10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube Without Adsense

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy
Google AdSense

The popularity of YouTube as a platform for content creators has skyrocketed in recent years.

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AdSense remains a common way to monetize YouTube channels, relying solely on it may limit your earning potential.

In this blog post, we will explore 10 alternative strategies that can help you make money on YouTube without AdSense.

Diversifying your revenue streams is key to maximizing your earnings and building a sustainable income from your channel.

Here are some ways to make money on YouTube without Adsense:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a powerful strategy for generating revenue on YouTube. By partnering with relevant brands or companies, you can earn a commission for each sale or referral you generate.

This monetization method is particularly effective when you promote products or services that align with your niche and resonate with your audience.

Finding Affiliate Programs

To get started with affiliate marketing, consider joining popular affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates, ClickBank, or ShareASale. These platforms offer a wide range of products and services that you can promote on your YouTube channel.

Choosing the Right Products

When selecting affiliate products, focus on those that genuinely add value to your viewers’ lives and are relevant to your content. For example, if you have a fitness channel, you can promote fitness equipment, workout programs, or nutritional supplements.

Incorporating Affiliate Links

To incorporate affiliate links, include them in your video descriptions, alongside a clear call-to-action encouraging viewers to make a purchase. Additionally, you can create dedicated videos reviewing or showcasing the affiliate products to provide more in-depth information and increase the chances of conversions.

Building Trust and Transparency

Remember to disclose your affiliate partnerships to maintain transparency with your audience. Building trust is crucial for long-term success in affiliate marketing.

Be authentic in your recommendations and only promote products or services you genuinely believe in.

2. Sponsored Content and Brand Collaborations

Sponsored content offers an excellent opportunity to monetize your YouTube channel. Brands are eager to collaborate with creators who have established credibility and a loyal following.

To attract sponsorship opportunities, it’s important to build your channel’s reputation by consistently delivering high-quality content and engaging with your audience.

Identifying Relevant Brands

Start by identifying brands that are relevant to your niche and would resonate with your viewers. Research their products, services, and values to ensure they align with your own brand image.

Reach out to these brands, either directly or through influencer marketing platforms, and propose mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Highlighting Your Value

When approaching brands, highlight the value you can provide, such as your audience demographics, engagement metrics, and previous successful collaborations.

Showcase your creativity and unique perspective to demonstrate why working with you would benefit the brand.

Authenticity and Transparency

When creating sponsored content, it’s crucial to maintain authenticity and transparency. Clearly disclose that the content is sponsored or in partnership with the brand.

Avoid making exaggerated claims or endorsing products that you don’t genuinely believe in.

Creating Engaging Sponsored Content

To maximize the effectiveness of sponsored content, focus on creating engaging and informative videos that seamlessly integrate the brand’s message or product.

Consider storytelling techniques or showcasing real-life use cases to make the content more relatable and engaging for your viewers.

Balance with Non-Sponsored Content

Remember, maintaining a balance between sponsored and non-sponsored content is essential to retain your audience’s trust.

Consistently deliver high-quality, non-sponsored content to ensure your viewers understand that your recommendations are genuine and unbiased.

3. Merchandise and Product Sales

Creating and selling merchandise is an effective way to monetize your YouTube channel while building your brand. Capitalize on your unique style and audience connection to develop merchandise that resonates with your viewers.

Launching an online store is now easier than ever, thanks to platforms like Shopify, Teespring, or Spreadshirt.

Developing Unique Merchandise

When creating merchandise, leverage your brand identity and the interests of your audience. Consider incorporating elements from your channel’s logo, catchphrases, or memorable visuals into your designs. This will help create a sense of connection and exclusivity among your fans.

You can explore a wide range of merchandise options, such as apparel, accessories, stickers, or even custom-made products specific to your niche.

Setting Up an Online Store

Choose a suitable platform to host your online store. Shopify is a popular choice for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive e-commerce features.

Teespring and Spreadshirt, on the other hand, specialize in print-on-demand merchandise, making it easy to design and sell custom products without upfront costs or inventory management.

Customize your store to reflect your brand’s aesthetics and personality. Include high-quality product images, detailed descriptions, and clear pricing information.

Make sure the checkout process is smooth and secure, providing multiple payment options to accommodate your viewers’ preferences.

Promoting Your Products

Promote your merchandise through your YouTube videos, social media channels, and other online platforms. Create dedicated videos showcasing your merchandise, explaining the inspiration behind each design, and demonstrating how your audience can incorporate them into their lives.

