5 Writing Sites Similar to Textbroker

Textbroker seems to be a very common starting place for those looking to start a career in freelance writing.  While they are a good start, most freelancers need several eggs in their basket.  Following are some sites similar to Textbroker, and if you keep them all warm you can likely make a nice chunk of change pretty regularly.


The Content Authority

The Content Authority, commonly referred to as TCA, is very similar to Textbroker in terms of topics and pay rates.  They also have four tiers of writers with rates ranging from $.007 per word to $.03 per word.  The minimum amount earned for payout is higher, at $25, but the pay is still weekly.  They pay each Monday via PayPal.


Interact Media

Interact Media has several more levels, each with higher pay rates.  They range from $.007 cent to $.16 per word.  They pay via PayPal twice per month on the 1st and 15th.  The most glaring difference between Interact Media and Textbroker is that the editors only review your first article, after that all reviews and even ratings come from the clients.  The rating system is similar, from 1 to 5 stars.  Also, clients have the option of offering “tips” for material they consider to be worthy of more than the price originally charged.


Writer’s Domain

Writer’s Domain is another site that offers a job board with fairly broad topics to write on.  Most of their jobs are fairly uniform in that they are required to be around 250 to 300 words and include the keyword two times.  Pay is $3 for each article from 250 to 300 words.  Ratings are done by editors, and each article receives from 1 to 5 stars on both content and grammar.  Those who get 4 or 5 stars on grammar get a $.30 bonus on that article.  This means you could easily make $3.30 for one 250 to 300 word article.  They pay via PayPal once per month, on the 5th.  However, once you hit $100 in earnings you have the option to click a “pay me now” button and get paid right then.   Another big difference here is that, in addition to a writing sample being required for the application, there is also a basic grammar test.  Writer’s Domain is tightening up on their content requirements beginning in September 2012, so be aware of that also.


Media Piston

Media Piston offers jobs on a job board, and you pick what you want to write about.  However, most have much more detailed instructions than other content sites.  The tradeoff is that most of the jobs pay significantly more.  Work is not available as often, but at least weekly it is possible to pick up a job or two.  Once an article is approved by the client, you get paid via PayPal.   Clients here also have the option to pay a “bonus” for what they consider to be great content.



Scripted offers significantly higher pay, but they have fewer jobs and topics to choose from.  You have to apply for each category you wish to be allowed to accept jobs from, but once  you are in you can make anywhere from $10 up to however much a client is willing to pay for one blog post.  Also, they often send out private emails to writers who do well on certain topics, offering to let them accept jobs before they are posted on the job board.

Click on any of these sites similar to Textbroker if you are interested more information.

If you are working with Textbroker and looking for eggs to add to your basket, these are great options to consider.


  1. says

    As a client whom pays writers to work for me it is great to find some additional sites to work with other than textbroker. I also of course write for them if in the event I need a few extra bucks each month.
    Thanks for the list although you might want to add iWriter which isn’t bad pending that you are a 4 Star or higher rated author.

    • says

      Thank you for the link love to that article of mine although wasn’t really necessary, I was not commenting for the link Juice only to offer my 2 cents worth. :)

  2. says

    For anyone looking for a write from home position, Buykeywordarticles.com is currently hiring quality writers. We’ve been around since 2009 and service a wide range of SEO agencies, Enterprise Clients etc. We are currently looking for high-quality writers, so if you are interested, please send your resume to training@buykeywordarticles.com

  3. says

    Though this question might sound a little lame:
    But let’s say I want to work for all these websites, can I submit an article to more than one website?
    or will there be issues with the clients.
    Thank you for the great content that you are posting :)

    • Miranda GrimmMiranda Grimm says

      Most of these will tell you that content must be original and unique. So, most likely you will not be able to submit articles you have sold to someone else.

  4. SSD says

    My experience with Interact Media is that there is usually little work available. Perhaps they have a pool I did receive a few direct orders, but not enough work to merit logging in regularly. The real kicker for me was that I found out that basically everything you write – even direct orders – are on spec. In the writing biz, that means that they have an option to reject work for no valid reason. The IM team does not back up writers in any way, shape or form. I once had a request to input a client’s changes into the document in their system like a word processor would do. The client had redlined a document and sent it to me in the system and actually expected me to edit the document, when all they had to do was run a clean version of the document that they themselves had edited! That really left me scratching my head. I returned the order to the pool and got absolutely NO assistance from management. In fact, they said it was acceptable for a client to make that request. That was it for me. I’m already an underpaid writer. If I want to do that kind of work I can be paid a great deal more, which is the irony.

  5. says

    To begin with, I am signing up at Content Authority.

    God – is this the end of the world we know? I guess so! Per hour rates for writers are just going down with each passing year.

  6. Vin Chauhun says

    MediaPiston has been absorbed by Odesk, which is a pity. For the type of work offered, the pay rate was not bad :)


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