You Can Earn $60/an hour as a Virtual Bookkeeper

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Get unbelievable support with this online training to start your own bookkeeping service - no experience needed!If your dream is to be financially independent, working on a schedule you control with the ability to grow and earn as much as you desire, this online training course I have been introduced to is something you should seriously consider!

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I haven’t seen many online courses as thorough as this. You are walked every step of the way from learning bookkeeping and common software to setting up your own online business. Even more importantly, the support continues even after you’re off the ground.

Let me tell you all about how you can start your own virtual bookkeeping service, even without experience! Ben Robinson of Bookkeeper Business Blueprint has helped many people become successful bookkeepers, servicing clients of their choice, while choosing their own pay rates. Here is more about bookkeeping and his upcoming free introductory course.

What is expected of a Bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers are a key component to the successful operation of any business. It is their job to keep track of financial transactions. The process of bookkeeping ensures that these transactions are kept organized and accessible, which gives the business quick and easy access to financial information when making important decisions about the future. Thankfully, the role of bookkeeper can be done virtually!

Why Should I be A Bookkeeper?

Because every business is required to maintain their financial records, there is a constant need for new, great bookkeepers. In the past, these businesses expected bookkeepers to come to them, but not anymore! If you have an internet connection and a reliable computer, you can work from anywhere you like. There is also the added bonus of being able to pick your hours and work as much or as little as you choose.

The pay isn’t bad either! With value pricing, you can be making up to $60 per hour for clients who are more than happy to pay it.

Additionally, a bookkeeper can work in just about any field, for almost any type of business. This will give you some freedom to work in an industry that you are passionate about without having to worry about how the bills are going to be paid.

Do I Need a Degree?

Here’s what’s so great about this opportunity – you don’t need a degree! There are no formal requirements to become a bookkeeper. In all actuality, you could start your own business with no training to speak of, but I wouldn’t advise that!

There are small details and nuances of bookkeeping that someone with no training might miss and many do. The good news is you can jump start your way to operating your own home business as a bookkeeper with an online training course

What Online Training Do You Recommend?

I recently learned about an online course called, Bookkeeper Business Blueprint. It lays out and walks you through, step by step, how to start your own successful virtual bookkeeping business. This course is very flexible, personal and complete.  It teaches both bookkeeping skills and business / marketing skills needed to be a hit with your clients.


How Flexible are the Bookkeeper Business Academy Courses?

Kelly Perry, a recent student, told me she took the class over the summer while her three boys were home on summer break!

“My schedule was quite hectic.  I was not able to make every class, but they are all recorded, so I could watch them at my convenience (which was usually late at night) and even watch them again if needed.  All of the recorded classes, class notes, and resources are posted in a portal that I can access at any time.”


Callie Sitek is also training online at Bookkeeper Business Academy and she agrees,

“the course is quite flexible. The classes can be attended at your convenience. With a 2.5 year old and 3 month old at home I have had no problem keeping up.”

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Get unbelievable support with this online training to start your own bookkeeping service - no experience needed!Is Previous Experience Needed?

While learning more about this training, I began to question if this is something that would require some previous experience in a related field. However, Kelly Perry says,

“I have no previous bookkeeping experience at all.  As a matter of fact, my first major in college was accounting and I hated it so much that I changed majors and ended up becoming an elementary school teacher.  It’s sort of ironic that I ended up back where I started.”


The teacher and founder of Bookkeeper Business Academy, Ben Robinson, told me,

“You don’t need a background in bookkeeping to be successful.  It’s ironic but the best bookkeepers I’ve trained and worked with had no previous bookkeeping experience.”


Will the Training See Me Through the Entire Way?

When I asked Kelly Perry what her favorite thing about Bookkeeper Business Blueprint was, she told me, “I really like how much focus is put on the business side of things.  I wouldn’t have had the first clue how to start and run my own business.  The course teaches everything from how to register your company name (I did an LLC) to how to get started with your first client.  It really gave me the confidence I needed.  I can’t believe I am a business owner!”


This online training is very personable. It’s basically like having a private instructor making sure you understand each step. Callie Sitek told me,

“My favorite thing about the Bookkeeper Business Academy has been being able to get my specific questions answered. Sure you could complete a DIY course, but when you hit a roadblock you will have a hard time pressing through and getting it answered. If I have a question I get a thorough answer with examples to make it even more clear. It is great!”


What is the Cost?

As with starting any business, becoming a bookkeeper does have some initial start up investment costs. Ben Robinson says, “Assuming you have a decent computer and high-speed internet connection, the cost of starting a bookkeeping business is less than $1,000.”


During my conversations with Ben Robinson, he made a very important point I feel is crucial people understand. He said to me “a bookkeeping business is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.  It takes work and time to develop this into a full-time income.  That being said, you can build a nice income in a relatively short amount of time – quicker than any other real business opportunity I am aware of.  If you work the system, you should be able to replace a full-time income in 6-12 months. I’ve had some students create a full-time in less than 3 months but these are the exception.  It can be done however!”


So, what are you waiting for? If this sounds like the right fit for you, then get a start on the path to becoming a bookkeeper today. There is a FREE 3-part online training course beginning September 10th, Reserve Your Seat ASAP!

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September 3, 2015 at 2:59 am

It sounds like a good deal, but how can applicants be hired and well-paid like that? Meanwhile, I think people paid about $999 ( less than $1000) for the course

Brenda Jones

October 22, 2015 at 2:17 pm

I would like very much to get more information on this opportunity. I have a bachelor degree in Accounting/finance and more than 20-years’ experience working in the Oil & Gas, Utilities, Banking and Mortgage Industries. I am opening to taking a course in bookkeeping if it will gain me a work-at-home position.