XACT Telesolutions- Home Based Phone Job with Benefits!

Updated on: by Miranda Grimm

Who is XACT Telesolutions?

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XACT is an American Company, based out of the state of Maine. They are a highly respected and well-known call center solutions company. Fortunately for us trying to find a way to make a living and earn benefits without leaving our houses, XACT hires home based workers to answer calls for a variety of clients, many of which are companies you and I know of and even use on a regular basis! With a set hourly rate and benefits to boot, XACT Telesolutions is a great fit for many seeking work at home positions.


What types of Work at Home Jobs does XACT Telesolutions offer?

XACT offers a few different job types such as:

  • Inbound Customer Care
  • Inbound Specialty Support
  • Outbound or Lead Sales
  • Sporadic Leader and Management Positions 

Working as an Inbound Customer Care agent of Support agents means you receive calls while on duty to assist callers in whatever way the client has a need for.

The outbound positions are often the least favored, but some find it to be the perfect thing for them. These agents usually call out, often in response to a previous call, order inquiry or other reason. Some of the call types, like Lead Sales require you to have a strong Sales personality. You may be expected to convert previous callers into a sale or simply create further interest.


Do they hire as Employee or Independent Contractor?

XACT Hires on an Employee basis. This is preferred by many because that means XACT will hold taxes like any ordinary Brick and Mortar job. Meaning less stress and worry on you to be sure to set aside money for taxes.

Working as an Employee is often also easier for someone new to the field of home based work. Not only is it more comforting and familiar but family is more likely to support.


Does XACT Telesolutions hire in my area?

  • If you live in any of the following states (AL, ND, NY, OH, PR, WA, WV, WY) then you may as well ‘forgettaboutit’.
  • XACT tells us they do hire in the following states (given a position is available): AR, AZ, FL, MD, ME, NC, NJ, PA, TN, TX, WI, UT.
  • If your state is not listed then go ahead and apply if you want. If your state becomes open for hire at a later date, they will have your application on file may contact you for a job!


How much to the jobs at XACT generally pay?

The jobs listed show they begin at $8.00 an hour with a maximum pay of $13.00 an hour. I know, this is not really a great pay, especially compared to many other similar job types. But if benefits are important or you just need an income, then I doubt $8 an hour is a deal breaker.

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Also, keep in mind. If you are an experienced phone agent with proven skills, I have heard of other negotiating their starting rate higher than the $8 an hour.


What types of benefits are available at XACT?

I love any of these home based jobs that offer benefits. I did a series of them earlier this year and would really like to find as many of them as possible. It is so hard to work at home and have benefits like paid vacation and insurance. But the few companies that do offer, seem to be more of the solid jobs that those who hold stability toward the top of their priority list are most appreciative.

XACT offers a nice benefits package:

  • Vacation/Paid Time Off
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Supplemental Products
  • Comfortable, Relaxed Working Environment

But I am not sure who is offered benefits or what the requirements are to receiving them.


What am I required to have to work at home for XACT?

Some of the general requirements are as follows: (from their site)

– Must speak fluent English.
– Be able to type 35 words per minute or greater;
– Have a high-speed DSL or cable connection, rated 2 MB down, 384k up (minimum), 5 MB down and 512k up (preferred)
– A dedicated home office space, which is free from distraction, and with a door that can be closed.
– A personal computer running Windows XP or Windows Vista with 512 MB of RAM and 2.0 GHZ processor (minimum), 1GB of RAM and Dual Core Processor (recommended).
– A 17″ CRT monitor (minimum) or 15″ flat panel monitor (minimum), 17″ or greater flat panel recommended.
– Wired networking connection (wireless is not permitted).
– Laptops may be used but ONLY with an external keyboard, mouse and monitor (if display is less than 17″)
– Hired agents will be responsible for purchasing a brand recommended USB headset (a list is available from recruitment), approximate price is $40.
– Must be able to sit for extended periods of time in a chair.


What is the scheduling like at XACT?

It seems the position you apply for may each have their own schedule. The inbound job descriptions say you will start out working up to 40 hours a week but full-time.

Available hours vary and it is most likely that you will need to have some flexibility with your schedule. Unlike scheduling systems like LiveOps, West or ACD, their schedule will be priority over your schedule. This seems to be the most common trait of working as an Employee rather than an IC.  Just be aware, if having the flexibility to make your own schedule from day-to-day or week to week, then XACT may not be a good fit, but you can discuss during your interview process if this is an issue.


How can I learn more and apply for XACT?

You can apply for XACT’s current job openings or put yourself on any of the open waiting lists by visiting XACT’s job opening page.

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December 14, 2011 at 11:11 am

Never heard of this one. Nice to know there are many options to choose from when considering WAH jobs.

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