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Note: This is a Guest Post from Greg Secrist

Buykeywordarticles.com (BKA) Review

In today’s write from home industry, content creation services are a dime a dozen with most being small start-ups with a very limited client base. However, in every industry there are always those companies that have established themselves and have a steady inflow of work as well as a healthy and growing client base. In the content creation industry, Buykeywordarticles.com (BKA) has been around for several years making a positive mark on the industry as a whole. Let’s get into how BKA operates and why they are a great contract option for high-quality writers to consider.

BKA’s official description:

“Buykeywordarticles.com is an industry-leading content creation company. With both on-page and off-page content solutions, Buykeywordarticles.com is a one-stop shop for clients needing SEO articles, landing pages, premium content, branded blog posts, press releases and much more. Dedicated account managers provide customer support, customized order templates, scalability, and a personal touch. Hand-picked teams of American writers ensure quality and consistency with every order. All content is SEO optimized, 100% unique, affordable, and is customized to meet the needs of the clients’ audience.”

How Their Business Model Works

BKA differs greatly from other big players in the industry in that they are not considered a content broker. Content brokers typically hire anyone and everyone, no matter what their writing ability, in order to produce large volumes of content. While these companies can pump out a lot of content in a short amount of time, the quality of the writing can sometimes suffer.
BKA takes a different approach than its competitors by implementing a more “hands on” hiring process. This hiring process involves the applicant creating sample articles based on a set of unique instructions and training. These instructions test the knowledge and the ability of the writer so that they can be thoroughly assessed by the hiring department. If an applicant proves their ability to provide high-quality content while implementing the SEO Training they have been given during the application process, BKA assigns them to one of their writing teams.
BKA has several writing teams that exist within their organization. Each team is based on writer ability and product type. Writers who are contracted with BKA have the potential of being put on more experienced writing teams based on their ability to produce consistent, high-quality content. Writers who earn spots on these more experienced teams have the ability to write more prestigious content that pays more.
BKA has an easy to use system that allows writers to pick from a list of available content orders designated to their specific team. This allows a writer the freedom to choose what they write about, while having all of the instructions and training needed to complete the order. For each order that a writer selects, there is an account manager attributed to every content order that can be contacted in case the writer has questions or concerns. This eliminates author to client interaction, which saves a writer time and helps them to write more efficiently. The typical turn time for a writer to finish an order is about 48 hours. Typical order sizes consist of 3-6 articles on average.

How Much Do They Pay Their Writers?

How much pay a writer receives directly depends on the product type and word size. Here is a list of average writer payouts based on content product type:
SEO Articles – 1 cent per word on average
Premium Articles – 2 cents per word on average
Enterprise Blog Posts – 3 cents per word on average
Landing Pages – 4 cents per word on average
Press Releases – 5 cents per word on average
Customized Content – Payout varies by project

Many writers who write for BKA average about $12-$18 an hour.


How Often Do They Pay?

BKA pays their writers via PayPal every 2 weeks (every other Thursday).


Writer Requirements to Be Considered by BKA

  • Must have Microsoft Word
  • Must have an internet connection
  • Must have a Gmail address
  • Must be able to write 20 articles per week
  • Must have a PayPal account
  • Must have a firm grasp of English grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Must be at a college writing level
  • Must be able to meet deadlines
  • Must be honest, self-motivated, and dependable
  • Must be a U.S. citizen and reside within the USA


How to Apply

If interested, please send your resume to [email protected] for review. Be prepared to write a few article samples as part of the application process in order to be considered for team placement.



If you are looking for a reputable and legitimate content writing service to write high-quality content for, BuyKeywordArticles.com is the place you want to write for! BKA provides writers with a consistent work load as well as the tools that they need in order to succeed. They encourage a family atmosphere and look to take care of their writers and provide them with all of the tools they need to succeed.

Check Out BuyKeyWordArticles.com on their website.

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February 13, 2013 at 5:27 pm

This definitely sounds like a different kind of writing website.

Greg Secrist

September 23, 2013 at 2:32 pm

Hey there, this is Greg Secrist from BKA Content (formerly known as buykeywordarticles.com) We have rebranded the company as BKA Content and have a new website here at http://bkacontent.com

For those interested in writing with us, please visit the “For writers” page to learn how to apply.



May 19, 2015 at 10:18 am

I think they use scammy tactics. I had to submit 2 “sample articles” – basically free work that they kept for free at no charge. .01 a word is barely worth my time as a professional writer. At .01, this egg is barely worth anyone’s time!


August 23, 2016 at 2:34 pm

Looks like they increased their pay rate. This is what the website says now: “Based on these two factors, a writer can earn between $7.15 (1.3 cent per word) and $19.25 (3.5 cents per word) for a 550-word article. Every writer starts at the 1.3 cent per word payout and can move to higher-paying projects from there, based on performance and project availability.” I think if you’re a fast writer, you could make this work and make decent money.

They also say that they’ll pay you for your samples if they use them. You should run your samples through a plagiarism site or even just Google a few specific phrases to see if they come up. Demand payment if they do.