22 Best Ways to Get Hulu Absolutely Free Every Month

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Ever wondered if you can get Hulu for free without being deceptive? You can, just by taking advantage of its free trial and utilizing rewards sites that partner with Hulu. Here are 18 ways to cut the cost of Hulu every month.Hulu Plus is a Netflix-like streaming subscription service.

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It brings you some of your favorite movies and TV shows right to your TV or mobile device for one low monthly cost.

A Hulu Plus subscription isn’t expensive at only $7.99 per month for its basic subscription.

You can opt for the no-commercials plan for an extra $4 per month.

And, Hulu even recently announced its live TV subscription that includes over 50 channels live for $39.99 per month, which is typically quite a bit cheaper than cable or satellite.

When you use Hulu Plus, you can definitely save money over regular TV.

Still, it’s great to get things for free when you can!

That’s why this post is all about getting you your Hulu Plus subscription for free every month.

Yes, there’s some work involved with two of these tips.

But saving your subscription cost every month on Hulu can save you almost $100 per year if you subscribe to the basic plan!

I don’t have a Hulu login hack or cheat to get you free Hulu (and besides – that’s dishonest!), but there are some legit ways for you to cut the cost each month.

Want to know how to get Hulu for free? Here are a few legitimate ways!

Can I Get a Hulu Free Trial Without Credit Card Information?

If you’ve never used Hulu yet and want to try it out before you make a commitment, then the best way to do that is to take advantage of its free 30-day trial.

Like most subscription services (and just about any digital service nowadays!) Hulu gives customers a one-month trial for free.

After this month, you’ll start to get charged the normal rate for the Hulu subscription you ordered.

Unfortunately, no – you can’t get the free trial without giving Hulu your payment information.

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That’s because the company needs a way to charge you once your trial period ends, unless you cancel before that time.

However, you don’t have to use a credit card if you don’t want to.

You can opt for one of the Express Pay options when you sign up for your trial.

PayPal is an option there, so if you feel more comfortable paying with your PayPal account, then you can do that.

If you decide to cancel and not keep your free Hulu account after the trial, then you’ll still have access to your trial until the period ends.

After that, you won’t have access to Hulu’s database until you pay for an account.

I have heard of people signing up for Hulu each month with different information just to take advantage of the free trial.

But, I highly suggest not doing this!

Not only can it prevent you from getting Hulu in the future if it catches onto your tricks (which it probably will eventually), but you’ll also have to set up your account every single month.

That can get pretty tedious and annoying when you want to quickly get to the shows and movies you enjoy watching.

The free trial is really best for anyone who wants to give Hulu Plus a test run before deciding if it’s something they want to keep.

The free trial is currently available for the Limited Commercials and Commercial-Free plans, and for a Live TV subscription.

However, you have to be a “new or eligible customer” to get a free trial.

You can find out more on the Hulu website.

Sign Up for Hulu with a New Account

I don’t suggest breaking the rules to continuously get Hulu for free.

But if you’ve used up your free trial and still need a little more time to decide if it’s the right service for you, then you can try this method to get an extra month, which should be plenty of time to help you make the decision.

Hulu allows you to get one free trial with your account.

So you’ll need to set up a new account in order to experience another free trial.

That means that you’ll need to use a different email address and account information when you sign up.

You won’t be able to merge these accounts into one, so you’ll need to decide later which account to stick with.

Do everything you did to sign up for the free trial on your other account with your new one to take advantage of extra watching time to decide if Hulu is for you.

I have heard that Hulu may block you from doing this when it recognizes your IP address, though, as the free trial is only intended for a household to enjoy once, so keep that in mind if it doesn’t work for you.

Don’t worry – we have several other methods that will probably work better anyway!

Hulu’s Referral Program

UPDATE 5/2023: Unfortunately, it appears that Hulu no longer has its referral program in place.

Did you know that Hulu has its own referral program that rewards current members for referring their friends?

