How to Earn Money Rating Fashion Trends

Find out how you can earn as much as $9 an hour reviewing fashion trends!

SliceThePie is most known for paying people to rate music. Thousands of WAHA readers have signed up to review music but recently SliceThePie has added a new review topic- clothes!! Let me tell you all about how you can make as much as $9 an hour by giving your opinion on fashion trends such as clothes. How to Get Started If you are not already a member of SliceThePie then it is time to register your account. The sign up process includes basic information such as your name, location and email. A verification email will be sent to you and once you check that email … [Read more...]

Volunteer as a Contributing Writer to Help Kids With Acts of Kindness

Expand your reach as a freelance writer by volunteering to help kids raise awareness with snowball campaigns.

Are you looking for ways to expand your reach as a writer? Do you enjoy writing about important causes that you believe in? If so, you may want to consider applying to be a volunteer contributing writer at Star A Snowball. This article will provide more information on Start A Snowball, what they do, and how you can become a volunteer contributing writer. What is Start a Snowball? Start a Snowball is 501 (c)3 charitable organization that provides grant money to kids who get involved in philanthropic causes. They encourage kids to start their own small philanthropic … [Read more...]

30+ Additional Income Sources – Work Online When You Want

A huge list of places online where you can earn additional streams of income.

Regardless if you work online as a freelancer, a contractor or an employee, or even if you work a job outside of your home, it is always a good idea to keep a few options available at all times for extra cash. Having the option to work when you want for online companies allows you to supplement unexpected expenses, have some extra spending cash or pay off debt faster. First step toward supplying your bank with additional income sources is to secure 2-3 online gigs. The second step is to keep them warm. When I say warm, I mean that you stay active and up to … [Read more...]

How to Work From Home in Social Media

Train online to become a social media marketing expert and work from home!

Working in social media may seem like a fun way to get paid while hanging out on Facebook.  However, working in Social Media requires a high level of skill in marketing, a natural ability to interact and encourage engagement and understanding the ever-evolving rules and techniques you must work around within each social media platform. Successful Social Media experts are constantly researching, completing their own test studies and staying up to date with changes in order to remain educated and relevant. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and … [Read more...]

Naming Force: A Lucrative and Fun Side Gig

Naming Force allows you to earn money using your creative thinking and marketing skills.

Do you find yourself cringing at new business or product names you encounter online, or in your neighborhood shops and just know you could do a better job? You’re probably right! And now you have the opportunity to prove it – and get paid. Make your voice heard using your creativity and competitiveness to help new businesses with Naming Force. Find out what it takes to be a Namer for this crowdsourcer.   What is Naming Force? Naming Force is a company that assists clients in finding appropriate and catchy business and product names using crowdsourcing and … [Read more...]

Your Freelance Writing Client is Not Obligated to Please You

Tips for freelance writers looking to grow their business.

Should your client offer certain perks? Are there certain things you should expect them to do besides pay you? When freelancing, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out the roles played by you and your clients. Is the client asking for too much -- or are you the one demanding the impossible? In freelance writing, the number one rule is that the client is not obligated to please you. In fact, you should instead be providing what the client needs. If you can't or won't, let them find it elsewhere. Here's why. The client's venue is not yours Whether you are … [Read more...]