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Do you enjoy sharing ethnic recipes and food pictures online?

Are you comfortable using social media?

Would you like an additional side egg to add to your work-at-home (WAH) basket?

Well, then Zmenu might be the work-at-home or (WAH) opportunity for you.

What Exactly is Zmenu?

Zmenu is a work-at-home site that allows you to share food pictures and recipes using social media.

Zmenu’s mission is to help consumers make informed food decisions whether they are eating out, cooking at home or putting together a menu for a restaurant or meal.

What Types of Jobs Are Available At Zmenu?

Well, there probably are other types of jobs as there always are in these WAH companies, the one discussed in this article will be the remote Food Navigation Agent or the “Food Pinner” as most agents seem to be calling it. You will need both a Facebook account to be able to “like” the photos as well as a Pinterest account to “pin” the photos.

So, if are familiar with at least one ethnic food group and also able to identify food from photographs, this might be a good job for you. You will also need to be savvy with Facebook and Pinterest too.

While many agents do enjoy this gig, it is not for everyone. You will need to be familiar with food, ingredients, and also able to understand and put together an ethnic menu or meal.

What Are the Hours at Zmenu?

The hours are part-time and can be worked anytime as long as you are finishing your batches within an hour (their goal) or within the 48-hour turn-around for more work.

What Skills/Special Training Do You Need?

As previously mentioned, you must be familiar with at least one ethnic food (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Persian/Middle Eastern, Greek, French, Latin American, African, Caribbean etc.) and able to know the ingredients and pick the foods out from photos.

So, someone with culinary school experience or who grew up or lived in another culture will probably do well with Zmenu. I also hear success stories from agents who just love to cook and entertain as a hobby.

What Are the Computer/Equipment Requirements?

The only real requirements seem to be:

  • a reliable Internet connection
  • a laptop or PC with updated virus and malware protection
  • a Facebook account
  • a Pinterest account

The good news is that this is a non-phone gig.

Are You an Independent Contractor or Employee?

You are an independent contractor and responsible for your own taxes.

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What is the Pay and When is Payday?

The pay at Zmenu averages out to about $6 an hour. It’s basically pay per task like Clickworker or Mturk, but averages up to $6 an hour and increases as you receive more batches. Payday is every Monday via PayPal. It’s not massive money, but you can work when you want. Work is done in “batches” which are due within 48 hours, but you can finish them sooner. Batches are considered 12 to 20 images. Zmenu likes to see the batches finished within an hour, which I understand is not difficult to do.

There was a referral program, where you could get a referral bonus for referring friends, but that has been suspended.

What is My Overall Impression of Zmenu?

It seems to be a great extra side egg for someone working from home. People who are passionate about food really seem to enjoy it. I certainly don’t think that you can do it full-time, but enjoy it as an “extra side egg”.

What are the Alternatives?

If you are looking for alternative sites, you can try out the following:

  1. GrubHub: This is a popular online food ordering platform that connects customers with local restaurants. They may offer customer service or restaurant partner support roles which can involve helping navigate food options or resolving order issues.
  2. DoorDash: A food delivery service, DoorDash occasionally hires remote workers for customer support roles. These positions might involve helping customers navigate the app, place orders, or address any issues they may experience.
  3. Postmates: Now a part of Uber, Postmates is a delivery service that includes food from restaurants. They may have opportunities for remote roles in customer service or support.
  4. UberEats: As part of the Uber family, UberEats is a food delivery service that might offer remote roles in customer service or support, helping customers with their food orders or solving issues related to the delivery process.
  5. Yelp: While primarily a business directory service and crowd-sourced review forum, Yelp does deal heavily with the restaurant industry. They might hire remote workers for customer service or data management roles.

How Can Someone Apply?

If you are familiar with at least one ethnic food (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Persian/Middle Eastern, Greek, French, Latin American, African, Caribbean etc.), then apply.

Please send an email with your resume to [email protected] with these three questions/requirements explained:

  • List up to three cuisine styles in which you are very familiar.
  • Describe what your exposure to those cuisine styles were (e.g., grew up in that culture, lived in that country for 12 years or frequently travel to the country).
  • Mention how many hours you have to work on a weekly basis.

If Zmenu is interested, you will receive an email with a test to take. If you pass the test, then you will receive another email with a task to complete. Then an interview should be the final or third email.

Training is basically just explained via instructions and then you are placed on a probationary period.

Good luck to all who apply. There are several threads about Zmenu at

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Philip Okechukwu @ blogging tips

January 9, 2014 at 8:51 pm

Hi Leisa Good, nice article you did on work at home. I am a part time blogger and i am also looking for part time jobs like this online because i’m good with african dishes.

You did say they pay through pay pal, in countries where pay pal is not accepted, which alternative payment method can be used?


Leisa Good

January 10, 2014 at 11:41 am

@ Philip – glad you liked the article. Wow! I’d love to know about some of the African dishes that you make. Sounds delicious!

I’m not sure they have worked out the payment plan to Africa yet. You can always contact them directly. I would image that would use Western Union services like most online companies doing business in Africa. However, I’d just contact them directly to be certain.


January 14, 2014 at 7:04 pm

@Leisa, thank you so much for posting this job online for us! We are very impressed how well you presented it, wonder if you can reach back to us, we wanna discuss with you about more recruiting opportunities we could consult with you 🙂

You can reach us at [email protected]


Leisa Good

January 14, 2014 at 10:47 pm

@ Joey – You are very welcome. My pleasure.

Leisa Good

January 15, 2014 at 10:45 am

@ Joey, I also did respond via email to your request. Thanks!


January 17, 2014 at 8:07 am

I applied and they asked me to pin ten menu items from their site then send them the links. I did so, then they requested a few more because “one was blurry”. Then a few more. I felt taken advantage of for free advertising. The person I exchanged emails with was not professional and had a poor grasp of the English language. Has anyone even tried this job out?

Miranda Grimm

January 17, 2014 at 10:12 am

If you follow the link at the end of the post to you will find a lot of people chatting about their work there. I think there might be a few threads about Zmenu going on now.

Christina Poltoranos

February 26, 2019 at 11:13 pm

I have a business in Niantic Ct. I have been open since 2011. Zmenu misrepresented my page. I just found this out from a customer. I tried to claim the business and I couldn’t. I tried to contact them and got no response. I am going to be forced to get an attorney and sue zmenu for copyright infringement. I have no where else to turn.