The 20 Best Side Hustles for Doctors

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy
A doctor attending to a patient

Doctors are highly skilled professionals with a deep understanding of medicine and healthcare.

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While their primary focus is on patient care, many doctors seek additional ways to diversify their income and enhance their financial well-being.

The world of side hustles offers a plethora of opportunities for doctors to leverage their medical knowledge and skills.

Whether you’re looking to pay off student loans faster, save for a dream vacation, or invest for the future, these 20 best side hustles for doctors provide a pathway to achieving your financial goals.

1. Telemedicine Consulting

Telemedicine consulting is a versatile side hustle for doctors. It involves offering medical advice and services to patients remotely, providing convenient healthcare solutions.

Whether you specialize in general medicine or have expertise in a specific field, telemedicine platforms like Teladoc can connect you with patients seeking virtual healthcare consultations.


Specializing in telepsychiatry allows you to offer mental health consultations via video calls. You can help patients with various mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, from the comfort of their homes.

Telepsychiatry services are in high demand, making it a lucrative side hustle for psychiatrists and mental health professionals.

Remote Second Opinions

Providing remote second opinion services is another telemedicine opportunity. You can offer patients a fresh perspective on their medical conditions and treatment options. Platforms like 2nd.MD connect doctors with patients seeking expert advice.

This side hustle not only helps patients make informed decisions but also allows you to expand your medical expertise.

Telemedicine Entrepreneurship

Consider launching your telemedicine platform or startup, catering to specific medical niches or patient populations. Entrepreneurial doctors can create innovative telehealth solutions to address unmet healthcare needs.

2. Medical Writing

Doctors often possess in-depth medical knowledge that can be put to use in medical writing:

Health Blogging

Starting a health blog allows you to share medical insights, advice, and wellness tips with a broader audience. As your blog gains traction, you can monetize it through advertisements and affiliate marketing.

Successful health bloggers often become influencers in the healthcare and wellness industry.

Freelance Medical Writing

Exploring freelance medical writing opportunities on platforms like Upwork or Freelancer is an excellent way to leverage your medical expertise. You can write well-researched articles for healthcare websites, magazines, or medical journals.

Freelancing allows you to choose projects that align with your interests and schedule.

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Medical Content Creation

Consider creating medical content for social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. Short videos, infographics, and informative posts can help you reach a broader audience and educate the public on various health topics.

3. Medical Transcription

Medical transcription involves converting spoken medical reports into written documents. If you have attention to detail and knowledge of medical terminology, you can find transcription job listings on platforms like TranscribeMe or Rev.

Radiology Transcription

Specializing in radiology transcription can be particularly lucrative. Radiology reports often contain complex terminology and require precision. Radiologists rely on accurate transcriptions to make diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

Pathology Transcription

Offering pathology transcription services is another niche within medical transcription. Pathology reports detail findings from tissue and laboratory analyses. Pathologists and healthcare institutions depend on accurate transcriptions for patient care and research.

Medical Scribe Services

Consider providing medical scribe services to healthcare providers who need assistance with documentation during patient visits. Being a medical scribe requires real-time note-taking and can be an in-demand side hustle.

4. Medical YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel dedicated to medical education can be a rewarding side hustle:

Medical Education Channel

Creating informative videos on various medical topics can help students and the general public understand complex medical concepts. You can teach anatomy, physiology, or discuss common medical conditions, treatments, and preventive measures.

Health and Wellness Vlogs

Sharing your personal journey toward a healthier lifestyle can resonate with viewers. Vlogging about your experiences with diet, exercise, and stress management can inspire and educate others.

It’s an opportunity to connect with a broader audience interested in health and wellness.

Medical Procedure Demonstrations

Consider creating videos that demonstrate medical procedures (while adhering to patient privacy regulations). These can be valuable educational resources for medical students and professionals looking to expand their knowledge.

5. Online Medical Courses

Developing online medical courses or webinars allows you to share your medical expertise globally:

Create Medical Courses

Offering online courses on medical topics that you excel in, such as cardiology, dermatology, or pediatrics, can attract a global audience. Platforms like Udemy or Coursera enable you to reach learners seeking in-depth medical knowledge.

Tutoring for Medical Entrance Exams

Providing online tutoring services to students preparing for medical entrance exams is a valuable side hustle. Your success in getting into medical school can be a valuable resource for aspiring medical students.

You can offer guidance on exam preparation strategies, study techniques, and even conduct practice tests.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Courses

Developing CME courses for healthcare professionals looking to maintain their licenses or certifications can be a lucrative venture. Offering accredited CME courses ensures a steady demand for your expertise.

6. Health App Development

Combine your medical knowledge with programming skills to develop healthcare apps:

Patient Education Apps

Creating apps that provide patients with easily accessible information about various medical conditions, treatments, and wellness tips empowers individuals to take control of their health. You can focus on specific conditions or create comprehensive health and wellness apps.

