20 Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy
A beautiful modern home

Increasing the value of your home doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune on massive renovations.

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Small, thoughtful improvements can have a significant impact on a home’s appeal and functionality.

These 20 cost-effective strategies offer homeowners practical ways to enhance their living space, improve energy efficiency, and make the property more attractive to potential buyers.

1. Enhance Curb Appeal


Investing in landscaping not only enhances your home’s appearance but also its value. Consider adding native plants that require less water and maintenance, which can be a selling point for eco-conscious buyers.

Well-maintained lawns and gardens create a strong first impression and make your home more inviting.

Painting the Front Door

A freshly painted front door creates a welcoming entrance and can transform the facade. Choose a color that complements the rest of your home’s exterior.

According to Sherwin-Williams, the right color choice can elevate the aesthetics and make your property stand out in the neighborhood.

Updating Exterior Lighting

Well-chosen exterior lighting not only adds safety but also style. Stylish, energy-efficient lighting can create a warm ambiance during evening hours.

Check Home Depot for affordable options that align with your home’s architectural style.

2. Remodel the Kitchen

Upgrade Appliances

Updating kitchen appliances with energy-efficient models can save on utility bills and modernize the kitchen. Models with a sleek finish enhance visual appeal.

Energy Star-rated appliances are both cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

Refinish Cabinets

Refinishing cabinets gives a fresh look at a fraction of the cost of replacement. According to DIY Network, refinishing can be a fun weekend project that significantly improves the appearance of your kitchen.

Choose a color and finish that aligns with contemporary design trends.

Install New Countertops

Laminates and butcher block are affordable options that can revamp your kitchen’s appearance. Countertops are often a focal point in the kitchen, so choose materials and colors that are both attractive and durable.

Lowe’s offers various budget-friendly options.

3. Refresh the Bathroom

Replace Fixtures

New faucets and showerheads can make a big difference in your bathroom’s look and functionality. Modern, water-saving options add value by lowering water bills.

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Explore stylish yet cost-effective choices on Wayfair.

Add New Tiles

Wall tiles can transform a bathroom without an entire remodel. Consider easy-to-apply peel-and-stick tiles for a DIY project that’s budget-friendly.

This simple change can elevate the bathroom’s aesthetics.

Regrout Existing Tiles

Regrouting tiles can refresh their appearance and improve cleanliness. Old, discolored grout can be unsightly, while new grout brightens the space.

Here’s a how-to guide from This Old House for those considering a DIY approach.

4. Improve Energy Efficiency

Seal Windows and Doors

Sealing windows and doors can prevent drafts and reduce heating and cooling costs. This cost-effective measure improves comfort in the home.

Weatherstripping kits are readily available online for a simple DIY solution.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats like Nest or Ecobee allow better control over heating and cooling. These thermostats learn your habits and adjust accordingly, saving energy and adding convenience.

Add Insulation

Proper insulation conserves energy and can significantly reduce heating and cooling expenses. Insulating attics, walls, and basements can make the home more comfortable throughout the year.

Find cost-effective options at your local Home Depot.

5. Focus on Flooring

Refinish Hardwood Floors

Refinishing hardwood floors brings back their original luster and hides scratches and wear. This project can be undertaken by homeowners or professionals and significantly improves a room’s appearance.

Bona offers eco-friendly refinishing products.

Install Laminate or Vinyl Flooring

Laminate or vinyl flooring provides a modern look at a lower cost. These materials mimic the appearance of wood or stone and are easier to maintain.

Check out options at Floor & Decor for styles that match your home’s aesthetic.

Clean or Replace Carpets

A professional carpet cleaning can lift stains and restore freshness. If replacement is needed, consider affordable options that enhance the room’s comfort and appearance.

Lowe’s offers a wide selection of carpet styles and colors to fit any home.

6. Create Multi-Functional Spaces

Home Office Conversion

Converting a room or corner into a home office adds functionality. Given the rise of remote working, a well-equipped home office space is highly appealing.

Consider built-in desks and shelves to maximize space.

Adding Storage Solutions

Creating additional storage in your home can make it more organized and appealing. Whether it’s adding shelves in the garage or a new closet system, these improvements show attention to detail and practicality.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Adding or enhancing outdoor living spaces like patios or decks extends the home’s living area. It provides additional space for relaxation and entertainment, potentially increasing your home’s resale value.