Encourage viewers to engage with your brand by sharing photos or testimonials featuring the purchased merchandise.

Consider offering limited edition or exclusive merchandise to drive sales and foster a sense of community among your fans. This can create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, motivating your audience to make a purchase.

Additionally, organizing occasional giveaways or contests related to your merchandise can further boost engagement and sales.

4. Crowdfunding and Fan Support

Crowdfunding platforms provide a unique opportunity for your fans to support your content financially.

Platforms like Patreon, Kickstarter, and GoFundMe enable creators to receive direct funding from their audience, allowing for a more sustainable and independent income stream.

Offering Exclusive Perks and Rewards

To incentivize your audience to become patrons or contributors, offer exclusive perks or rewards for different tiers of support. For example, you can provide early access to videos, behind-the-scenes content, personalized shoutouts, or exclusive merchandise.

The more valuable and unique the perks, the more enticing it will be for your fans to support you.

Creating Membership Levels

Create multiple membership levels or tiers with varying benefits. Each tier should offer different levels of access or exclusive content.

This gives your fans the flexibility to choose the level of support that best suits their preferences and budget. Regularly engage with your patrons, provide updates on your projects, and express gratitude for their support.

Building a Community

Crowdfunding and fan support go beyond financial contributions. They allow you to build a community of dedicated fans who believe in your work.

Regularly communicate with your supporters through private messages, live streams, or exclusive forums. Foster a sense of belonging and make your fans feel like they are part of something special.

5. Online Courses and Digital Products

If you have specialized knowledge or skills, creating and selling online courses or digital products can be a lucrative revenue stream.

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Platforms like Udemy, Teachable, or Thinkific provide the infrastructure to host and sell your courses, making it accessible for both you and your audience.

Identifying Valuable Topics

Identify topics that resonate with your audience and align with your expertise. Analyze the questions or requests you receive from your viewers and determine the knowledge gaps you can fill.

Develop comprehensive and engaging course material that delivers value and helps your audience achieve specific goals or acquire new skills.

Designing Digital Products

In addition to courses, you can create various digital products such as ebooks, templates, presets, or exclusive access to resources. These products cater to your viewers’ interests and provide them with additional value beyond your regular content.

Leverage your unique insights and expertise to create products that are in high demand within your niche.

Promoting Your Courses and Products

Promote your courses and digital products through your YouTube channel, social media platforms, and your website. Create compelling videos or trailers that highlight the key benefits and features of your courses.

Share snippets or previews of your content to give potential buyers a taste of what they can expect. Encourage your viewers to engage with your content and share their success stories, further promoting the value of your courses and products.

6. Public Speaking and Events

Leverage your YouTube success to secure public speaking engagements or organize live events. Sharing your expertise and connecting with your audience in person can be a rewarding way to monetize your channel and further engage with your fans.

Securing Public Speaking Engagements

Look for industry conferences, workshops, or seminars where you can contribute as a speaker. Research events related to your niche and reach out to organizers to express your interest in speaking.

Highlight your YouTube channel’s success, the topics you can cover, and the value you can provide to the event’s attendees. Networking with other content creators and industry professionals can also lead to speaking opportunities.

Organizing Your Own Events

Alternatively, plan your own meetups or fan events to interact with your followers directly. Consider hosting workshops, Q&A sessions, or live performances related to your channel’s content.

Choose a suitable venue and promote the event through your YouTube channel, social media platforms, and website. Create a ticketing system to monetize these events, ensuring that the ticket price covers your expenses and allows for a profit.

Monetizing Events

Monetize your public speaking engagements and events through ticket sales, sponsorships, or partnerships with relevant brands. Set ticket prices that reflect the value you offer as a speaker and the demand from your audience.

Seek sponsorships from companies that align with your brand and can provide financial support or additional resources for your events. Collaborate with brands for product placements, giveaways, or promotional partnerships to further enhance the event experience for attendees.

7. YouTube Channel Memberships

YouTube offers a membership feature that allows you to provide exclusive perks and content to your channel members. Eligible channels can create different membership levels, each with its own benefits.

This membership model allows you to generate recurring revenue and strengthen your relationship with your most dedicated fans.

Creating Membership Levels

Design different membership levels that offer various benefits to your members. For example, you can offer early access to videos, members-only live streams, exclusive merchandise, or personalized interactions.