Symptom Tracking Apps

Developing apps that allow users to monitor and track their symptoms can facilitate better communication with healthcare providers. These apps can be valuable tools for patients managing chronic conditions or those seeking early detection of health issues.

Telehealth Solutions

Consider creating a telehealth app that connects patients with healthcare providers for virtual consultations. The demand for telemedicine solutions has surged, and creating a user-friendly telehealth app can address this need.

7. Medical Consultation for Athletes

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

If you have a background in sports medicine or an interest in working with athletes, consider offering medical consultation services. Athletes often require specialized healthcare advice, including injury prevention, performance enhancement, and rehabilitation strategies.

You can connect with athletes through sports clubs, gyms, or online platforms. Focusing on helping athletes recover from injuries and surgeries by offering personalized rehabilitation plans can be particularly valuable for athletes looking to get back to peak performance.

Nutrition and Fitness Consultations

Provide guidance on nutrition and fitness plans tailored to athletes’ specific needs. Helping them optimize their diet and training routines can improve their performance and overall health. This side hustle can be fulfilling as you contribute to the health and success of athletes in various sports.

Telemedicine for Sports Teams

Consider offering telemedicine consultations for sports teams, enabling athletes to access medical advice conveniently, especially when traveling for competitions. This remote approach ensures athletes receive timely medical guidance and care, contributing to their overall well-being and performance.

8. Medical Expert Witness

Medical Malpractice Cases

Doctors with expertise in specific medical fields can serve as expert witnesses in legal cases, including medical malpractice cases. Your role involves offering your expert opinion on whether medical negligence occurred. Your testimony can be crucial in helping courts make informed decisions and ensuring justice for patients.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

Provide expert testimony regarding the extent and cause of injuries in personal injury cases. Your medical expertise can help determine the impact of injuries on individuals and play a vital role in securing fair compensation for those who have been injured.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Assist in workers’ compensation cases by providing assessments of work-related injuries or illnesses. Your insights can help injured workers receive the compensation they deserve, ensuring they receive proper medical care and support.

9. Pharmaceutical Research Consultant

Clinical Trial Oversight

Doctors can lend their expertise to pharmaceutical companies by participating in the oversight of clinical trials. Your role ensures the safety and efficacy of new medications. Responsibilities may include reviewing trial protocols, monitoring patient progress, and providing valuable medical input to enhance the trial’s success.

Drug Development Advisory

Provide guidance to pharmaceutical companies on drug development strategies. Your expertise can help these companies make informed decisions about their research and development pipelines, ultimately leading to the creation of safer and more effective medications for various medical conditions.

Medical Writing for Research Papers

Contribute to the medical writing and publication of research papers and clinical studies. Your insights and medical knowledge can enhance the credibility of scientific findings, helping to advance medical knowledge and potentially lead to breakthroughs in healthcare.

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10. Medical Coding and Billing

Medical Coding Specialist

Doctors can leverage their medical knowledge to work in medical coding and billing. Becoming proficient in medical coding systems, such as ICD-10 or CPT, allows you to accurately translate medical records into billing codes for healthcare providers.

This role is crucial for ensuring that healthcare services are properly documented and billed for reimbursement.

Medical Billing Consultant

Offering medical billing services to medical practices involves ensuring the accurate and timely processing of insurance claims and payments. Healthcare providers often seek skilled professionals who can navigate the complexities of medical billing, making this a valuable side hustle opportunity.

Revenue Cycle Management

Assist healthcare organizations in optimizing their revenue cycle management processes. This includes everything from patient registration to claim submission and payment collection. Doctors who understand the healthcare system can help streamline these processes and improve revenue flow.

11. Medical Device Consulting

Product Development Feedback

Doctors with expertise in medical devices can provide valuable feedback during the development of medical devices. Ensuring that these devices meet clinical needs and safety standards is essential. Your insights can contribute to the creation of innovative and effective medical technologies.

Regulatory Compliance

Assist medical device companies in navigating regulatory approvals. This includes ensuring that devices meet the necessary requirements for bringing them to market. Your understanding of medical regulations and standards can be invaluable in this role.

Clinical Trials for Medical Devices

Participate in clinical trials for new medical devices. Your medical expertise is essential for evaluating the safety and effectiveness of these devices. Contributing to clinical research in this way can advance medical technology and patient care.

12. Health and Wellness Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

Guide individuals in making healthy lifestyle choices, including diet, exercise, stress management, and sleep. As a doctor, your medical background adds credibility to your coaching services, helping clients achieve their wellness goals.

Weight Management Coaching

Specialize in weight management coaching, helping clients achieve and maintain their desired weight through evidence-based strategies. Obesity and weight-related issues are prevalent, making this a valuable area of expertise.

Smoking Cessation Counseling

Offer support and strategies to individuals looking to quit smoking, promoting better respiratory health and overall well-being. Your medical knowledge can provide unique insights into the health risks associated with smoking.

