5 Things to Know About the Freelance Writing World in 2012


Since I began working at home in 2011 things have really changed. I started out writing for companies and now I benefit from mostly private clients. It’s great to know that I can make a lot more money through private clients, but it is a little more nerve wracking. I wanted to share things that have changed in the freelance writing world for 2012.


#1. Content mills are virtually dead.

There are some content mills out there like Textbroker and Media Piston, but for the most part there are no mills out there for people to benefit from. Back in 2011 a lot of us freelance writers could be caught making the majority of our income at content mills, but not so much anymore. For those that do work at content mills it is a bit of a struggle and it’s a lot of competition.


#2. Private clients are the way to go.

Private clients have always been the way to go and that is even truer since 2012. Since September 2011, I have been working for private clients and I have never been happier. Do not get me wrong because there are some negative things about having your own clients; however, most of the time they are reliable.


#3. You can’t rely on just one source of income.

Those of us who work fulltime in the writing world know that they cannot just depend on writing. You have to have some sort of backup when it comes to writing. Right now I am working as a social media specialist, virtual assistant, and a writer. There are still a few writers who just depend on writing, but I prefer to make sure I have several avenues of work available.


#4. Competition is fierce.

More people are figuring out that writing is the best way to go in the work at home world. It is flexible, you can make a good wage per hour, and it is overall an enjoyable experience. Every day I hear of more people who are jumping into the writing world. If you are thinking about becoming a writer I would suggest specializing in a specific field of writing. For example; copywriting, blog writing, or article writing. As you dip your feet into the writing world you will understand the difference in each.


#5. Quality is king.

When I first started writing people would just post anything and everything on their website. Now it is all about quality and not quantity. Website owners are willing to pay for quality if you are willing to write it. There has never been a better time for writers to demand a higher pay for their hard work.

Since I started writing almost two years ago, the freelance writing world as certainly changed. I started out writing for Textbroker and made $600 my first month. If you are considering writing I would still suggest signing up at Textbroker because it is an excellent place to get experience as a writer. As of now, I work mostly as a blog writer and copywriter.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section and I will gladly answer them.


  1. Leisa Good says

    Great post, Jess. I totally agree about having more than one source of income when you are a writer. Also, it’s good to have a type of writing connected to a niche.

    Virtual assisting, consulting, coaching or even graphic design can be a good backup or accommodation to writing. As always, great post!

  2. tracey says

    Ms. Jess,

    I’m an Executive Assistant that has an interest in becoming a Virtual Assistant. How exactly is this done? Do you have to work for a company? Any advice is appreciated.

  3. says

    Jess, interesting article, especially #1, I wasn’t aware that content mills are dead. Such good news!
    I agree that private clients are the way to go, but that’s a whole new strategy… how do you find them? Are you specialized on 1 industry and target companies from there? Do you focus locally, so you’re able to also meet them in person?
    I know, lots of questions… sorry if it’s too much! I’m starting out as freelance writer, so any word is great advice. :)
    Thanks in advance! Monica


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