Scam Reported: Search Engine Evaluating Contract Company

Were you effected by this Scam? Be careful!

***Update: Response from Liberty Workers 07/31/2015*** I have made contact with Liberty Workers to have a better understanding of these allegations made now by dozens of people. The following is the response I received with Liberty Worker's explanation.  Due to this response and learning a bit more about the situation, I would no longer consider what happened a "scam" but rather an unprofessional and unfortunate event.   I am sharing the following email with permission from it's sender. Hi Miranda, Thanks for getting in touch. We apologize for … [Read more...]

Become a Chat Agent at Take2Telecom

Find out what is involved with working as a chat support agent, from home.

Would you rather have a chat job instead of a phone job? Do you type and think quickly when interacting with customers? Are you looking for a flexible schedule? Then Take2Telecom might be your answer! What Exactly is Take2Telecom? Take2Telecom is a direct response marketing company that provides live chat services and cloud-based services to its clients.  Actually, the company is so new that it is difficult to find much information about it.  Take2Telecom states that it wants to create flexible, good jobs that hard working Americans can do. Take2Telecom … [Read more...]

5 Dishonest Work at Home Job Descriptions on Craigslist

A list of the most over used work at home job listings on craigslist that are total BS.

Craigslist can be an amazing resource for people who are looking for work from home jobs. Many legitimate companies use the free resource. Unfortunately, it is also a hub filled with many scams and schemes. The following are the top five, most dishonest job titles on Craigslist. Easy Work at Home - Get Paid Cash Daily This job description is always followed up with some promise that you will make hundreds of dollars a week. Every one of these "Get paid daily" jobs are not really jobs. They are either scams, or some survey-like company where you can earn pennies … [Read more...]

Become a Moderation Expert at ICUC

Work online with a schedule available 24/7 and earn 10-18 dollars an hour as a community moderator for ICUC

Are you someone who enjoys social media? Are you someone who frequents forums? Are you one who understands how important branding is to business? Then the ICUC moderation agent job might be just what you are looking for.   What Exactly is a Moderation Agent or Expert? A moderation agent is someone who basically acts on the behalf of the client and goes into the clients’ forums and social media accounts to answer questions, engage with their target market, and promote yet protect their brand. You will be moderating forums, approving or deleting … [Read more...]

How to Earn Money Rating Fashion Trends

Find out how you can earn as much as $9 an hour reviewing fashion trends!

SliceThePie is most known for paying people to rate music. Thousands of WAHA readers have signed up to review music but recently SliceThePie has added a new review topic- clothes!! Let me tell you all about how you can make as much as $9 an hour by giving your opinion on fashion trends such as clothes. How to Get Started If you are not already a member of SliceThePie then it is time to register your account. The sign up process includes basic information such as your name, location and email. A verification email will be sent to you and once you check that email … [Read more...]

Volunteer as a Contributing Writer to Help Kids With Acts of Kindness

Expand your reach as a freelance writer by volunteering to help kids raise awareness with snowball campaigns.

Are you looking for ways to expand your reach as a writer? Do you enjoy writing about important causes that you believe in? If so, you may want to consider applying to be a volunteer contributing writer at Star A Snowball. This article will provide more information on Start A Snowball, what they do, and how you can become a volunteer contributing writer. What is Start a Snowball? Start a Snowball is 501 (c)3 charitable organization that provides grant money to kids who get involved in philanthropic causes. They encourage kids to start their own small philanthropic … [Read more...]