13. Healthcare IT Consulting

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Implementation

Assist healthcare organizations in implementing EHR systems, optimizing workflows, and ensuring data security. Your familiarity with healthcare processes and regulations positions you as a valuable resource in the adoption of digital healthcare technologies.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Consulting

Work on projects related to health information exchange, enabling secure data sharing between healthcare providers. Your expertise can help improve interoperability and data accessibility in the healthcare ecosystem.

Telehealth Technology Integration

Help healthcare facilities integrate and optimize telehealth technology for improved patient access to care. The demand for telehealth services has surged, and your guidance can ensure effective implementation.

14. Medical Real Estate Investments

Property Management

Manage medical properties, ensuring they meet healthcare industry standards and attract healthcare tenants. Your understanding of healthcare facility requirements can be advantageous in property management.

Healthcare Facility Development

Invest in the development of healthcare facilities in areas with growing healthcare needs. This not only serves the community’s healthcare access but also offers investment opportunities in real estate.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Explore opportunities to invest in healthcare-focused REITs, providing a passive income stream from medical real estate holdings. This option allows you to invest in the healthcare sector without direct property management responsibilities.

15. Medical Research Collaboration

Clinical Research Collaboration

Participate in clinical trials and research studies, contributing to advancements in medical knowledge and therapies. Your clinical expertise is invaluable in ensuring the quality and safety of research trials.

Research Grant Applications

Apply for research grants to fund your medical research projects, addressing pressing healthcare challenges. Securing research funding allows you to pursue innovative studies and make meaningful contributions to medical science.

Publication of Medical Findings

Share your research findings through peer-reviewed journals, enhancing the medical community’s understanding of various medical conditions. Publishing research adds to your professional reputation and fosters collaboration with other researchers.

16. Medical Writing and Medical Editing

Medical Content Creation

Leverage your medical knowledge to create high-quality medical content for websites, blogs, or medical publications. Topics can range from explaining complex medical conditions in layman’s terms to providing health tips and guidance.

Medical Manuscript Editing

Offer professional editing services for medical research manuscripts and articles. Ensuring accuracy, clarity, and adherence to journal guidelines is crucial for successful publication.

Your expertise can assist researchers in getting their work accepted in prestigious medical journals.

Patient Education Materials

Create patient-friendly educational materials for healthcare facilities or pharmaceutical companies. These materials may include brochures, pamphlets, and online resources that help patients understand their medical conditions and treatment options.

17. Medical Illustration and Design

Anatomical Illustrations

Utilize your artistic skills and medical knowledge to create detailed anatomical illustrations. These visuals are valuable for medical textbooks, educational materials, and healthcare presentations. Showcase your work on platforms like Behance to attract clients.

Medical Infographics

Design informative and visually appealing medical infographics that simplify complex medical concepts. These graphics can be used in patient education materials, presentations, and websites to enhance understanding.

Medical Website Design

Specialize in designing user-friendly and visually appealing websites for healthcare professionals, clinics, or medical practices. Your expertise ensures that these websites convey accurate medical information and are easy to navigate.

18. Professional Speaking and Training

Health and Wellness Seminars

Leverage your medical expertise to conduct health and wellness seminars for corporations, schools, or community organizations. Topics can include stress management, nutrition, and preventive healthcare.

Medical Career Coaching

Offer guidance and coaching to medical students, residents, or early-career doctors. Share your insights on career paths, residency programs, and strategies for success in the medical field.

Public Speaking Engagements

Participate in public speaking engagements on various topics, such as leadership, motivation, or personal development. Your credibility as a doctor can make you a sought-after speaker.

19. Medical Equipment Sales

Medical Device Sales

Leverage your medical knowledge to sell medical equipment and devices to healthcare facilities. Your understanding of the products and their clinical applications can be a valuable asset in this field.

Pharmaceutical Sales

Explore opportunities in pharmaceutical sales, where you can promote and sell medications to healthcare professionals. Your medical background can enhance your credibility when engaging with physicians.

Healthcare IT Sales

Join the healthcare information technology (IT) industry and sell IT solutions to healthcare providers. Your insights into clinical workflows and healthcare regulations can be advantageous in this field.

20. Health and Fitness Coaching

Personal Health Coaching

Become a certified health coach and help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. You can provide guidance on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle modifications to promote better health.

Online Fitness Training

Offer online fitness training services, creating customized workout plans and providing virtual coaching sessions. The demand for virtual fitness coaching has grown, making this a viable side hustle.

Wellness Retreats and Workshops

Organize wellness retreats, workshops, or online courses focused on holistic health and well-being. Your medical background adds credibility to these events and can attract participants seeking guidance for a healthier lifestyle.


In conclusion, doctors have a unique skill set that opens doors to a wide range of side hustle opportunities.

By exploring these options, you can not only increase your income but also find fulfilling ways to share your medical expertise and make a positive impact beyond your primary medical practice.

Whether it’s through telemedicine consulting, medical writing, or teaching medical courses, the possibilities are abundant.

With the right side hustle, you can achieve financial success while continuing to serve your patients and community with excellence.

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