Writer Beware: Is Domainite.com a Scam or Just Another Content Mill?

Domainite pays $1 for every 100 words written. You can select what jobs you accept and when you work.

Freelance writers, especially those just starting out, have a love-hate relationship with content mills. On the one hand, it’s a hard business to break into and content mills give you an opportunity to practice your chops while offering some compensation. On the other side, the pay rates are generally extremely low and to many any real income requires a time commitment, which may distract from your ‘real,’ career writing.   Domainite.com has received somewhat of a bad rap in recent years. While some workers claim it’s another scam writing site, my research … [Read more...]

How to Start an Online Freelance Writing Career

Tips to getting started as a freelance writing.

If you are planning to begin a career in online freelance writing, you first have to learn about the industry and then determine the steps needed to make your way into this line of work. A lot of freelance writers actually start out looking for a way to earn extra income by using their skills in writing. Because of the popularity of the Internet and the sudden proliferation of Internet marketing, a great need for freelance writers has emerged. Today there are plenty of companies, individuals and websites offering regular work for online freelance writers. Choosing … [Read more...]

15 Steps to Starting a Daycare Center in Your Home

How to start your own in-home daycare business! A 15 step guide.

It's often a delicate balancing act to manage caring for your children while earning money to support the family. Some parents opt to start a childcare service at home to earn money and care for their own children in the process. If running an in-home daycare sounds like the best of both worlds to you, this guide will help you begin your business. The order of the steps in the guide may vary, depending on your time, skills, and legal requirements, but ultimately, they should all be met to provide the best care to the families you will serve. Some states may require you … [Read more...]

Direct Sales for Extra Cash – What You Need to Know

Before you invest in a Direct Sales Home Business, you need to know the facts.

If you are looking for a way to bring in some extra cash, direct sales can be a good option. Unlike a traditional part-time job, direct sales allows you to set your own hours and build a business at your own pace. That freedom is very attractive to people from all walks of life, but it is important to educate yourself before getting started.   Direct Sales is Primarily a Social Skill If you are to be successful in the world of direct sales, you will need excellent social skills as well as the ability to sell products. While direct sales consultants do make money … [Read more...]

Capital One Pays Work at Home Agents $13/hr

Great work at home job- especially if you live in VA or FL!

If you enjoy working on the front line helping customers with their finances, then becoming a Customer Service Associate at Capital One may be the right direction for you. Customer Service Associates are hired to work from home. These positions are location based, which means positions may not always be available in all areas. while they are mostly available in Florida and Virginia, there are still openings in other states from time to time as well. Customer Service Associate Position These associates are responsible for taking inbound calls. These calls may require … [Read more...]

Calling All Content Mill Writers: The Content Authority is Looking for You

The Content Authority is a great way to supplement your income and help pay off your debt!

Working as a freelancer for a content mill can be scrupulous. The rates are often laughable, the expectations fuzzy, the payments frequently delayed, and the credit nonexistent. Still, you have to get your foot in the door somewhere and for maybe newbie writers, content mills are just the place to make such a debut.   For 6 years, The Content Authority has been a leading content mill, partnering with clients to fulfill their content-related needs. Writers, keep reading to learn more about The Content Authority and decide if content mill work is your next … [Read more...]