Recharge Your Gadget’s Batteries to Save Money

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Do you ever feel like you are constantly replacing your gadget’s batteries? Are you throwing them out before you even had a chance to use them? Well, you are not alone. Let me tell you how you can save money on the batteries in your laptops, flashlights, cell phones, cordless phones, and e-readers or tablets.

With hurricane season here for parts of the country, it is important to have plenty of batteries on hand. Even without hurricane season, so many of our beloved appliances and tech gadgets run on batteries. The problem for most of us is that we don’t know how long to store or prolong the life of our batteries.


Alkaline Batteries

For our alkaline gadget’s batteries, which are the most common household batteries, they should be kept in a cool, dry place. This would include batteries such as AA, AAA, C, D, and many of the ones that you would find in your local drug store. While some people do like to store their unused batteries in the freezer or refrigerator, this only prolongs the life of the alkaline battery about 5%.

However, frozen or cold batteries cannot be used immediately. They must thaw out and be used at room temperature. So this could pose a problem if there was an emergency and those batteries would suddenly be needed for your flashlight or room lantern.


NiCad Batteries

For NiCad gadget’s batteries, which are used in digital cameras, cell phones, and laptops — their life can be prolonged up to 90% by storing the unused ones in the freezer. You would still need to thaw them out before using.

Even the freshest and newest of batteries will soon die out without knowing the best ways to recharge them. Knowing how and when to recharge your gadget’s batteries will definitely prolong the batteries life and save you money.

Cell phones should only be charged from the charger made specifically for your cell phone. While you can use a car charger, it isn’t synced the same as an electrical wall outlet. This will cause strain to your battery, so use it sparingly.

Take cordless phones out of their cradles and let them run down to almost none of their available power before recharging them. Every time you remove the cordless phone from its cradle and put it back, it counts as one full recharge cycle. You can get up to 500 rechargeable cycles from a cordless phone’s battery.

If you don’t use your e-readers or tablets on a regular basis, mark your calendar to recharge once a month. These devices use a rechargeable lithium ion battery which should be charged once a month. If left uncharged for two or three consecutive months, this type of battery drains so low, it cannot be recharged again.


Save Gadget’s Batteries and Save Business Expense!

So, learn to store and recharge your batteries, and both you and your gadgets will be like the Energizer Bunny. Keep going. And going. And going.


    • Miranda GrimmMiranda Grimm says

      I actually gave away a laptop because I didnt find it worth spending the $60 it would cost to buy a new battery!

      Laptop batteries do not last long. Mine came with detailed instructions on how to care for it and make it last. I followed it to a T and was very anal about it. But regardless– it’s life ended. But, I had not idea I could store it in the freezer to save its life! That could have been helpful when I wasnt using it often.

  1. says

    These are great tips! My laptop actually needs a new battery now, it won’t hold it’s charge long at all if it’s not plugged up. I’ll keep the tips in mind for future reference.


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