It’s true! I’ve gotten a few referrals myself.

Basically, you give your friends your referral code.

When they sign up for Hulu, not only do they get their 30-day free trial, but YOU also get a $10 prepaid VISA card.

You can always turn around and use that $10 card to pay for your Hulu subscription for the month!

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If you have the basic Limited Commercials plan, you only need to refer one friend a month to cover your costs.

Click here for more information on Hulu’s referral program.

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Share an Account with a Friend

You might be surprised to know how many people get free streaming services because they choose to share their accounts with friends.

You can do this with Hulu!

Maybe you and a friend decide to share your Netflix and Hulu accounts.

You can pay for Netflix while your friend pays for Hulu, or vice versa.

Either way, you’re getting one of the services for free.

The only downfall?

If you decide to only opt for the cheapest plan, you’ll only be able to stream Hulu on one device at a time.

That means that if you and your friend both want to watch something on Hulu, you won’t be able to.

You’ll need to either come up with a schedule for watching that’s fair to both of you or opt for the Hulu Live plan, which allows streaming on two devices at a time.

Therefore, this solution might work best if you have a friend who works a different schedule than you most of the time, so it’s easy to share your Hulu account.

Ask for Hulu Gift Cards

Did you know that Hulu sells gift cards for its service?

You can find them in places like Walgreens, Best Buy, and Walmart.

If you really want to get your Hulu service for free, why not ask your friends and family for Hulu gift cards for special occasions, like your birthday?

You can even get Hulu gift cards as large as $100, so getting even a couple of them could have your service paid for almost three years if you have a basic Hulu account.

Using Reward Sites to Save Money on Hulu

I actually didn’t even realize that some of my favorite cash back and rewards sites offered Hulu rewards until I did some digging for this post!

Swagbucks and Ebates are two rewards sites that have excellent ways for you to save money on your Hulu subscription every month.

Swagbucks (review)

Swagbucks – the place where you can earn money on tons of different online tasks, like playing games and shopping – offers a Hulu gift card as one of its rewards!

The $25 Hulu card is available as a reward for 2500 SBs.

I earn that much about every two months from Swagbucks easily through cash back shopping, paid emails, and surveys.

If you earned at the same rate, you could always end up with a free subscription to Hulu every month with the basic plan for $7.99 or the No Commercials plan at $11.99!

Swagbucks often has deals on its rewards, too, that will save you even more money and help you get rewards faster.

Right now, for example, its sign up for Hulu for $5.99 get $12 back so it is still free!

Ebates (review)

UPDATE 5/2023: Ebates is now Rakuten, a different site that works in much the same way. You’ll still find Hulu deals here that can get you free Hulu for at least a few months!

Ebates offers a way to save that’s a little different than Swagbucks.

Instead of giving you a Hulu card as a reward, you’ll get cash back when you sign up for the Hulu Plus subscription.

Before you sign up for Hulu, just visit Ebates and click the partner link.

You’ll get redirected to Hulu, where you can sign up for an account.

Currently, Ebates offers up to $25 cash back when you sign up for a Hulu subscription or its Live TV subscription!

That means that you can get up to three months of Hulu for free, which is the perfect way to give yourself some time to earn some Swagbucks rewards!

Idle Empire

Idle Empire is a rewards site that lets you take surveys, complete quick tasks, complete offers, watch videos, and more – all for some awesome rewards like cryptocurrency and Hulu gift cards.

There are also special promotions for members and a referral program that can help you earn more points here toward the rewards you want.

Be sure to follow the site on its social media channels to stay connected and be one of the first to know about its special rewards and promotions to help you earn more.

Once you have enough points to get a Hulu gift card, you can redeem them and expect to see it delivered electronically within 24 hours.

Then head to your Hulu account, add your code, and see your savings!

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is actually an app instead of a website, but it’s extremely helpful in letting you earn easy rewards – for something as simple as grocery shopping, which you do anyway!