Each tier should provide increasing value to incentivize fans to upgrade their membership level. Clearly communicate the benefits of each tier to entice your audience to become members.

Engaging with Members

Regularly engage with your members to create a sense of community and foster long-term support. Interact with them through comments, private messages, or dedicated live streams.

Respond to their questions, acknowledge their contributions, and make them feel appreciated. Exclusive behind-the-scenes content or sneak peeks can further enhance the value of the membership.

Promoting Channel Memberships

Promote your channel memberships through your YouTube videos, end screens, and community posts. Create dedicated videos that explain the benefits of becoming a member and how to join.

Highlight the exclusive perks and content that members will receive. Encourage your viewers to support your channel by becoming members and emphasize the value they will gain by doing so.

8. Consulting and Coaching Services

If you have expertise in your niche, consider offering consulting or coaching services to your audience. Identifying specific pain points or challenges your viewers face and providing personalized solutions can be a highly valuable and profitable monetization strategy.

Identifying Your Expertise

Identify the areas within your niche where you possess specialized knowledge or skills. Determine the specific pain points or challenges your viewers encounter and where you can provide effective solutions.

This could range from providing business consulting, personal development coaching, creative guidance, or any other area where your expertise is in demand.

Promoting Your Services

Promote your consulting or coaching services through your YouTube channel and other online platforms. Create dedicated videos or testimonials that showcase your knowledge and success stories.

Offer free valuable advice or tips related to your services to demonstrate your expertise. Encourage interested individuals to reach out for more information or book your services.

Building Trust and Providing Value

Build trust with potential clients by showcasing your expertise, credibility, and track record of success. Highlight any relevant certifications, qualifications, or experiences that validate your capabilities.

Tailor your services to meet the specific needs of your clients and provide personalized attention and guidance. Deliver exceptional value and results to cultivate positive reviews and referrals, further establishing your reputation in the consulting or coaching industry.

9. Licensing and Content Syndication

Exploring opportunities to license your content to other platforms or syndicate it to reach wider audiences can be a lucrative way to monetize your YouTube channel.

Licensing allows other media outlets, production companies, or online platforms to use your content while retaining your rights.

Identifying Potential Partners

Reach out to media outlets, production companies, or online platforms that may be interested in featuring your content. Research platforms that specialize in content syndication or licensing deals.

Look for those that cater to your niche or have a target audience that aligns with yours.

Negotiating Licensing Deals

Negotiate licensing deals that allow your videos to be shared on other platforms while retaining your rights. Determine whether you prefer one-time licensing fees or revenue sharing agreements.

Consider factors such as the reach of the platform, the level of exposure you will receive, and the potential for additional revenue streams.

Maximizing Exposure and Revenue

Licensing your content can lead to increased exposure and potential revenue. Ensure that the terms of the licensing agreement are favorable to you and protect your rights as the content creator.

Monitor the performance of the licensed content and explore opportunities for cross-promotion or redirecting viewers back to your YouTube channel or other monetized platforms.

10. Sponsorship Deals and Influencer Marketing

As your YouTube channel grows, you may attract sponsorship deals and opportunities for influencer marketing. Brands are eager to partner with influential YouTubers to promote their products or services.

Selecting Relevant Brands

Choose brands that genuinely fit your niche and can provide value to your viewers. Ensure that the products or services align with your audience’s interests and needs.

Conduct thorough research on the brand’s reputation, values, and target audience to ensure a good fit.

Negotiating Fair Deals

When negotiating sponsorship deals, consider the value you can provide to the brand and your audience. Articulate the unique benefits of partnering with you, such as your reach, engagement, and audience demographics.

Negotiate fair compensation that aligns with your channel’s influence and the effort required for the promotion.

Maintaining Authenticity

Maintain authenticity in your sponsored content to preserve the trust of your audience. Clearly disclose that the content is sponsored or in partnership with the brand.

Craft creative and engaging promotional videos that seamlessly integrate the brand’s message or product. Provide honest and genuine endorsements that align with your personal experience and opinions.


Diversifying your revenue streams is essential for YouTube creators who want to maximize their earning potential.

While AdSense is a common option, exploring alternative strategies can unlock new opportunities to monetize your channel without relying solely on ads.

Experiment with these strategies, adapt them to your niche, and find the combination that works best for your

YouTube channel. Remember, providing valuable content and maintaining authenticity are key to building a successful and profitable YouTube presence.

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