Check Lowe’s for outdoor furniture and decoration ideas.

7. Update Lighting Fixtures

Interior Lighting

Modernizing interior lighting can transform the ambiance of your home. Consider energy-efficient LED options that provide better illumination.

IKEA has a range of affordable and stylish lighting solutions.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting enhances safety and curb appeal. Solar-powered pathway lights are an economical and eco-friendly choice. Browse options at Home Depot for solutions that match your outdoor aesthetics.

Smart Lighting Systems

Smart lighting systems like Philips Hue offer control and customization. These systems can be controlled remotely via smartphones, creating the desired atmosphere and saving energy.

8. Paint Interior Walls

Selecting the Right Colors

Choosing the right paint colors can make spaces feel larger and brighter. Neutral colors often appeal to a broader range of buyers. Sherwin-Williams offers a color selection tool to help you decide.

Quality Painting Tools

Using quality painting tools ensures a smoother finish and makes the painting process easier. Investing in good brushes and rollers can make the difference. Home Depot offers a variety of painting tools.

Consider Professional Painting

Sometimes, hiring a professional painter is worth the cost for a flawless finish. It ensures the job is done quickly and efficiently. Websites like Angie’s List can help you find reputable local painters.

9. Add Smart Home Features

Smart Security Systems

Smart security systems provide peace of mind and can often be monitored from a mobile device. Systems like Ring offer a range of products that integrate with other smart home technologies.

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Smart Doorbells and Locks

Smart doorbells and locks add both convenience and security. Products like August Smart Lock allow remote control and monitoring, offering enhanced security features.

Energy Management Systems

Integrating energy management systems like smart plugs can help in monitoring and controlling energy consumption. Brands like TP-Link provide devices that work with existing outlets and can be controlled via an app.

10. Basement and Attic Conversion

Creating Extra Living Space

Converting basements or attics into living spaces adds valuable square footage to your home. Whether it’s an extra bedroom, a playroom, or a home gym, this conversion increases your home’s functionality and value.

Adding a Bathroom

If space allows, adding a bathroom to a basement or attic conversion can significantly increase its utility and value. Consider cost-effective fixtures to keep the budget in check.

Proper Insulation and Ventilation

Insulation and ventilation are crucial in these conversions to ensure comfort and energy efficiency. Hiring a professional for this part might be wise to ensure compliance with local building codes.

11. Enhance Window Treatments

Upgrade Curtains and Blinds

Replacing dated curtains and blinds with modern designs can refresh a room’s appearance. High-quality window treatments can also add insulation benefits.

Retailers like Wayfair offer various styles and price ranges to suit your home’s décor.

Add Window Film

Window films can provide privacy and reduce heat and glare, improving comfort in the home. DIY kits are available at stores like Lowe’s, allowing homeowners to apply the film themselves.

Consider Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters add a classic touch and can improve a home’s resale value. They offer light control and can be tailored to suit various window shapes and sizes.

Check Blinds.com for customizable options.

12. Focus on Sustainability

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels can reduce electricity bills and add value to the home. Federal and state incentives may offset the installation costs.

Solar-Estimate.org provides information on costs and benefits in your area.

Add a Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater harvesting systems capture rainwater for landscaping use, reducing water bills. These systems can be a selling point for eco-conscious buyers.

RainHarvest Systems offers various options.

Incorporate Composting

Composting reduces waste and provides nutrient-rich soil for gardening. Composting bins are available at various price points and sizes.

Check Gardener’s Supply Company for options that suit your needs.

13. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance ensures clean, healthy air circulation. It can also improve system efficiency, reducing energy costs.

Schedule regular checks with local HVAC professionals or consult HomeAdvisor for recommendations.

Use Low-VOC Paint

Low-VOC paints reduce harmful emissions and odors, improving indoor air quality. Brands like Benjamin Moore offer a range of low-VOC options that don’t compromise on quality or color choice.

Consider Air Purifiers

Investing in air purifiers can remove allergens and pollutants from the air. This is especially beneficial for families with allergies or asthma.