With this app, you can scan your grocery receipts – it doesn’t matter what stores you shop with – and get points for every shopping trip.

When you get enough points, you can browse the rewards catalog pick out what you want to redeem them for.

Hulu gift cards are available in $25 increments here, which can at least give you 4 months of Hulu for free!

If you remember to use the app with every grocery shopping trip, it’s possible that you’ll earn enough every couple of months to keep getting new Hulu gift cards that pay for your account.

Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is yet another popular online reward site that pays in free Hulu gift cards, if that’s what you choose for your rewards.

You can also get prizes like Steam cards, VISA reward cards, PayPal cash, and more than 500 other options if you don’t need Hulu cards right now.

You can sign up for a free account to get rewarded for stuff like online surveys, paid offers, referring your friends, and more.


Want a $25 Hulu gift card for free?

Start getting rewarded at GamerChange, a reward site that’s perfect for gamers and anyone who wants some free money toward their Hulu account.

Most of this site focuses on online shopping rewards, similar to Ebates/Rakuten, where you’ll shop with partnered sites to get cash back into your GamerChange account.

However, there are some other tasks you’ll find here, like quick online surveys.

When you get enough points in your account, you can redeem them for a Hulu gift card.

This company offers them with a minimum of $25 worth of points in your account.

Using Coupon Sites to Save Money on Hulu

You can also check some of the top coupon sites, which frequently rotate their offers for Hulu.

The following online coupon sites frequently have discounts or free trials for Hulu that can help you save on your subscription.


If you want an even longer free trial than the one Hulu offers, then you should head over to Groupon.

This mega discount site offers a 45-day free trial for the Limited Commercials plan, which gives you more than two extra weeks to watch for free.

The only catch is that only new customers are eligible for the trial, so you can’t get it if you already have a subscription.


Coupons.com is one of the most popular online deals sites, offering coupons on your favorite retailers, restaurants, and more.

Coupons.com sometimes has discount codes or promotional codes for free trials of Hulu.

I would bookmark the Hulu page on the site and check back once in a while to see if anything new pops up.

Coupon Chief

Similar to Coupons.com, Coupon Chief occasionally has some Hulu promo codes that can save you money on a new subscription.

The site also has unique Hulu coupons that give you up to two months free when you sign up using a specific referral code.

And, as of the time of this writing, there’s even a code that can get you a free one-month trial and a discounted monthly rate for each month thereafter!


RetailMeNot is probably my favorite online coupon site.

It also has some Hulu coupons available, which rotate through the year.

Most of them are free trial offers, but there’s an occasional coupon that pops up that might save you money on your current subscription.

Collect Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is a program that rewards you for doing various things, like take surveys, search the web, and other small tasks.

It was formerly known as Bing Rewards.

This place is better than a lot of rewards sites because there are so many ways to earn and so many prizes you can redeem your points for.

One of them is – you guessed it – a Hulu gift card!

For 28,000 points, you can get a $25 Hulu gift card, which is enough to get you 3 full months of a basic Hulu Plus plan for free.

Once you receive your card code via email, you can enter it on your Hulu account page.

Hulu will automatically use the balance on the card first, and then charge your regular payment method when you run out.

If you aren’t yet a member of Microsoft Rewards, you can sign up with your Microsoft account here.

Alternative Trick to Get a Hulu Card Cheaper Using Microsoft Rewards!

There’s an even cheaper way to earn the Hulu gift card on Microsoft Rewards!

It’ll take a little more time to do but will also save you almost 2,000 in points.

Instead of redeeming your points for a $25 Hulu card, opt for 5 $5 Walmart cards.

They’re 5,250 points each, or 26,250 total, but they equal the same monetary value.

You’ll save 1,750 in points with this method!

Once you collect all your Walmart gift cards, you can add them to your Walmart account.

