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I recently started writing articles on a website called Knoji.  Knoji  is similar to other writing sites like Yahoo Contributor Network and Triond, because you can write articles on topics that you’re interested in.  There are also other ways you can make money on Knoji.  This post will provide more information on Knoji and the different ways you can make money on this site.

What is Knoji?

Knoji is a site where you can write different types of articles on topics of your choice.  Types of articles that you can write on Knoji include how to articles, articles that provide facts about a certain topic, articles that provide a list of ideas or resources for a certain subject, articles that review a certain product or service, and there’s also an “other” category for articles that don’t fit any of those article types.

How do I find ideas for articles to write on Knoji?

If you don’t already have a lot of ideas for articles to write, you can look at the questions that people are asking on Knoji for ideas.  To see what kind of questions people are asking, choose a topic that you’re interested in, and then choose one of the subtopics.  Then click Q&A and start looking through the questions people are asking.  If you find a question that you think you can answer with a well-written article, click on the question,  scroll to the bottom where it says “Add an answer,”  and then click on the button that says “Write an article response” – this will take you to a screen where you can write an article that answers that question.

Is there a  review process for the articles that are written?

When you first start writing for Knoji, you’ll be a Knoji Contributor, and the first 10 articles you write will be reviewed before they’re published. Once you’ve written 10 articles in a row that have been accepted, with no rejected articles in between, you’ll be considered a Knoji Expert, and you’ll be able to publish your articles right away without waiting for them to be reviewed. In addition, as you publish more content on Knoji, you’ll progress through different expert levels until you reach the level of Staff Writer – when you become a Staff Writer you’ll not only be able to publish your articles right away, you’ll also be able to go back and edit articles you’ve published previously, and you’ll also earn a higher activity bonus for each article you write as a staff writer.

Are there other ways I can make money on Knoji?

Yes.  Knoji also posts product review assignments for different websites and products.  To write one of the product reviews, click on the one that you’re interested in and read the instructions thoroughly.  You will have three days to write the review, and your first three review assignments are trial reviews – once you’ve successfully written three reviews, you’ll be able to self-publish all of your reviews.  Knoji also has an affiliate program that you can take advantage of – when you sign up you’ll be provided with an affiliate link that you can share with other people who might be interested in signing upon Knoji.   When they sign up, they become your affiliate.

How much do I get paid for each article?

The amount you get paid for each article depends on the article’s SEO rank, or where the article ranks with the search engines – the higher your article’s rank, the more you get paid.  In addition, you earn money with Knoji from two different sources – your normal article earnings accumulate over time based on the amount of traffic that your articles get.  In addition, your activity bonus can be as much as .10 per article to as much as $10.00 per article depending on where your article ranks with search engines.

How and when do I get paid?

Knoji pays its writers through Paypal around the first of every month.  You’ll be paid as long as you’ve made at least 0.01 cent.

How Does Knoji’s Activity Bonus System Work and How Can I Leverage It?

The activity bonus system on Knoji is an incentive program designed to reward writers based on their engagement and performance on the platform.

By understanding how this system works and utilizing it effectively, you can enhance your earnings and further establish yourself as a successful writer on Knoji.

Earning an Activity Bonus

To qualify for an activity bonus, you need to meet certain criteria outlined by Knoji.

Here’s an overview of the process:

Consistent Article Submission

Consistency is key.

To be eligible for the activity bonus, you must regularly submit articles on Knoji.

By maintaining a steady flow of quality content, you increase your chances of earning the bonus.

Article Performance

The performance of your articles plays a vital role in determining the activity bonus you receive.

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Knoji assesses various metrics to evaluate the performance, including the number of views, engagement levels, and SEO ranking.

The more views your articles receive, the higher your chances of earning a bonus.

Engaging content that resonates with readers and encourages them to share, comment, and interact will contribute to better performance metrics.

Additionally, articles that rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs) attract organic traffic over time, increasing their visibility and potential for higher earnings.

Expert Level Advancement

Advancing through the expert levels on Knoji can unlock higher activity bonuses.

By consistently producing well-received articles and reaching milestones, you can progress from being a Knoji Contributor to becoming a Staff Writer.

Leveraging the Activity Bonus System

Now that you understand the workings of Knoji’s activity bonus system, let’s explore how you can leverage it to your advantage:

Focus on Quality and Relevance

To maximize your activity bonus, prioritize quality and relevance in your articles.

Craft well-researched, engaging content that resonates with the audience.

By addressing popular topics and providing valuable insights, you can attract more readers and increase your article performance.

Optimize for SEO

Implementing effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can significantly impact your article’s ranking.

Conduct keyword research, use relevant headings and subheadings, and ensure your content is well-structured and easy to navigate.

By optimizing your articles, you improve their visibility and potential for higher traffic, leading to a higher activity bonus.

Consistently Improve and Adapt

Stay updated with the latest trends and changes in content creation.

Continuously learn and adapt your writing style to meet the evolving needs of readers.

By consistently improving your skills and adapting to the platform’s requirements, you can increase your article performance and subsequently enhance your activity bonus.

Where do I sign up?

If you like what you’ve read so far, you can sign up for Knoji by clicking here.

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May 20, 2012 at 9:50 am

Thanks for this posts. I will defenetly give it a try! 🙂


August 11, 2012 at 4:06 am

I agree that Knoji is a good site to earn money. Lots of opportunities even for “not so taleted” writers.

Karen Philips

September 1, 2012 at 1:32 am

Has anyone tried the new coupons sharing program? I heard some people are starting to earn income off their coupons, but not sure about this new system, doesn’t involve writing so its brand new to me.

Raj Metha

September 3, 2012 at 11:14 pm

Hello – I have tried to publish on this site but was not accepted. How can one start to publish on this site?


September 16, 2012 at 10:56 pm

I’ve tried multiple online writing websites and non of them were worth my time so after seeing this I went to Knoji. Unlike the other websites I actually made decent money writing and I’m so happy that I read this. I also like that there is a lot more of a variety of writing tasks on Knoji too. Thanks for the info.


June 16, 2013 at 1:49 am

ALERT! KNOJI IS A SCAM. READ THIS BEFORE YOU WRITE FOR THEM: http://www.squidoo.com/knoji-is-a-scam


October 15, 2014 at 5:55 pm

I didn’t read it, but Knoji is definitely a scam. I started writing for them in early 2009 when it was called “Factoidz,” and did okay until they changed the name to Knoji. Mysteriously, article income dropped off to almost nothing, while they encouraged promotional work. Some of my articles were sold to various other businesses with no compensation whatsoever to me and I am not the only one.

Don’t go there; don’t trust them. There are plenty of other places that are honest.