you’ll do as a travel counselor, and the benefits you’ll receive.

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What do travel counselors do at Carlson-Wagonlit travel?

Travel counselors are responsible for booking hotels and helping people reschedule travel.

What kind of skills and experience do I need to have?

Skills and experience needed include prior international reservation experience, fluent in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, experience in using Sabre Airline Solutions and network, attention to detail, pleasant telephone manner, and good written and verbal communication skills.

What kind of benefits does Carlson-Wagonlit Travel offer their employees?

Carlson-Wagonlit Travel employees receive several benefits. They include life, accident and disability insurance, emergency travel assistance, health, medical and dental coverage, maternity and parental leave, access to health and wellness clinics and webinars, the Registered Retirement Savings program matching program, and the Life Balance employee assistance program. In addition, employees receive several travel perks.  These include the Family and Friends vacation club, where CWT employees and their families can book travel at a reduced rate. In addition, family and friends of CWT employees can receive discounts through their preferred leisure suppliers for all packages. They receive a 2% discount on all holidays with a base price of under $1,000, and a 4% discount on holidays with a base price of over $1,000.

How  much would I make per hour?

Travel counselors at Carlson-Wagonlit Travel make $15 per hour.

How many hours would I work per week?

You would work 40 hours per week during business hours.

Can I work part-time at Carlson-Wagonlit Travel?

Yes, part-time positions are available – they would have to be discussed with the hiring manager.

What are the pros and cons?

Working for Carlson-Wagonlit Travel (CWT) as a travel counselor can have both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some potential pros and cons:


  1. Industry Expertise: CWT is a well-established and reputable travel management company with extensive industry knowledge and experience. Working for CWT can provide you with valuable exposure to various aspects of the travel industry.
  2. Global Network: CWT has a global presence, which means you may have the opportunity to work with clients from different countries and cultures. This can broaden your perspective and enhance your intercultural communication skills.
  3. Resources and Technology: CWT offers travel agents access to advanced technology tools and resources to facilitate travel bookings, itinerary management, and expense tracking. This can streamline your workflow and enhance productivity.
  4. Training and Development: CWT may provide training programs and professional development opportunities to enhance your skills as a travel agent. This can include industry certifications, ongoing education, and access to travel-related resources and knowledge.
  5. Client Relationships: Working as a travel agent for CWT can allow you to build relationships with corporate clients, assisting them with their travel needs and becoming a trusted advisor in managing their travel programs.


  1. Workload and Stress: The travel industry can be fast-paced and demanding, especially during peak travel seasons or when dealing with unexpected situations like flight cancellations or travel emergencies. This may result in high workloads and increased stress levels.
  2. Work Schedule: As a travel agent, you may need to work flexible hours, including weekends and holidays, to accommodate client needs and address any travel-related issues that may arise.
  3. Performance Targets: CWT, like many travel agencies, may have performance targets or sales goals that agents are expected to meet. This can add pressure to consistently generate revenue and meet client expectations.
  4. Industry Challenges: The travel industry is subject to various external factors such as geopolitical events, economic fluctuations, and natural disasters. These factors can impact travel plans and introduce uncertainties that travel agents must navigate.
  5. Client Demands and Complaints: Dealing with different clients and their individual preferences and demands can be challenging. Handling complaints or addressing dissatisfied customers can be emotionally taxing and require strong communication and problem-solving skills.

What is the hiring process like?

The hiring process starts with filling out an online application. Then you’ll go through some assessments and have your first interview with a recruiter, as well as interviews with several stakeholders and/or managers at Carlson-Wagonlit Travel, followed by a background and reference check. If you get through all those steps successfully, you’ll be offered a position and will start preparing for onboarding and training.  Please note that this job is location specific – when you’re doing your search, choose “yes” in the work at home box, and then check to see if they’re hiring in your location.

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