Then, visit Walmart online and purchase a $25 Hulu gift card with your gift card balance!

Try New Apps with FreeMyApps

Are you someone who likes to try new apps and games on your phone?

If so, you’ll love FreeMyApps, a completely free app that works on Apple and Android devices to reward you just for downloading new stuff on your phone.

The app features over 50 popular gift cards, like Amazon and Google Play, but Hulu gift cards are also options when you’re ready to redeem rewards.

I see this as more of a secondary app to use to work toward Hulu gift cards because not all apps here will give you tons of points.

Still, when added to all the other options in this post, it’s just another helpful way to keep gaining free money toward your Hulu streaming.

Get a Blue Cash Reward Card from American Express

Did you know that some credit cards have built-in rewards when you use them for streaming services like Hulu?

The Blue Cash Reward Card from American Express is one of them, offering up to 6% cash back in rewards when you use it to pay for your Hulu subscription and other streaming services like Netflix.

With this card, you can also get 6% back when you grocery shop, 3% back on ridesharing services, and tons of other great rewards just for using your card.

So, you can always use the points you get to continue paying for your Hulu account, essentially getting you some months for free.

Earn Cash Back with Ibotta

Ibotta is an app you can use to earn cash back when you’re shopping in stores or online.

Download the app for free to your device and use it to get cash back when you use rebates while shopping or use it to click links to partnered retailers to receive some cashback for your shopping trip.

Ibotta also has some offers that help you get bonuses when you complete them.

One offer the app has sometimes (they rotate occasionally) is up to $30 in cash back when you purchase a subscription to Hulu through Ibotta.

So, if you don’t yet have an account, you can use Ibotta to sign up and get up to $30 back in your Ibotta account.

You’ll then have enough (the minimum is $20) to transfer that cash to PayPal and pay for your Hulu account for a few months.

You can learn more about the deal on the Ibotta blog.

Use Honey to Get Cash Back with Hulu

Honey is a site I love to use for online shopping.

Head to the site, find some retailers it partners with, and make a purchase.

You’ll earn HoneyGold back into your account that you can redeem for stuff like Walmart or Amazon gift cards.

Honey often has special offers for extra HoneyGold when you sign up for services or make specific purchases.

One way you can earn is by signing up through Honey for your Hulu account.

You’ll earn bonus HoneyGold when you do this, which you can then turn into a gift card of your choice.

Unfortunately, there’s no PayPal option that would make it easy for you to pay for Hulu with your rewards.

Still, you’ll get a free reward for signing up for Hulu, and you can use one of the other several ways I’ve listed here to keep making your Hulu account free.

Alternatively, you can sell or trade an Amazon gift card you got from Honey to try to get some cash to pay for Hulu!

Watch Hulu with Viggle

If you love streaming Hulu, then you’ll love Viggle!

This free app lets you stream your favorite shows – yes, even on your favorite streaming networks, like Hulu and Netflix – to earn rewards.

Just turn on Viggle, watch what you love, and see your points rack up.

So, while you’re watching Hulu, you can also be earning rewards that feed your Hulu obsession!

The app also offers some features shows that you can watch for extra bonus points.

Sign Up for Disney +

If you’re interested in getting Disney + – Disney’s new streaming service with tons of Disney movie and TV classics, originals, and newest hits – then you can basically get your Hulu account for free.


Well, when you sign up for Disney + as a new customer, you can take advantage of its awesome bundle that gives you Disney’s service plus Hulu and ESPN +!

The total cost for all three is $12.99.

Separately, these services would cost $17.97 per month, so if you think about it, you’re almost getting Hulu for free when you bundle.

The best part is that Disney allows you to use a current Hulu account to still get the deal.

If you already have Hulu, you’ll just pay whatever overage charge you have for the bundle minus your Hulu service (so, about another $7 per month on top of your Hulu account).

Want even more savings?

You can sign up for this bundle through InboxDollars if you have an account there and get $10 when you do!