Dyson offers advanced air purifier models that can fit different room sizes.

14. Build or Update a Fireplace

Add a Gas or Electric Fireplace

Adding a gas or electric fireplace can create a cozy atmosphere and serve as a heating source. These are often more affordable and easier to maintain than traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

Wayfair has a wide selection of styles and sizes.

Update Existing Fireplace

If you have an existing fireplace, consider updating it with a new mantel or surround. This can modernize the appearance and make it a focal point in the room.

Mantels Direct offers customizable options.

Consider Fireplace Accessories

Stylish fireplace accessories like screens and toolsets can enhance the fireplace’s appearance. Functional yet decorative, these additions make a fireplace more appealing.

Check out Pottery Barn for elegant options.

15. Optimize Garage Space

Install Shelving and Cabinets

Organizing the garage with shelves and cabinets makes the space more functional and appealing. Consider DIY options from stores like IKEA to keep costs low.

Add a Workbench

If you’re into DIY projects, adding a workbench can turn the garage into a practical workspace. Customizable workbenches are available at Home Depot.

Consider a Garage Floor Makeover

Upgrading the garage floor with epoxy or tiles can transform the appearance of the space. This adds a professional touch and makes cleaning easier. Garage Flooring LLC has various options to choose from.

16. Landscape Your Garden

Planting Perennials

Perennials are plants that return year after year, providing a long-term investment for your garden. Choose native plants that require less care and thrive in your region.

The National Gardening Association provides helpful guides.

Build Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds add structure to your garden and can make planting easier. They can be used for vegetables, herbs, or flowers.

Gardener’s Supply Company has various designs and materials to choose from.

Add Water Features

Water features like fountains or ponds can create a serene garden environment. Kits are available for DIY installation or consult local landscaping professionals.

Water Garden offers various styles and sizes.

17. Insulate Your Home

Upgrade Attic Insulation

Enhancing attic insulation can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. This is a project that often pays for itself over time through energy savings.

Owens Corning provides various insulation solutions.

Install Weather Stripping

Weather stripping around doors and windows eliminates drafts, enhancing comfort and efficiency. It’s an inexpensive DIY project with substantial benefits.

Check Home Depot for weather stripping products.

Consider Window Insulation Kits

Window insulation kits provide an additional layer of insulation, especially in older homes with single-pane windows.

These kits are available at home improvement stores like Lowe’s.

18. Refresh Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

Upgrade Faucets and Hardware

Replacing outdated faucets and hardware in kitchens and bathrooms can provide a modern touch. Brands like Moen offer a variety of styles and finishes that can fit different budgets.

Add New Countertops

Installing new countertops can refresh the look of kitchens and bathrooms. Consider budget-friendly options like laminate or butcher block from IKEA.

Consider Professional Refinishing

If your cabinets are outdated but still functional, consider professional refinishing. This can transform their appearance without the cost of full replacement. N-Hance offers refinishing services.

19. Install Smart Thermostats

Energy Efficiency

Smart thermostats like Nest provide better control over heating and cooling, leading to energy savings. They can be programmed to optimize temperatures when you’re away or asleep.

Integration with Other Smart Devices

Many smart thermostats integrate with other smart home devices, enhancing overall functionality. Look for compatibility with your existing systems when shopping.

Potential Rebates

Check for rebates or incentives from your local utility company when installing smart thermostats. These incentives can make the upgrade even more cost-effective.

20. Create a Mudroom or Entryway Organization

Built-In Storage

Adding built-in storage like lockers or cubbies in the mudroom or entryway creates a tidy space for shoes, coats, and bags. It’s a practical feature that appeals to families.

Add Seating

Adding a bench with storage gives a convenient place to sit and put on or take off shoes. Look for options at Pottery Barn or other furniture retailers.

Enhance Lighting

Good lighting in these areas makes the space more inviting and functional. Consider a stylish pendant light or wall sconces from stores like Wayfair.


Enhancing your home’s value doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or costly endeavor.

With these 20 cost-effective strategies, homeowners can make meaningful improvements that resonate with modern lifestyles and future selling goals.

By implementing some or all of these ideas, you can create a comfortable living environment, add visual appeal, and potentially increase the resale value of your property.

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