That’ll give you almost a full month of the bundle for free.

Go to the Offers section and type in Hulu to search for the offer and see if it’s available for your account!

Sign Up for Spotify Premium Student

When students have Spotify Premium, they can also take advantage of a completely free Hulu account with their subscription!

It’s one great way that students can not only enjoy their favorite music and shows, but also save some money while they do it (college isn’t cheap, after all!).

You can even get a free trial of Spotify Premium for one month as a student just to make sure you like it before subscribing.

After your free month, you’ll only pay $4.99 for Spotify Premium.

Oh, and in addition to Hulu, you’ll also get SHOWTIME for free!

I see some binge-watching in your future!

Switch to Sprint Unlimited

If you’re not 100% tied to your current phone plan and company, then consider switching to Sprint Unlimited if you want Hulu.

You’ll not only get unlimited talking and texting, but you’ll also get HD video streaming, a mobile hotspot, and your Hulu account paid for every month!

This only works with Hulu’s basic account, so any premium features, like Hulu Live, you’ll need to pay regular price for.

You can learn more about the deal here.

Take Advantage of Trial Periods

Hulu often provides free trial periods for new users.

During these trial periods, you can enjoy Hulu’s content for free. Keep an eye out for these trials on Hulu’s website or through promotional offers.

Make sure to cancel before the trial ends if you decide not to continue with a paid subscription.

Look for Promotions

Hulu occasionally runs promotions or special deals that can provide discounted or free access to its service.

These promotions can include limited-time offers, holiday deals, or partnerships with other companies.

Stay updated by checking Hulu’s official website, social media channels, or subscribing to their newsletter to be notified of any ongoing promotions.

Participate in Referral Programs

Some services or apps may have referral programs that allow you to earn credits or rewards by referring friends to sign up for Hulu.

These programs vary, but typically involve sharing a unique referral link.

When someone signs up for Hulu using your referral link, you may receive credits or rewards that can be applied toward your Hulu subscription.

Check with Hulu or related platforms for referral program details.

Consider Bundle Offers

Check if there are any bundle offers or deals available that include Hulu as part of a package with other services or subscriptions.

These bundles can provide cost savings or additional benefits compared to subscribing to Hulu individually.

Examples include bundles that combine Hulu with other streaming platforms, internet or cable packages, or discounts for signing up for multiple services together.

Explore various providers or platforms to find the bundle that best fits your needs.

Blog About Hulu

Ah, blogging.

There are so many benefits to blogging that we talk about here on Work at Home Adventures – and potentially getting free Hulu service is one of them!


By becoming a partnered ambassador with Hulu.

This isn’t something you’ll find on the Hulu website or anything, but it’s still a possibility.

You know how bloggers with large audiences can become influencers for their niche and partner with big brands to get free products and services in exchange for posting about them on their blog and social media channels?

Why not try to do it with Hulu?

If you have a relevant audience filled with TV or movie lovers, for example, you might be able to work out a deal with the Hulu marketing team to get free service in exchange for regular posts about the company.

It’s not a guaranteed thing, but if you perfect your pitch enough, it might just happen for you.

Follow Hulu on Social Media

Don’t forget to follow Hulu on its social media channels!

This is true for many of the brands you love.

If you’re not following them on social media, you’re probably missing a lot of contests, giveaways, and exclusive promotions that could save you money on your subscriptions.

Hulu is available on Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media channels, so it’s smart to become a follower to make sure you’re not missing out on anything important that could help you pay for your Hulu account.

Conclusion: How to Get Hulu Plus for Free

Even though Hulu’s subscription costs are great for everything you get, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to save some money.

With the help of coupon and rewards sites and Hulu’s own free trial and referral programs, saving money on your subscription can be a breeze!

What do you love most about Hulu?

Do you currently subscribe?

Do you know any ways to save money on a subscription?

Let us know in a comment!

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